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Art commission for my teams Clash victory!

LeagueofLegends6 - Art commission for my teams Clash victory!


First off, huge thanks to JP Perez for this piece, check out more of his stuff he does on his instagram here.

In honor of winning our clash tournament awhile back, I had a commission done of us training together before we head on the rift. Me and my friends have been playing together for a few years now, and after more defeats than I care to admit, we pulled out a tournament victory.

In this piece, I really wanted the personalities of us, the players, captured in the champs we play. I'll give a little backstory for those interested, to give some context of what's going on in the picture. Will include a TLDR at the end.

First up, Yasuo is kind of our unofficial leader. (He created our team name, Wind Man Bad) He's the highest elo, and most vocal player with many strategies to share so that's how he kinda ended up at his spot. Hes usually always trying to teach us something and comes up with a plan before going into our Clash games, but can get just a little frustrated when we dont always listen. Always tried for the outplay, and very much a Yasuo main.

Then we have Ornn. He probably talks the least out of all us and is down for just about anything. He plays just about every champion, and is usually just straight chillin. He ends up rounding out our team comp in champ select which means he gets put on Ornn duty often. Very much top laner vibes.

I am the Vi. Usually we have some elegant plan going into the beginnings of each game, but by the first few minutes, I'm always looking to gank top. I used to be a top laner, so I totally understand how frustrating it is to have someone always in your lane like that. So I camp as much as I can >:) This is usually the biggest conflict in comms cuz usually the conversation with me and my support goes something like this

"Hey bot's a free gank"



"Why are you pathing topside"

"Please help bot hahaha"

"Hey, I'm ganking top, I'll be there in like 10 seconds get ready"

"……or you can come bot hahaha"

I like to think it works out in the end, but it always makes for interesting games at least. I'm also always down to fight doesnt matter if I'm 10/0 or 0/10.

Then we have Janna. You already heard a little about him, but he's the support main through and through, always looking to help anywhere on the map he can, coordinating 3 man mid Ganks, roaming top. I do think some of that stems from the accepted defeat I dont come down there often, so he leaves to go help other lanes. Also makes the weirdest jokes in the group.

And lastly Ezreal. She's usually the most aggressive player, just this clash she E'd forward into 5 enemy champions by herself. Told us she was "feeling herself". This conflicts sometimes with being left alone while the support roams but, we make it work. She is always very uh, interested, in particular certain champions releases, and regularly mentions she was an OG Seraphine simp. I'll always remember when she died in lane cuz apperently she was distracted by looking at fanart. Definetly sometimes does the ADC thing where the they think the game revolves around them, but still, that's usually because she DOES perform when it's her time to shine.

TLDR: Classic Yasuo main, Straight chillin top layer, jungler who forgets about half the map, support mad at said jungler, and adc uh, female admirer.

I absolutely love when Clash comes around so I get to tryhard with all my friends. We put in a lot of time trying out comps, and building synergy with each other, I'm happy we finally got a W, but I'm even more happy I have such great friends to play with.

Even if I still won't gank bot for them. 🙂

Once again huge shout out to JP Perez for doing this piece, he absolutely killed it.

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