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*Alleged* Seraphine Teaser

LeagueofLegends1 - *Alleged* Seraphine Teaser

I want to preface this by saying that this is all alleged and parts of the community have just jumped on this.

seradotwav - *Alleged* Seraphine Teaser

This twitter account was made June 2020 and embodies a character named "Seraphine" (same @ on instagram) who is into music, from Streamie's leaks we know that Seraphine is a "sensational" mid lane musical mage; and I certainly can imagine the sensational aspect coming from the potential popularity of her persona with a K/DA or TD style of setup with Worlds 2020's band (Allegedly Crowd Control, but thats also jut hearsay right now). The art from the get go is absolutely phenomenal, and really embodies a riot-esque style and can be compared to K/DA, Odyssey, True Damage etc.


Continuing, she's already posted music, and decent quality music too (it's a cover, but god damn is it a good cover)- and despite her art being amazing from the get go she doesn't mention being an artist anywhere in her bio, just an (aspiring) musician. Further more, though I admit very much confirmation bias based, her instagram features this post:


Where it says `Hello!` and 你好 (Hello in chinese), as worlds is being held in China this year and if I'm not mistaken Seraphine will be released around worlds – her musical theme would also make sense if she were to be part of Worlds 2020's band, as a "sensational" mage, possibly represented similarly to Ahri's success in the Popstar-K/DA universe.

Edit: She's also said she likes league


Along with that, she has a Tibbers teddy bear in the background of one of her posts:


Same tibbers teddy from riot merch store, form the stitching on the chest to the large orange button eye.

u/Xzcouter commented that it's possible this is her irl persona (like how TD is set in the real world), and that the default champ is from Mt Targon due to the starry imagery within her posts.

He also mentions how her diary pages (as well as some of her other posts in general) can be seen to reference her potential lore, one that notably is captioned:

i usually have to wait a year before i like a photo of myself. in the moment it's hard to appreciate where i'm at, but now that i've grown, i miss her :')

u/RaffyPooh also mentioned that her cat's name is Bao, which lends further credit to a potential appeal to the chinese market during worlds 2020 in Shanghai.

u/Kardiackon pointed out that on her instagram, she actually claims to be the character in the images, instead of simply claiming that it's a persona:

Comments her first instagram post

u/Elephox commented that the song Seraphine covers, Childhood Dreams by Ary, is licensed to Universal – the company that Riot announced a partnership with recently for worlds. Further lending credit to this theory.

Multiple people have also commented that she follows numerous Chinese accounts on instagram/twitter (continuing with theme of worlds being held in China this year, where Seraphina will likely be unveiled) and there's a post on her twitter about her moving to LA, where Riot's HQ is. That could just be a fun reference to her recording at Riot's HQ for worlds 2020 songs.

I'd love to hear what you guys and the community think about this potential really really cute and fun teaser.

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