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Brazilian youtuber is making some money with Neeko codes [updated]

LeagueofLegends13 - Brazilian youtuber is making some money with Neeko codes [updated]

Hello, I'm a brazillian player and something is happening here in Brazil but no one big is talking about it. Ever since the Partner Program arrived there are a few youtubers that are making some amount of money.

Just yesterday this "Laboratório de Zaun" channel (with over 200k subscribers) posted a clickbait video entitled "Free Skins for Everyone! How you can get Neeko skin + champion".

On this video he had just announced his new "promo" to the viewers. He said that he would make an "donate ranking" on his stream and that the viewers that made the most donations would get the skins. He was basicly making an Neeko code auction.

He currently streams on StreamCraft and on that platform they have an "Invite Friends, make money" program. An user gets 50 cents on every user that he invites.

With that system the user that used his invitation gets 50 golden coins which the user can then use to donate do the streamer.

In less than a few hours the "Laboratório de Zaun" video had around 23k views, so with just an 1% conversion he had a gain of 230 dollars which here in Brazil is R$ 897,00 almost a minimum wage salary (R$ 954), but lets be honest, he probably made a lot more than an minimum wage salary with a few neeko codes and a video.

ps: He deleted his video after a lot of hate from the community but you can still see the video title over his twitter, and all his later responses.

His first tweet about it (he deleted it but you can see it on imgur)

"I barely got back to youtube and I'm upset, I've said I would give the skin to whomever used my invite on streamcraft and people are attacking me about it (?)

being upset doesn't define it


and let alone the comments saying that youtubers don't work so they aren't allowed to be tired"

and his second tweet:

"I don't think that people got it right about this promotion, you only have to do 2 things:

1- get on my stream ranking

2- use my invite on stream

Is that simple, you don't even have to waste money to do it kkkk"

ps: using his invite means making an free donate of 50 cents to him, and his ranking is the stream donating ranking (you can donate 50 cents for free but to get on the ranking you need to donate more than other people that paid for it, so the only way you can get it for free is if no one donates)


His second tweet: https://twitter.com/zdarkyoshi/status/1074731128249032706 StreamCraft invite a friend program: https://www.blog.streamcraft.com/blog/invite-and-earn-cash-reward Partner Program infos: https://partners.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/ Imgur album with his deleted tweets: https://imgur.com/a/IJ1kx7k On the LPP oficial FAQ you can see the rule "6. Are there restrictions on the giveaway codes?

Codes are locked to the region you play in, and expire after four weeks. Selling codes is explicitly not allowed. Creators found to be selling codes will be removed from the program."

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