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All the projects for the Champions Team in 2019 with sources

LeagueofLegends1 - All the projects for the Champions Team in 2019 with sources

Hi folks, my name is Spideraxe, and since it’s nearly the end of the year, I thought it’d be a good time to dive into what’s in store for the champion’s team in 2019. Some of you may recall I made a similar post last year. For reference the Champions team is the team responsible for the development of both new champions and Visual Gameplay Updates. The team is led by /u/Reav3, the Lead Champion Producer, who decides which projects the team will handle and prioritize. The Champions Team consists of multiple designers, artists, writers and producers who work together to bring champions to life.

The first champion on the docket is the chained related champion teased at the end of the last Champion Roadmap in August.

  • /u/RiotSquad5 is the designer of this champion creating their kit, he was the designer of the Ivern and Ornn.

  • /u/JohnODyin is the narrative writer for this champion, writing their voice over and lore.

  • /u/Kindlejack is the artist for the champion, drawing their concept art. He was the artist of Zoe, Pulsefire Caitlyn, PROJECT: Ashe and Armor of the 5th Age Taric to name a few of the concepts he drew.


After the chained champion is the next the Champion Roadmap that will disclose further details about Kayle and Morgana, reveal the next Visual Gameplay Update and tease the next new champion. This Roadmap will be early next year.

After the chained champion, is the long awaited dual VGU for Kayle and Morgana. * /u/RiotAugust is designing their kits, he was the designer of Vi, Jinx, Gnar, Ekko and Jhin.

  • /u/Jellbug is handling their narrative, she wrote the Ahri, Nami, Jarvan and Shyvana lore updates to name a few of her works. She took over the project from /u/thermal_kitten, writer of Taliyah and Camille, when she became the Head of Narrative at Riot.

  • /u/Lonewingy will be drawing their concept art, she was the concept artist for Evelynn, Irelia, Ezreal, Tristana and Azir to name a few. Source

Then would be the next new champion. No info has been revealed about them so far.

  • /u/EndlessPillows was the designer who started designing their kit. He was the designer of Xayah, Pyke and partly Rakan.

  • Dan Emmons, a new designer to the Champions Team, will also be helping out on them as his ramp up project. He was previously a designer on the Hearthstone team.

  • /u/Jellbug will be their narrative writer.

  • /u/Riot__Earp will be their concept artist, he was the concept artist of the Swain and Nunu’s update, as well as the artist of skins like Freljord Taliyah, Radiant Wukong, Academy Ahri and Elementalist Lux.



Then would be next VGU. No info has been disclosed on them so far as well.

  • /u/RiotXenogenic is the designer who started exploration on their kit, he is the designer of the Nunu and Xin Zhao reworks.

  • /u/EndlessPillows will also be helping out on the design of this VGU as well.

  • /u/FauxSchizzle will the narrative writer handling the narrative of this VGU. He was the writer of Xayah, Pyke, Ivern, Ornn, Kindred, Ezreal, Neeko, Ekko and Aurelion Sol to name a few of his champs.

  • /u/TheBravoRay will be the concept artist for them. He was the artist responsible for Jhin, Kalista, Zac, Swain, Kai’Sa, Akali, Urgot, and Warwick to name a few.


At this point there are several other projects in the pipeline with no ETA at this time.

For new champions we have one created by the Evelynn team.

  • /u/Riot_Stashu will designing the kit, he was the designer of Fiora, Vladimir, Talon, and Evelynn’s reworks as well as worked on Keystone Masteries and Runes Reforged.

  • /u/Lonewingy will the concept artist on this champion.

  • /u/JohnODyin will be the narrative writer on them.


Another new champion worked on by: * /u/CertainlyT as the designer of the kit, he worked on Yasuo, Thresh, Darius, Kalista, Zoe and the Graves, Mordekaiser, Warwick, Caitlyn and Akali reworks.

  • /u/Kindlejack as the concept artist, who also worked with CT on Zoe.

  • /u/Interlouctioner as the narrative writer, who was the writer of Swain, Nunu, Urgot, and Warwick.

Source And lastly a new champion by

  • /u/RiotAugust designing their kit.

  • /u/Lonewingy and /u/Riot__Earp as their concept artists.

  • /u/Interlocutioner as their narrative writer.


And /u/RiotJag and /u/Jellbug will be starting exploration on a new champion soon.

For VGUs we only have two so far.

On one worked on by

  • /u/Reinboom as the designer, who worked on the Ezreal rework as well as various other systems changes.

  • /u/Skekses as the concept artist, he worked on Neeko, Xayah, Rakan, Pyke, Ivern and Ornn.

  • /u/WAAAARGHbobo as the narrative writer. He was the writer of the Ashe comic, Illaoi, Zoe, Aatrox, Jhin, Kled, and Rakan.


And one more, this was the other VGU /u/RiotWrekz explored into before leaving and returning.

  • /u/RiotAxes as the designer of their kit, he was a systems designer who worked on the midseason ADC and mid lane mana changes, original Duskblade, Elemental Drakes and juggernaut items.

  • /u/Riot__Earp as the concept artist.

  • /u/Interlocutioner as the narrative writer.


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