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Aphelios Weapon Combinations, Effects and TL;DR Explained.

LeagueofLegends6 - Aphelios Weapon Combinations, Effects and TL;DR Explained.


Passive: Bonus range.

Q: Skillshot Ryze E. AA to fire your off-hand weapon and consume the mark. Consuming the mark also consumes nearby marks and deals damage.

R: Auto-fire and mark all enemies caught in the explosion with an empowered Ryze E. Consuming this mark deals more damage.


Passive: Lifesteal. Overheal Rune.

Q: Auto-fire your main weapon and off-hand weapon.


Severum + Calibrum: Heal then mark the target. AA afterwards to consume the mark and all nearby marks.

Severum + Gravitum: Heal and slow.

Severum + Infernum: Heal then damage all enemies in a cone behind the target.

Severum + Crescendum: Heal then fire a boomerang.

R: Gain a flat heal. Auto-fire and heal towards all enemies caught in the explosion.


Passive: Decaying slow.

Q: Root all enemies that are slowed by Gravitum.

R: Auto-fire and slow all enemies caught in the explosion. Use Q to root all surrounding enemies afterwards.


Passive: Autos explode in a cone behind the target dealing damage.

Q: Linear skillshot. Can hit multiple targets. Auto-fires the off-hand weapon to all enemies hit.


Infernum + Calibrum: Mark all enemies hit by the skillshot. AA afterwards to consume the mark and all nearby marks.

Infernum + Severum: Heal towards all enemies.

Infernum + Gravitum: Slow all enemies. Can switch to Gravitum and Q afterwards to root all enemies.


Any + Infernum: Multiple enemies are attacked that on-hit explode in a cone behind the target.

Infernum + Crescendum: Fires multiple boomerangs.

1Switching before auto-fire allows Infernum to be used as a off-hand effect.

R: Auto-fire and passive does Ravenous Hydra instead of Titanic Hydra instead.


Passive: Boomerang projectile. Boomerang must return before firing again unless if an off-hand effect.

Q: Deploys a turret. Auto-fires the off-hand weapon.


Crescendum + Calibrum: Turret marks enemies.

Crescendum + Calibrum: Turret has longer range.

Crescendum + Severum: Turret heals you.

Crescendum + Gravitum: Turret slows targets. Can switch to Gravitum + Q to root the enemy afterwards.

Crescendum + Infernum: Turret fires projectiles that explode on-hit behind the target.

Any + Crescendum: Turret shoots boomerangs.

2Switching your off-hand weapon allows Crescendum to be used as a off-hand effect.

R: Not indicated in the primer, but Moonlight Vigil follow-up attacks could deal bonus damage if atleast three enemies were hit regardless of main-hand weapon. This ult could ignore this restriction instead and deal bonus damage.

Edit: Realized Calibrum effect also applied to other abilities which could pose other interesting combinations.**

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