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‘Bang’s first impressions of NA and 100T, and his goals for next year’ translated

LeagueofLegends7 - ‘Bang’s first impressions of NA and 100T, and his goals for next year’ translated

Back again with some translations, when another CT video comes up I'll be sure to get onto that. Until then, hope you enjoy a short translation of Bang's first impressions on NA, his goals for 2019, and how he feels about 100T.

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9:49 – 10:55

Impressions of NA and 100T

“The NALCS teams, in general, are supportive of their players streaming. When I was in talks with 100 Thieves, the owner said himself that if I chose to go to 100 Thieves they would help support my player brand.

The team owner himself wrote all that to me and I was very impressed. Normally when you’re a free agent during the off-season, open conversation between both parties don’t usually happen. I was thoroughly impressed by that.

Generally speaking, NALCS teams are very generous on matters such as streaming. But there are positives and negatives in every region I guess, in the LPL or the LCK as well. Even in Europe. I have been hearing a lot about that these days. There a lot of pros and a lot of cons for sure.

Stream viewer comment: “That’s because the NA region is more relaxed and easy-going isn't it?”


Yeah, I guess. Well, it wouldn’t be completely correct to say that they’re more ‘relaxed’; they just have different standards than Korea. Even they have their own strict lines to toe.”

10:55 – 11:57

Goals for next year

“To begin with, my immediate goal is to go to MSI by any means necessary. I have to go to MSI. I prioritized looking for NALCS teams that could get the best results within their league. Ssumday, AnDa, Huhi, and aphromoo, I looked at all their games. I saw as many of 100T games as I could.

From what I saw, I think we can do it.

Don’t say bad things, they’re my teammates now. Aphromoo was the best support in NA during spring. I had a chance to talk with that hyung (Aphromoo). He’s my hyung now. Aphromoo was good back then as well. He was amazing back in 2016 on CLG with Stixxay.

What I’m worried about most is that I don’t know a lot of English words. My translator is Korean but he lived in Japan for 8 years. He told me that language isn’t something you learn, it’s something you adapt to. I agree with that sentiment a lot.”

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