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An idea to change GW to be “healing absorption” instead of blocking a flat percentage of heals

LeagueofLegends9 - An idea to change GW to be "healing absorption" instead of blocking a flat percentage of heals

This is inspired by WOW's version (well, one of a few types) of anti healing, present in dungeons and some PVP.

If you have a GW item built and you proc the effect, some percentage of damage you deal will become healing absorption (GW would become a % stat like lifesteal instead of "have or have not"), showing up as a dark green/red bar at the end of your health. If you heal, the amount you heal is subtracted from that absorption until it's gone, and only then would you be able to increase your actual HP. Healing absorption would persist until healed off, or recall (technically healed off)/death.

Example with made up numbers: The enemy jhin has built a GW item or two, giving him 50% GW. He shoots your kayn for 400 damage, causing 400 damage and 200 healing absorption. Kayn lands his Q, gaining 300 hp. However, 200 of that goes towards removing his healing absorption, so he only heals for 100 actual hp. The more fed the jhin gets, the more damage he deals, the harder it is to "outheal" his damage and negate it.

To clarify, healing absorption wouldn't absorb incoming shields, only healing. It also wouldn't absorb max hp increases, such as Gnar's transformation.

Advantages to this style:

  • Prevents "glass cannon drain tanks" from working well (read: Yone, kat, champs like that). If someone has GW and nukes you for most of your hp, you'll have so much healing absorption it'll be hard to recover. Reduces frustrating "they were low health and killed one person and now they're full again!" situations.
  • GW is no longer time based, so it's impossible to just disengage for a bit to drop GW, then heal. You have to actually heal off all that absorption, or back/die. This could of course be time based as well if it's too strong (eg start decaying after 3s of no more incoming). This makes poke vs lifesteal rushers matter more.
  • If GW was a stat, you could choose to build more or less depending on how much healing you're facing (there'd need to be more than just 3 items applying it), meaning no more dropping several thousand G just to stop one champ from getting unstoppable.
  • If you have GW on you, it's obvious, and more easy to see how much healing it's negating.

Extra ideas:

  • Champions with GW in their kits could be fine tuned easier, eg Kat's ult could apply flat GW (eg each hit applies 50 points of healing absorption, so it only matters if you're hit a lot) instead of denying a huge chunk of all healing for 3s if you get nicked for 0.5 seconds.
  • Ignite could be changed to cause a large percentage of incoming damage (from anyone, not just people with GW) to become healing absorption, making ignite a stronger counter to hyper-healing bruisers and worth taking on more than just volatile matchups, and boost it's effectiveness in teamfights.


  • Would mean only damage dealers could be effective sources of GW. This could be fixed by making the support/tank GW items apply %hp based GW instead of %damage based GW, or go the Rammus route and apply GW to attackers based on the damage they deal to the tank.
  • If it blocks "slower" healing like pots, it could be hard to lane against if rushed early
  • It's yet another thing to go on the health bar, along with shields, the new "incoming healing" indicator, etc


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