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2019 First e-Sports Sanction Information summary

• As a result of investigating issues related to the pro-athlete abuse in the community, Numerous verbal violations have been identified. • "Malice" Sebastian Edholm of BBQ Olivers in LoL Challengers Korea has been identified with language violence and racist remarks, so the Challengers team will be suspended for three games , 20 hours for community service, 200 for fines We decided to charge 10,000 won. 

Detailed Background

The Challengers management team was informed of issues related to Malice 's verbal abuse, and based on this we were able to investigate player accounts .

Malice has received a lot of reports in the individual / two-player rankings for about a month from early April to early May . After reviewing the chat logs for the game , she found that there were many serious verbal abuse and racist remarks And decided to severely discipline the team in view of the fact that there was a warning from the management of the Challengers in the past.

Related regulations

• 9.1.2. Use of profanity and discriminatory remarks Team employees, including athletes, coaching staffs, and owners, shall not be abhorrent or encourage any form of discriminatory behavior inside or outside the stadium, nor shall they be obscene, vulgar, unassuming, threatening , You may not post, transmit, or disseminate such remarks through your use of social media or streaming services, in any language that may be infringing, defamatory or offensive to others . • 9.2.4 Unprofessional conduct Athletes and coaching staffs and owners may not share opinions, financial status, origin or other status, sexual orientation , race, color, ethnic origin, national origin or social, gender, language, religion, Or for any other reason, to defame the dignity of the state, the individual, or the group through contempt, discrimination, or abusive language. 


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Malice has violated Articles 9.1.2 and 9.2.4 of the Challenge Rules. Malice will be suspended for 3 games, 20 hours for community service, and a fine of 2 million won.

Q & A

Q. Why is the discipline level higher than the past disciplinary cases?

A. This incident a short period of time a lot of games, the language acts of violence were identified in the discriminatory remarks, compared to the previous case statements, including the level of insult to the family, such as high strength, for reasons that were past this warning history with high remarks down to discipline I lost.

Q. What do you consider when deciding the level of discipline?

A. The league management team has set the level of discipline considering the following:

• history of past abuse • level of abuse (general language violence, family insult, racial discrimination, etc.) • number of abuse 

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