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LeagueofLegends10 - Best Skin per Champion

WIP (Work in Progress)

2020 is almost over and after the polls of 2018 and 2019 I tried to list all the skins/champions for this year. Have fun voting for your favorite skins per champion!

(Let me know if you find any missing skins for any champion, I already inserted the 2020 Elderwood Skinline as well as the Battle Queens and Rell)

Aatrox: Strawpoll

Ahri: Strawpoll

Akali: Strawpoll

Alistar: Strawpoll

Amumu: Strawpoll

Anivia: Strawpoll

Annie: Strawpoll

Aphelios: Strawpoll

Ashe: Strawpoll

Aurelion Sol: Strawpoll

Azir: Strawpoll

Bard: Strawpoll

Blitzcrank: Strawpoll

Brand: Strawpoll

Braum: Strawpoll

Caitlyn: Strawpoll

Camille: Strawpoll

Cassiopeia: Strawpoll


Corki: Strawpoll

Darius: Strawpoll

Diana: Strawpoll

Dr. Mundo: Strawpoll

Draven: Strawpoll

Ekko: Strawpoll

Elise: Strawpoll

Evelynn: Strawpoll

Ezreal: Strawpoll

Fiddlesticks: Strawpoll

Fiora: Strawpoll

Fizz: Strawpoll

Galio: Strawpoll

Gangplank: Strawpoll

Garen: Strawpoll

Gnar: Strawpoll

Gragas: Strawpoll

Graves: Strawpoll

Hecarim: Strawpoll

Heimerdinger: Strawpoll

Illaoi: Strawpoll

Irelia: Strawpoll

Ivern: Strawpoll

Janna: Strawpoll

Jarvan IV: Strawpoll

Jax: Strawpoll

Jayce: Strawpoll

Jhin: Strawpoll

Jinx: Strawpoll

Kai'sa: Strawpoll

Kalista: Strawpoll

Karma: Strawpoll

Karthus: Strawpoll

Kassadin: Strawpoll

Katarina: Strawpoll

Kayle: Strawpoll

Kayn: Strawpoll

Kennen: Strawpoll

Kha'Zix: Strawpoll

Kindred: Strawpoll

Kled: Strawpoll

Kog'Maw: Strawpoll

LeBlanc: Strawpoll

Lee Sin: Strawpoll

Leona: Strawpoll

Lillia: Strawpoll

Lissandra: Strawpoll

Lucian: Strawpoll

Lulu: Strawpoll

Lux: Strawpoll

Malphite: Strawpoll

Malzahar: Strawpoll

Maokai: Strawpoll

Master Yi: Strawpoll

Miss Fortune: Strawpoll

Mordekaiser: Strawpoll

Morgana: Strawpoll


Nami: Strawpoll

Nasus: Strawpoll

Nautilus: Strawpoll

Neeko: Strawpoll

Nidalee: Strawpoll

Nocturne: Strawpoll

Nunu & Willump: Strawpoll

Olaf: Strawpoll

Orianna: Strawpoll

Ornn: Strawpoll

Pantheon: Strawpoll

Poppy: Strawpoll

Pyke: Strawpoll

Qiyana: Strawpoll

Quinn: Strawpoll

Rakan: Strawpoll

Rammus: Strawpoll

Rek'Sai: Strawpoll

Rell: Strwpoll

Renekton: Strawpoll

Rengar: Strawpoll

Riven: Strawpoll

Rumble: Strawpoll

Ryze: Strawpoll

Samira: Strawpoll

Sejuani: Strawpoll

Senna: Strawpoll

Seraphine: Strawpoll

Sett: Strawpoll

Shaco: Strawpoll

Shen: Strawpoll

Shyvana: Strawpoll

Singed: Strawpoll

Sion: Strawpoll

Sivir: Strawpoll

Skarner: Strawpoll

Sona: Strawpoll

Soraka: Strawpoll

Swain: Strawpoll

Sylas: Strawpoll

Syndra: Strawpoll

Tahm Kench: Strawpoll

Taliyah: Strawpoll

Talon: Strawpoll

Taric: Strawpoll

Teemo: Strawpoll

Thresh: Strawpoll

Tristana: Strawpoll

Trundle: Strawpoll

Tryndamere: Strawpoll

Twisted Fate: Strawpoll

Twitch: Strawpoll

Udyr: Strawpoll

Urgot: Strawpoll

Varus: Strawpoll

Vayne: Strawpoll

Veigar: Strawpoll

Vek'Koz: Strawpoll

Vi: Strawpoll

Viktor: Strawpoll

Vladimir: Strawpoll

Volibear: Strawpoll

Warwick: Strawpoll

Wukong: Strawpoll

Xayah: Strawpoll

Xerath: Strawpoll

Xin Zhao: Strawpoll

Yasuo: Strawpoll

Yone: Strawpoll

Yorick: Strawpoll

Yuumi: Strawpoll

Zac: Strawpoll

Zed: Strawpoll

Ziggs: Strawpoll

Zilean: Strawpoll

Zoe: Strawpoll

Zyra: Strawpoll

Thanks to Riot Games, Leagueoflegends Fandom and [email protected] for the Information

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