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Ascended Unbound Morgana – Updated

LeagueofLegends8 - Ascended Unbound Morgana - Updated

Hey everyone,

Due to the new Morgana & Kayle Update I wanted to create something for Morgana specifically – enjoyed doing it and I

wanted the pleasure of creating a skin for her that I thought would be a nice addition to the ones she has.

So basically the skin is called Ascended Unbound Morgana. A version of her that embraces her true nature, her birthright and powers. A version Kayle talks about, but it's not quite what Kayle would expect. I thought it would be nice to add something to her character that she doesn't have yet.

I thought about her design, her skills and her quotes. Maybe it's not 100% thought out, but that's what came to my mind. First I would like to link her design and her skills. It's all hand-drawn so please don't kill me for that ^^ I also included specific hand movements for her.


So as you can see her wings are bound no longer, her wardrobe has changed into (as I imagined) something more devine – with scalemaile for her breasts, shoulder armor, and a lower robe with fabrics and metal (so it was planned).

I wanted her skills to resemble her devine nature with wing-elements and the celestial, phantasmal sword, but also the aspect of her chains which are quite significant still.

I also thought about quotes and things she would say:

Morgana first step:

  • My sister wanted me to be like her … she got what she wanted – almost.
  • It's time to embrace my birthright.
  • My wings have been shackled for centuries – not any longer!

Encounter Kayle:

  • It's time to fight on equal ground!
  • Be careful what you wish for, Kayle. It might come true.
  • Why so stiff Kayle? If justice is a reflection of yourself, you should be flexible like an eel.

Fighting Kayle:

  • Gaze upon your reflection, Kayle!
  • My powers won't doom me Kayle, let me show you.
  • Time to take off our masks!
  • You won't be willingly blind to the suffering you've caused, Kayle – today you shall see truth by the reflection of your own blood!


Morgana taunt:

  • Perhaps I should keep you on a short leash, but I prefer a chain.
  • Justice is quite…flexible – I've yet to decide whether I execute justice like my twin, pray I do.

Morgana joke:

  • Oh you like my wings? Let me blow you away then.
  • It's time for me to ascend and embrace my birthright…but not this very moment – I don't wannacheat.

Morgana attack:

  • My powers unleashed!
  • Be prepared to suffer.
  • Suffering is a teacher, learn and endure!
  • I'm still not like my sister, I give you a choice.
  • Show me what you got.

Morgana Q:

  • It's time for you to know how it feels to be bound by shackles.
  • Na, na where you going?
  • I think I'm not done with you yet.
  • Freeze! – Oh wait..you're impaled.
  • Stay a little longer honey.

Morgana Q + W in quick succession:

  • Q … Suffer + W … and die!

Morgana W:

  • Let's see if you're purified after this.
  • Enjoy THIS.
  • Hope you're not too low, otherwise this will hurt.

Morgana E on ally:

  • My wings will protect you.

Morgana E:

  • Shielded from pain and suffering – for a while.
  • Hold on! I need you a little longer.

Morgana R:

  • Time to face MY judgement!
  • Unbound, unbroken.
  • Death will suit you well!
  • Be bound to me … forever.
  • My true powers revealed.
  • My powers shall only doom the ones who betray me!

So this would be my suggestion for her future skin, I hope you like it. 🙂

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