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Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed

LeagueofLegends9 - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed

The story then

This iteration of Ezreal was first shown off in a post on a
showthread - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed

French message board related to League of Legends. The post was presumably v1.0.0.79, on February 4th 2010. They provided screenshots of said upcoming champion including the kit and stats and the model itself.

I datamine a lot and took a crack at it. The RADS patcher (current method) has a patch with this model and animations but no textures or anything. Since that's no good I turned to the old beta data and old patcher system. The way the old league patched things was via a .diff file where it checked a SHA-1 hash of a file and applied the patch if it was valid. Normally this is automated but these servers and files are no longer accessible. Because it needed to be incrementally done, it took a long time (like 12 hours) to patch to the proper version.

I got to the patch he was intended to be in, and found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well it turns out that the normal patchline was not where it came from. Eventually I did some hash checks on what I already patched and found the testealm (think PBE, but internal since at the time PBE didnt exist) had called for a specific patch. After another 12 hours of patching I finally found the data. Turns out the message board post was a leak from the test realm at the time (though this was apparently common?) and only now did resources to unpack this data get made.

The story now

Nine years later, after a string of excessively good luck, I finally unearthed Ezreal's first iteration. Model, mugshot, ability icons, kit, lore and even a loadingscreen that until now has never been posted before as far as I know. The kit is in the screenshots above, which is the same as the release kit as far as I know. Enjoy the pizza feet Ezreal


Name: "Ezreal – The Gemeni Prodigy"

hRapqpS - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed
dIUqxQc - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed
NGVa8ag - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed

WSpCxZh - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed


cJHOgLa - Beta Ezreal Finally Unearthed


Voice (Not new, but someone did share it before):

Lore (not on the wiki yet): tr "game_character_lore_Ezreal" = "Ezreal proved almost immediately not only to have inherited his father’s brilliance, but to have in fact surpassed it. One of his favorite toys was a bow and arrow that Zethir had told him was a gift from his mother. At age 12, Ezreal found that he could harness magic to create a similar bow with his mind. When officials discovered evidence of his psionic capability, Ezreal was immediately separated from his father, and specially trained to represent Demacia in the League of Legends."

Unused Spell: tr "game_spell_tooltip_EzrealEnergyBurst" = "Energy Burst, 80/90/100/110/120 Mana, 20/18/16/14/12 sec Cooldown, Ezreal fires a wave of energy which deals 80/110/140/170/200 [email protected]@ magic damage and knocks the target back. Additionally, if the enemy is knocked into another unit or terrain it takes additional damage and is stunned for 1.5 seconds.

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