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An update on event Tokens

LeagueofLegends2 - An update on event Tokens

Riot Xenogenic tweeted the upcoming update on event Tokens.

Hi folks, quick update here on event tokens.

TL;DR: In upcoming events, it'll take slightly longer to unlock Prestige skins when comparing against the recent Night & Dawn and Mecha Kingdoms events. However, earning tokens will still be noticeably easier than it was in events prior to Night & Dawn.

Events used to ask you to play around four games per day to earn the event's Prestige skin. Your feedback was that that was too much, and we agreed, so we decided to lower the play requirement to between two and three games a day. Since most of us can't play as much during the holidays, we decided to go even further for the Night & Dawn and Mecha Kingdoms events and lowered the requirement to around one-and-a-half games per day for those events specifically.

However, because many players no longer had holiday commitments and their play time went back up during Mecha Kingdoms in January, we saw a lot more players getting the Prestige skin or Prestige Points during the Mecha Kingdoms event.

We want prestige skins in events to be something you have to work for—not just something you easily get for buying the pass. During Mecha Kingdoms, the vast majority of pass buyers got enough tokens to unlock Prestige Mecha Kingdoms Garen, even those who didn't play much.


So, we made the choice while working on Galaxies earlier this year to reduce the tokens being granted such that it typically takes between two and three games per day to get a Prestige Skin. We believe this will help keep them more exclusive, but because this requirement is significantly lower than the approximately four games per day required from events last year, we hope it still feels fun and fair to achieve.

As always, we'll be reviewing this event and your feedback to help inform if we should make further adjustments.

To be specific: the tokens for playing (wins/losses) have been reduced from 12/6 to 10/5 for SR, and from 8/4 to 6/3 for ARAM and game modes like One For All.

This is still offset by the increased tokens for Wins of the Week that we've been running in the last couple of events.

Previous events Win of the Day awarded 18 tokens, whereas Wins of the Week award ~28 on average (200 over 7 days). Also worth noting that the average player completed 18 of the Wins of the Day, whereas the vaast majority now complete Wins of the Week, given their flexibility.

Lastly, on another related note: we have reduced the points required to complete Milestone Missions from 20 to 15, so those should go noticeably faster too.

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