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Brazilian streamer that leaked Lillia, Yone and Spirit Blossom claims she’ll be leaking Samira today.

LeagueofLegends10 - Brazilian streamer that leaked Lillia, Yone and Spirit Blossom claims she'll be leaking Samira today.

So, let's get some context here. There's this brazilian content creator called streamie that leaked Lillia, Yone and Spirit Blossom before there was any confirmation on anything;

she describes Lillia and Yone's splash arts to a t before there were any reveals, she also mentions "a Thresh legendary skin that transforms him into a human" before Spirit Blossom Thresh was revealed. She claims that she got all that information from a Rioter she's friends with and it's also believed she's the one that leaked all the Spirit Blossom splash arts along with Lillia and Yone's but that is unconfirmed.

Anyways, she's back again with 3 different leaks this time. I'll be putting them in spoilers for people that don't want to have upcoming content potentially ruined.

  • Upcoming Targon cinematic

she says she has seen an upcoming LoR cinematic for Targon that features Diana along a Solari boy and a Lunari girl that are in a forbidden romantic relationship. This could be true because we know that Targon is an upcoming region in Legends of Runeterra and when Bilgewater was released Riot released a Bilgewater cinematic alongside it.

  • Upcoming skinline

and in this tweet she mentions a new skinline that "will make the gays very happy". People are speculating a return of the Star Guardian skinline but not much is known about this since she mentions it's a new skinline. She says she believes this release will happen on this week's PBE.

  • Upcoming new champion Samira

she claims she has seen Samira's art and abilities. She says she doesn't think Samira is coming to the PBE this week but rather in two weeks (so patch 10.18). She also claims that something about Samira is very "jawdropping" and that there's a very specific thing people are saying about Samira that is completely wrong.

Finally in this tweet she mentions that she'll go into detail about all three leaks during her livestream today (happening in around 40 minutes from me posting this).

This obviously raises the question of how this random brazilian streamer gets so much insider info and how Riot hasn't been able to figure out who is leaking stuff to her. I'm also personally annoyed that she takes so much pride on leaking stuff to the point that she's gaining views/streams/profits off of it.

EDIT: Updates from her stream. Will be adding updates as she reveals more stuff.

Sona will be part of the skinline that'll make "the gays very happy" and she'll get a legendary skin. This skinline is related to the BRG and PsyOPS summoner icons that were found on the PBE

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