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An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

LeagueofLegends12 - An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

Preface: I'm not a game designer, so I designed this character for some mental fan lore in my head, but then I made a mental champion concept and it seemed to work really well.

It has geometry that would make VelKoz players sweat. It has decision making that Thresh players can only dream of. The more I thought about it the better it got. She's 100% zone control and 100% fair. She doesn't really exist out of zones she's set up in, but she's really strong inside of them.

I tried to follow Riot's design philosophy but also make it have infinite counterplay — so here goes.

The category I'd put her in is a controller -> catcher. She specializes in area defense only, and therefore can not really attack a point very well. This champion also has a three hit skill activated passive and two dashes of variable length

So here is Fianna, the Noxian support. I'm not using any number because I'm not a balance person

She uses two weighted knives on an endlessly long thread to control zones with geometry and orianna-esque skill interactions.

Passive – The art of absolute defense: The user uses an unimaginably long thread on a weighted knife to control zones. Fianna gets 6 charges until level 6 and then gains one charge per level up until level 18.

Fianna leaves behind vectors of thread with some of her abilities. If an enemy passes through the thread they are lightly and briefly slowed, and their position is indicated (imagine like a stealth reveal animation passing through the thread) if they pass through her threads in the fog of war. Enemies gain a stack of tangled. Upon hitting three stacks they are rooted briefly.

If two champions run through the same thread, the thread they passed through will vanish after an amount of time. If the anchor point is knocked down then you will recast Q from your character.

So you literally have to run your face through her abilities to get CC'd. You have to actively choose to run your face through her threads three times to get snared.

Q – Thread Shot: This is Fianna's core mechanic and it functions like Orianna's ball. Fianna's weapon has two ends. One for basic attacking and her W, and the other to reposition her Q. When she casts thread shot, she will throw her dagger at a target location where if it hits terrain, it will be anchored. Subsequent casts of Thread Shot will use the new location as a casting point. Each shot consumes a stack of her passive.

The first cast sets the first anchor and does not leave behind a vector.

You must be within range to recast Q. If you run out of stacks and use this ability, the threads you have set up vanish immediately. If you recast it while out of range, the rest of your threads unravel and you start a new chain. If you don't hit terrain, you also lose your set up.

If you are hit by the knife of the ability, you take damage, and you gain two stacks of tangled. If you hit three stacks from this, you are snared for a fair amount of time.

Let's talk about this last bit: So I wanted to give her some reliable CC at a cost. If you throw your Q into the fog of war to guarantee a snare you lose your set up, especially if you don't hit terrain, or if you hit terrain in the fog of war.

I imagine the range of this ability being as long as Jhin W or Kai Sa W. Very long range, but hard to do anything with if you shoot it off into the abyss

So if you have some threads in the jungle to watch for ganks and you decide to engage, you lose the control you have in the jungle. This is the only thing I consider unfun in the kit, but I think it's necessary to give her reliable laning, and I think the pay off is fair. It's like calling Lux snare unfun, like yeah it sucks to get snared but if you get hit you get hit.

W – Shield Wrap: You use the other end of the weapon to wrap your ally in special thread which provides protection depending on how many stacks you have left. The ally wrapped in thread will gain a fair amount of movement speed moving towards you. Enemies who pass through the special thread are briefly snared, and can not be resnared by this same thread.

The shield grows in size based on how many stacks you have left starting from zero to fairly big. So at worst-case scenario, it's a movement speed steroid, and at worst it's a nice shield.

Fianna can not auto attack while the shield is active. The shield lasts for a few seconds.

E – Untouchable: Fianna dashes to target thread, and gains three extra charges of her passive to use in the next couple of seconds. These charges don't count towards her shield. This is supposed to be an escape and also a gap closer if you end up somehow getting set up behind enemy lines which I'll picture below. This is supposed to set up your passive quickly to protect from dives or buy time for other people to live.

R – Memento Mori: Fianna short hops to target location and pulls on her threads where they all converge at the centermost point snaring enemies for a long time who are caught in the center and dealing a fair amount of damage. Nothing happens to the enemies who aren't caught in the very middle of it.

So this is just a thought but I felt like this could be a really long CC if the enemy misplays. Perhaps every time they are hit by a thread when it's converging they get cc'd for .25 seconds longer and the base snare in the center is 2-3 seconds and the max cc length is 5 seconds if you really walked into something dumb. Don't click off yet, I will provide visual examples of how easy this would be to avoid and how you totally deserve it if you get snared for max length.

