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Autofilled JG is the worst

LeagueofLegends6 - Autofilled JG is the worst

I'm sorry but getting auto-filled jg or having an auto-filled jg is the worst.

I don't know how everyone feels about this but as a Laner, getting autofilled jg just fken suck and is the worst role to get auto-filled into. If you get autofilled top, u can play a tank and farm under the tower until team fight. If you get auto-filled mid, you can play like malzahar or ori and play it safe and farm til teamfight. The same goes for support and bot lane, u can always pick a safe champ and play it safe til teamfight.

But if u get autofilled jg and is facing against a jg main, its like pretty much doom. The other guy will just read u like a book on pathing. He going to double CS, Steal all your buffs and camps, while ganking your laners. Meanwhile, on your team, your team is raging and flaming your ass while spam JG Diff, making you hate the game even more.

If you comment below and say just play rammus or nunu and perma gank your lanes, not everybody play in bronze/iron. If you play rammus, clear 3 camps and gank bot or top, against a good jgler, he going to invade the opposite side and take all your camps. You will be 2 lvl behind for the rest of the game playing catchup as he Perma invades you making you unable to play the game. When mid-game come around and the 2 teams are contesting drake or w.e, you will be like lvl 8 while the enemy jgler is lvl 11. it's pretty much a 4v5.


If you comment below and say just dodge, not everyone have all the time in the world to dodge, some people may only have time to play 2-3 games or maybe 1 game where you cant really be wasting time with dodges.

TLDR: The punishment for a bad jgler is too high that the game is pretty much doom if you have an auto-filled jg vs a jg main.

* sorry for the terrible writing…

Add ON: some of you are commenting below saying to learn a little about jg so you wont be useless. JG is not really that simple, you need to understand the efficient pathing of your champ as well as your enemy champ. You need to read your opponent to see where he will be ganking so you can ping to warn your laner and or make sure you are nearby to counter-gank. You need to know matchup of the lanes to know which one will have prior and which wont. You need to keep track of what is warded and what is not so you arent spotted out. There is soo much more, but even as a non jg main, I know of that much. There is no such thing as "play safe" for jg. as a laner u can give up cs and farm under tower, while as a jg "playing safe" mean u giving up objectives as well as your camp when u get invaded on. game is pretty much over if u give up rivers objective.

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