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Being Carried is a Skill

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I am a carry player, I play carry junglers, I average 10+ kills per game on my main champion. I am used to playing from ahead, I'm used to being a carry. This is fine, you need to have carries in your games. But just because you're playing a carry does not always mean you have to be the one to carry.

Situation 1: You're playing riven top. You love gold, you love kills, you love smashing everyone. Great, good for you. This game, the enemy jungler decides to hard camp your lane. You have just been put into an extremely important and difficult position. Your goal is no longer to win lane. If a free kill happens to show up, by all means take it. But your main job is to not die. The jungler is focusing all his attention on you. Give up cs, give up xp, back away from your tower if need be. Don't play super aggressively, don't go chasing kills. If you simply don't die, then you are carrying without ever getting kills. By no dying but taking up jungle pressure, you are allowing your jungler to have free reign to snowball the other lanes. You're allowing your other lanes to get ahead and carry, and this is super important. If the jungler focuses all his attention on you, and you don't die and come out of lane relatively even, congratulations you probably win the game.


Situation 2: Your a mid laner. Your botlane is absolutely stomping, they're up 30 cs at 10 mins and have a few kills. Your goal should now be to help your botlane succeed rather than get fed yourself. Don't take risky plays, farm safely and once again, don't die. Push the wave into the tower, roam towards bot to guarantee kills on the fed lane. Get vision botside so that they can push their advantage. You don't need to get fed. Trying to get fed only risks throwing away any lead that the botlane got. Accept that you don't need to be the carry and compliment your winning lanes.

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Situation 3: You're a jungler and got killed twice in the early game. Your camps are getting stolen and you're behind. Don't start making risky plays. Focus on getting vision around your jungle. Protect your lanes through vision. Track the enemy jungler and countergank. Only take safe ganks that are very very likely to work. You're behind, You most likely won't carry. Your goal is to burden your team as little as possible.

Bottom line is, don't be burden to your team. You don't need to carry, you just need to make it so that you're not too heavy to be carried.

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