Laning as Fianna with Visuals:

So pictured below will be places to set your thread up depending on how far your lane is pushed, and what you want to accomplish.


So basically you want your jungle to have tripe wires set up for ganks, and you also want to have set up threads if it's a basic 2 v 2. However if you're facing something like Draven Leona you might want to set up more defensively.

So this would be a "I'm winning lane and we're pushing" set up.

9MfQvps - An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

This would be "We're fighting a dive comp and we're scared" set up

oZAtiwF - An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

It's important to note here: You aren't using every stack so you can always shoot off your Q for a hard snare in case they try something funny.

This is the picture above but with a "I'm afraid the jungler might dive variant"

RMYmjYX - An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

This one has no extra stacks to hard snare, so what I'd recommend would be if they break through your line of defenses, to shoot off your Q into the abyss to reset and have a big shield on W if they actually make it through your line of defense.

So yeah the jungler is guaranteed to get one stack of tangled if he passes through this route, but that isn't stopping him from entering krugs bush and avoiding all of your nonsense. If it's a Lee he can just kick you and your ADC out of the safety zone and you immediately lose all effectiveness. If it's anyone else they can walk around and dive you, but the enemy laners will suffer a brief snare if they walk through all the bad. So you basically know what you're going into, and what you have to do to dive but if you misplay then you deserved it.

Basic bronzodia strats to throbbing mega brain point defense strats with visuals:

This is basic Baron pit strat where it's very easy to guess your ult's point of impact. This one takes place at a figurative level 11-13 or whatever number your heart desires. If you can imagine more vectors then go for it, but the center point changed.

7l415ro - An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

So obviously, the trap is really straight forward, but also effective. Your enemy knows exactly what they're walking into, and they know exactly when they're in danger. They'll have to walk through three snares to get into baron pit, but you're going to have to engage before they get there.

Okay but what if we made it big brain and spicy?

I hear you fam, let's make it spicy.

qptR10H - An attempt at a fair 100% counterplay 700 IQ mega brain Noxian Support Champion with visuals

So because you're starting your web in your own jungle, unless they deep blue trinket, you are outsmarting them by hiding your Memento Mori point of impact by extending your range.

That's not spicy enough make it 700 IQ!

Let's say you take the picture above, and shoot a Q down mid lane, suddenly you change the center point of impact to a completely different place. I don't have a name for what to call this, but you basically run the risk of unraveling the whole web if you don't hit anything, and making yourself useless for the fight.

I guess I'd call this quick adjusting. The threads can cross, I just didn't come up with examples of them crossing for the sake of the anchor point moving easily.

I can't come up with a specific instance of how you could use this since I'm not mega brain enough to come up with a concrete example, but I'm sure the challenger players here could do better.

Baby Mode Strat

You ult and then immediately shield someone. You regain all stacks of your passive as soon as you ult so you get a big fuck you shield right after ulting. This is probably the most straight forward part of the kit.

Aren't you a writer? Where is the lore?

The lore is really long and I don't want to bore anyone, but basically it goes like this:

There is no shortage of orphans in Noxus. Fianna never knew her parents, and she grew up in an orphanage with a kindly matron. Although life was hard and there wasn't always enough food to go around, she never knew a sad day in her life.

The time came when she became an adult and she could set off into the world, but she chose to stay behind. You see, the matron was getting too old and someone had to take care of the kids. Fianna stayed behind to take her place.

She raised those children like they were her own. She'd stay up long nights crafting art to sell to make more money for their food. It wasn't a thankless job. The smile on the faces of the kids were enough to keep her going.

A man paid her with a book one day. He said it's more valuable than her life, and to take everything in it very seriously. He also left her with the weighted weapon on thread that the book talked about.

The book's title? The Art of Absolute Defense.

It took Fianna a year to master it. What she did not know is, that was the fastest anyone has ever mastered the art, and it was a great secret.

When Noxian high command found out that the style had resurfaced, they gave her an offer she couldn't refuse: join the military and have every child in that orphanage adopted.

Of course she joined. A family is what every single child needs.

Her very first task was to defend a Noxian fort from an enemy battalion. But the only catch? She was the only person they sent to stop them. They said it was to reduce casualties.

She stopped them.

The kindly young orphanage matron now reeked of death and blood, but it didn't matter. The children were adopted just like Noxus promised, and she couldn't be happier. She was now working on a deal to make sure every future orphan would be adopted immediately so no one would be left weak and unprotected in Noxus.

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