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Aurelion Sol Needs Change, here’s why and suggestions as to how!

LeagueofLegends9 - Aurelion Sol Needs Change, here's why and suggestions as to how!

Aurelion Sol is a fantastic champion that deserves some more love, the options with this champion are great, but he can also easily become a top tier pick for pro play with one misdirected buff/change.

I'm an avid Aurelion Sol lover, played him since release and i know the ins and outs of his weaknesses and strengths. I'm currently sitting in Diamond 4, quite stuck at the moment but hey i'll get up there eventually.


Why does Aurelion Sol need change?

Aurelion Sol had a small rework in patch 9.17 which honestly felt great. He then got a buff in 9.18 for his basehealth for no particular reason.

He was overstat so they reasonable nerfed him in patch 10.1 at season start but he still managed to be at an overly high winrate with at around 57% and his pickrate rose to around 2.5% due to him being overtuned and a meta abusable pick.

start of 2020* source league of graphs

source league of graphs

This lead to another nerf in patch 10.4 where he was then considered doomed for most player. A lot of people stopped playing him, because not only was he no longer the old sol he was also understat and was just a high risk low reward type champion that wasn't a reasonable pick for soloqueue.

He is kind of in a spot of "why pick x when y exists"

Why pick asol for a dps mage when cassiopeia exists

Why pick asol for a roaming champion when talon and tf exist

Why pick asol for a battle mage when karthus exists

He is too niche, that's all.


Itemization issues

The committed mains kept on playing him, including myself after i recognized some builds and that he was still playable but just took a lot more skill compared to the reward you get for playing perfectly. As i found the rylais into liandries build it really felt like a reasonable 2 item powerspike (due to old liandries+rylais impairment bonus damage and the haunting guise passive giving him a little more damage, which is now on riftmaker, a mythic that he can't really build well because of the lack of mana.)

His winrate was reasonable considering he had 1% pickrate throughout 2020, he was still mildly understat, but playable and possible to carry with.

Then pre-season started and oh boy it was nice, mandate was so amazing and you really felt like a champion again, although it was easily agreeable that it was an overstat item comb with rylais, and very cheap aswell. So obviously, it gets nerfed, which is fine, but now what should aurelion sol do?

Rylais into Liandries? Lacks HP and Damage compared to s10, Rylais into ludens? has a little burst of damage for the start of fights, but still lacks hp, Rylais into riftmaker/nightharvester etc. lacks mana. His W costs 110 and his mana pool consists of around 10 W's lategame if you go any of the fun items like rift and nightharvester.

Right now the only hope is that the Everfrost changes will be atleast okay for him so he has a solid hp/mana ap mythic, but it is still very lackluster because of the active forcing him into a bad position in teamfights.

One of his higher damage builds that takes too long to scale is actually going Manmune into Ravenous Hydra after rylais + riftmaker because his ap scalings are very poor this actually gives him a decent amount of power on his star. This sounds like a joke, and i wish it was, but it's the sad truth lmao. I've even played it a bit for fun because i mean it really doesn't change much how he performs.


His current state

If you have a lead on Sol, who cares, it's nice to be ahead but you can't soloduel people and rely on your team. If you are 3/0 but your team is slightly behind, then you're not strong eneough with current itemization to solocarry. You don't have the damage, you have the rylais slow, the cc, the selfpeel or the peel for your carry, but you are unable to impact in a way that doesn't rely on your team being strong aswell. This is also a reason his winrate is good, he is such a great coinflipping champion, if your team is doing well, you are a peel bot that can help win teamfights with your team, if they are behind you've most likely lost unless they are playing scaling champs on your team. You don't impact by yourself, and even though it's a teamgame it does not feel good to be relying that much on your team.

I've gotten straight up flamed for being 5/0/0 on my team because i don't deal damage. Like they expect me to be able to carry the game since i got fed by playing well, having a good jungler or somehow lasthitting kills, but that's not how it works. It's not easy to impact with your gold because your champion gets rylais and then gets stuck building defensive ap items like zhonyas because you don't spike with other items anyways so might aswell build defensively or buy morellos for grevious wounds etc.



The goal of his rework

I don't have the sources to actually credit what i'm saying, but IIRC, riot said that the rework was intended to make him more popular, easier for newer Sol players and making him more of a burst mage.

Making him more popular, it did work as he was broken so he had a decent pickrate for freelo, but it didn't work in terms of more people sticking to the champion. It might've evened out a bit with the newcomers to the champion and then the old mains that dropped him after rework.

Easier for new players, i can see the approach, since the old toggle W was more free and you decided how it was gonna be used, now you just press W, it goes fast and you get some MS, it's more structured and easier to understand how you perform in a teamfight, spam W on cd whilst kiting with the MS.

Making him a burst mage? His damage on W was overtuned, rest was mediocre, they then proceeded to nerf his W so much that now he lacks dmg on all abilities. It doesn't feel satisfying to hit a gigantic galaxy star thing on 5 people and dealing a minor 200 damage to each target lategame.


What changes do i propose?

In the 9.17 rework they removed his E passive. It was an amazing straightline movespeed passive that helped him a lot in roaming and spawning bigger Q's without using E. This could come back, maybe with a bit lower MS or whatever is reasonable to riot.

They could lower his W MS to compensate for giving his E his pasive back


Swapping E and R. This would disallow his lvl 3 roam that he can do in certain matchups, and could give him the burst damage he needs to be a solid burst mage, being able to atleast duel people on occasion. Doing this swap would mean you change some numbers on his new R so that it has a reasonable cooldown like 100 seconds or smth but giving him the 800 E movespeed of current late game, all game on his R but having the longer CD. Then his new E would be his current ult but slower (like old R), slightly less damage but a higher ap scaling, but a lower range to finally give him his burst mage numbers.



I and other Aurelion Sol mains don't want to be broken or overpowered, we just want to exist. There hasn't been any changes besides few bugfixes since patch 10.4 and the champion is dying by the day if you look at his falling pickrate. We've asked for change for so long, and IIRC there was a rumour a few months back that a rioter stated that asol was getting changes early January this year. I play this champion because it's my favorite and i've dedicated so much time to him, i don't wanna throw it all away because riot refuses to change him because his kit is hard to balance. If it's hard to balance, then clearly it's not healthy.


Thank you for reading this post, i may be procrastinating my math assignment, but i still wrote this because i love the sassy spacedragon. Hope you can agree or help us find a solution for this champion.


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