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Azael vs Drakos: One redditor’s opinion on why EUphoria is better than the Dive (currently)

LeagueofLegends11 - Azael vs Drakos: One redditor's opinion on why EUphoria is better than the Dive (currently)

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to throw this out here since it's 2 in the morning (PST) and since I couldn't sleep, I figured I'd write this out. As my name and timezone would suggest, I am an NA fan, but I like consuming league content from both EU and NA. However, with the departure of Jatt from the Dive, the show has changed quite a bit and not for the best. It's clear that Azael and Kobe are trying to find their groove with a key voice leaving the group, but I wanted to offer some suggestions with EUphoria as an example because the EU league show, like the rest of the LEC, has been FIRE.

Now, here's what I like about EUphoria. Drakos and Froskurinn are great at asking questions, getting the discussion to move forward, and getting the most OUT of their guests. Drakos in particular has experience hosting the show from the play in stages of MSI and worlds, and his host experience really comes out when you watch/listen to EUphoria. He gives his opinion, but also leaves room for others to fill up the space and doesn't really dominate the discussion.

What kills me about the Dive is that Azael is the opposite. To his credit, he is very knowledgeable about the game, but his presentation of these ideas are akin to stream of consciousness, where his points have points on top of them that it leaves no space for others to really talk about.

Here are some examples pulled from this seasons episodes:

Here Azael brings up a funny scrim anecdote, but then throws a lengthy question at WildTurtle.

This clip is Azael discussing imports, and his point is made clear early on that he's arguing korean imports have drawbacks, but it's drawn out longer than it needs to be.


Lastly this clip just highlights a trend I've noticed in the Dive where Azael puts forth so much information, there's not much for anyone else to add so the discussion halts there.

Obviously these are just minute samples from hour long episodes, but in general I've felt that the listening experience to the Dive has not been smooth, and I feel that Azael has room to grow as a host/facilitator of discussion. I've never had this thought cross my mind while listening to EUphoria, so perhaps getting that host training or entering the Dive with a more host mindset can help improve the show.

With all this being said, I want to make this first disclaimer clear that I do NOT want people to take this as time to flame Azael. I think he's a great color caster, but when it comes to the Dive specifically, I feel that he has areas he can improve on, and I wanted to bring up Drakos as just one counter example.

Secondly, it's important to note that the Dive and EUphoria are different shows in nature. The Dive is a discussion with the same set of people focusing on the LCS, meta changes and other broader topics. EUphoria on the other hand is more of a radio/interview show that tailors their episodes to the new guests they have every week, so we get more team specific insight. The Dive tried this show format earlier this year, but it wasn't well received due in part to the issues I've brought up.

Still, the fact that these two shows in their present form are fundamentally different is important to keep in mind in the sense that Azael can't just be a carbon copy of Drakos, but there are things he can learn to make the Dive a smoother show. Azael, if you do end up reading this, I wish you nothing but the best, and I hope this criticism helps future episodes.

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