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AP Bruisers: the Dilemma

LeagueofLegends5 - AP Bruisers: the Dilemma

In the preseason, there was a promise of ap fighter mythics and legendaries. Yet, after preseason was released, they are nowhere to be seen and what we do have is severely lacking. A quick recap of AP bruisers: these are melee(or very low ranged) juggernauts or fighters that utilize AP. These include: Morde, Lillia, Rumble, Singed, Sylas, Gragas, Diana, Cho'gath etc. These champions, for the past several seasons, have been made to build either full tank or full ap, and survive off of that. Hell, Morde, Lillia and Sylas were actually designed to build full AP.


When I first heard of an omnivamp ap item with ramping damage, I was very VERY happy. Riot has finally done it, they added ap bruiser items! This excitement did not last very long when I saw the actual stats of Riftmaker. 80 AP, and a whopping 150 health. If you think this isn't an item for AP bruisers, then why does it have damage ramp up for 5 seconds in combat?


Let's take a step back for a moment and consider AD bruiser itemization. They all have several things in common. A passive focussed on keeping you alive, health, sometimes resists, sometimes AH, but most importantly, not a lot of AD, meaning classes such as AD assassins and ADCs would not opt into it. For example, Goredrinker is a common item built on bruisers. It has 400hp, 45AD, 20AH, and 150% base HP regen, and an active that lets you heal based on missing hp. This would not work on AD assassins(except Talon, hi Talon) and ADCs because it does not suit their playstyle.



Going back to Riftmaker, we can see that it has too little HP, and perhaps too much AP. It is too squishy for AP bruisers. The fix? Simply lower the AP and up the HP. Maybe even lower the omnivamp. Demonic is a great example of this(it has its own problems but we'll come back to it). 350 HP, 70AP, and resists in its passive.


Onto Demonic Embrace. This was supposed to replace Liandry's Torment as the AP bruiser item(said so by Mark Yetter himself). Yet, as the burn passive is designed, it works much better on traditional mages. The problem is missing the extra 1% burn from the item. Previous Liandrys was balanced around the champion itself having slows(Rumble) or it being bought with Rylais(Morde, Singed). You lost a significant amount of damage. I understand that the 1% went to Liandrys Anguish, but AP bruisers cannot get that item. Now this is different from my previous point as the max HP burn is invaluable to AP bruisers compared to AP. I'm open to nerfing the AP on Demonic to compensate.


The upcoming changes to NH and Rocketbelt are great, but they left out Riftmaker. Riot is this close to making AP bruisers feel not shit to play, please. Please give us another crumb.


*Conclusion/TLDR: *

  • Make AP bruiser items tankier and do less damage, especially Riftmaker
  • Bring back the 1% burn damage from old Liandrys

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