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Am I that bad that no one wants to play with me?

LeagueofLegends8 - Am I that bad that no one wants to play with me?

Hey everyone I started off playing In 2013 and was told to play by some friends. Everyone was pretty bad but we had fun. My family moved across the country so it was a good way to keep in contact with my friends and I enjoyed all the time.

Then a few months later people started talking about ranking. Me and my homie try it and we get destroyed and get placed in bronze. After that I just played normal games with my friends and most of them were placed in silver and would constantly talk about how the games were easier cuz of my “Elo” and I didn’t care I just liked playing with everyone.

Then I noticed my friends would get more and more frustrated at me or mad if I miss a gank or kill and call me scrub and I took it to heart. I’m a competitive person but I’m also a person that doesn’t like to talk bad about friends no matter how bad they are doing especially a video game. A lot of my friends would have awful games but I would never say anything cuz it happens but if I missed a smite or drag stolen or something it was end of the world

I invited friends to play and we’d play all the time and then once they got into ranking they stopped playing with me and would play with my other friends.

I would ask to join but they’d always be “full”

I’d join the Skype just to be a part of the call and socialize but I felt so left out.

I ended up being introduced to other mutual friends on discord and I’d play with them then I noticed they’d say I suck and stop playing with me or log off when I log in the game…


It took a toll on my confidence. I wouldn’t feed crazy either so I don’t know why no one wanted to play with me.

In 2017/2018 I quit and didn’t touch the game until a few weeks ago. I didn’t have many friends to play with but I decided to rank myself.

Then I meet someone off Instagram and I got invited to their discord. We been playing together almost everyday as a group and it’s a bunch of 18-20 year olds and I’m 26. I noticed one of them saying I had no map awareness although I ganked and he didn’t come up and decided to farm. Another time I’m khazix and they want me to initiate but that’s not what khazix does and I get blamed. They of course are higher ranks than me and they message each other on discord to get on but not me. Even a girl just started playing and it hasn’t been a month yet they’d rather play with. The crazy part is I gifted skins to them because we were playing a lot together and COVID and I wanted to do something nice and now no one invites me or asks me if I want to join. I join the discord call and no one says anything or even a hi

I don’t know if I should just quit and give up or continue to play and prove others wrong. I want to get to platinum but I don’t play as much because I’m a medical student and don’t have time as others.

Thank you if you have came this far. I hope I don’t sound like “woe is me”

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