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As we wait for the new Worlds song, let us remember this subs reactions from the past.

LeagueofLegends13 - As we wait for the new Worlds song, let us remember this subs reactions from the past.

I decided to have some fun and used the abomination that is reddit's search to look up each Worlds song. The criteria used were simple the song titles, meaning "Warriors" "Worlds Collide" "Rise" Legends Never Die" and "Ignite". I then set the search from Relevance to Top and looked at the first actual YT post instead of a text post. Comments were then sorted by Top as well.

><noscript><img src= - As we wait for the new Worlds song, let us remember this subs reactions from the past.

Reddit thread: HERE

Current votes: 15,770 points (80% upvoted)

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Obligatory context for all:

This is a promotional video for the 2014 League of Legends World Championship that kicks off tomorrow and lasts until October 19th (grand final). 16 teams from all over the world – representing NA, Europe, China, Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions – compete for the title and $1 million prize.

After a year of regional competition in leagues (NA LCS, EU LCS, OGN, LPL, GPL) top teams represent their regions in the most important international tournament of the year. This is the LoL equivalent of Dota 2's The International, with just as much more hype.
and a bit smaller prize pool because Riot pays salaries to hundreds of players all year long

Here's a handy survival guide for those to wish to watch it.

EDIT: After four days this comment got gilded. What the fuck. Whoever did that, made my day 🙂

Reddit thread: HERE

Current votes: 3,896 points (82% upvoted)

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Reddit thread: HERE

Current votes: 6,232 points (78% upvoted)

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At least the animation is good, song could have been better. Doesn't really build up any hype like warriors did.

Reddit thread: HERE

Current votes: 11,840 points (87% upvoted)

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I like it.

Music video thread: HERE

Current votes: 9,629 points (86% upvoted)

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Who will reddit choose

Reddit thread: HERE

Current votes: 23,111 points (90% upvoted)

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lmao Faker just lurking on a mountaintop like a goddamn raid boss

it took me a while to realize that the video represented the story of last year’s worlds final

Based off of all the top threads for each song, Reddit's rankinglooking at upvotes goes

1) Rise

2) Warriors

3) Legends Never Die

4) Ignite

5) Worlds Collide

If we base the ranking off vote percentage then it goes

1) Rise

2) Legends Never Die

3) Worlds Collide

4) Warriors

5) Ignite


Honorable Mention

Season 3: Road to the Cup

Current votes: 2,338 points (91% upvoted)

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Drunk Scarra made it to the video.

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