League of Legends

An Unlikely Friendship

LeagueofLegends9 - An Unlikely Friendship


I pierce my head above the murky water.

“Hey, Rift Scuttler”

I look at him, such a majestic and powerful beast. His large wings flap as he enters the pit, sending a large gust of wind toward me.

“I see it is about that time again” I reply

“Yes, my friend, it appears so”

I envy him. While I am trapped in this river, his wings allow him to fly anywhere in the world. Yet, he always returns, even knowing his fate upon arrival.

“Why do you do it?” I ask

“Do what?” He replies

“You can fly anywhere. You can see any part of the world you desire, so why return here? Where you know they will kill you?”

He pauses. I can tell he has thought about this question a lot in the past

“So I can see my best friend”

I paused, taken aback by his answer. I never really thought of him as a friend. Our discussions were always very brief before the Champions came and slayed him. He would tell me about what he did before his spawn time, about the other dragons, and such. I would just simple nod my head.

I never realized how much I enjoyed his company until now.


“There it is” I thought. The Champions are on their way.

We hear footsteps coming from the jungle. We both stay silent and cautious as we wait.

The footsteps get heavier and heavier as they approach. I tremble at the very thought of what is approaching.


Fed Rengar? Late Game Jax? AP SION?

A million thoughts go through my head. Each one more terrifying than the last.

A Soraka appears. She is alone.

My friend and I sigh in relief. We look at each other and share a chuckle. I get a good look at the champion as she passes by. She gives off such a warm and inviting aura, I can't help but smile every time she is around. My friend and I both watch as the support gleefully skips down the river and into the pit. She puts down a single ward.

“I was scared there for a second” I said

“Me too, it’s only a sup- AAAHHgjhhb”

He screams in pain, sending a large gust of wind towards the river. I look up and see the Soraka auto attacking at the speed of light. I look at her face, showing no hint of remorse or guilt. My friend tries to fight back, but his efforts are in vain. She is way too strong.

My eyes widen and I sink deeper into the water as my old friend is mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of a support.


By the hands of a DEMON

“ADC Soraka” I whisper, in disbelief, as my friend’s health bar dips below 100

“It would appear so” he returned with his last breath

“It would appear so”

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