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Breakdown of a Game – TES vs SN Game 1

LeagueofLegends1 - Breakdown of a Game - TES vs SN Game 1

This is an in-depth breakdown of all components of the first game of the semifinal between TES and SN at Worlds 2020. In it, I will be taking you through the draft and almost every minute of gameplay to explain exactly what is going down and why it is significant.


  1. I do not do this professionally so keep in mind that my opinion is just that – my opinion. I'm likely going to be making claims about how I think the game should be played and these might not align with your views.
  2. Context matters. I am coming into these games with a particular idea of how each team plays and what their weaknesses and preferences are. These thoughts can be referenced in the respective threads for the teams (SN | TES)
  3. See my thoughts concerning Draft, Territory, and Fight Selection here. This will be pretty important for this analysis
  4. I've obviously already watched the series so take what I say with a bit of a grain of salt. Some of it is likely affected by hindsight bias.
  5. I do not necessarily agree with the decisions being made in the draft or in-game by either team. My explanations are simply my attempt at explaining why a team picked or did what it did. If you want my actual opinions or recommendations concerning the game they will likely be at the end of the sections

Draft (All bans are written in order)

  • Goals:
    • TES
      • Limit Bin and SofM by trying to force them onto specific Champions or into specific matchups
      • Secure favourable top lane 2v2 for Karsa and 369 that can shut down Bin
      • End with a composition that can enable both JackeyLove and Knight's strong mechanical prowess in teamfights
    • SN
      • Secure a favourable matchup for Bin where he is playing a Carry (recall that in the SN playstyle post, Bin has not played a non-carry for the entire tournament, and generally plays strong side
      • Secure a favourable top lane 2v2 for Bin and SofM to limit Karsa's attempts to shut down Bin
      • Limit loss in the bot lane with a safe weak-side
      • Find SofM a champion where he can either carry or has high play-making potential – likely a mid-game champion
  • Side Select
    • I'm not actually sure which team won the coin flip for side select. However, in all games in this series, the team with choice selected Red, so I am going to go with the operating assumption that Suning picked Red
      • As I said in the playstyle post, Suning is a team that puts a heavy priority on playing around Bin on a carry. Red Side is heavily preferred for them as it gives them a counter-pick for Top.
  • Ban Rotation 1
    • TES bans Camille, Kindred, and Graves
      • TES wants to limit the carry potential of both key players on SN. Camille is one of the most contested top lane picks at the tournament and presents massive threat in the hands of Bin.
      • TES also opts to pinch the jungle pool. Kindred and Graves are 2 out of the 4 main roster of junglers (Lillia, Nidalee, Graves, Kindred) played at the tournament. SofM has also played 7 out of 11 of his last games on one of the two (5 Graves, 2 Kindred, 1 Lee, 1 J4, 2 Nidalee). Within his jungle picks, this sets up SN to reasonably take Lee Sin and also likely forces them to ban Nidalee unless they want to cede it to TES in B1.
      • If TES so chooses, they could possibly hard pinch SofM's jungle pool with a B1 Lee Sin pick to trade for R1 R2 Jhin + X in all likelihood – assuming SN bans Nidalee as planned. This likely forces SofM on Lillia or J4 or something he has yet to play at the tournament
      • Worth noting that Karsa does not play Lillia – has not played it at the tournament and did not play it throughout all of LPL playoffs – so this ban strategy actually pinches Karsa's pool as well.
    • SN bans Lucian, Syndra, and Nidalee
      • SN wants to limit Knight's X-Factor. They take away the blind-pickable lane-dominant mid laners that take easy priority. Worth noting that Knight is well known as an incredibly prolific Syndra player as well so a degree of respect is likely given into the Syndra (although it's still just a contested pick either way)
      • Nidalee, as stated early, is mostly a forced ban. Both junglers play it, but because SN chose to cede first pick to TES after the flip, with TES's ban strategy, in particular, they are mostly coerced into selecting that ban
    • Overall
      • TES seems to either want to take Lee Sin and force SN on something they haven't shown yet this tournament (unless its J4), or have SN take Lee Sin and have a strategy prepared for a potential Lee Sin pick. Obviously, I don't have scrim data so I can only speculate on what SN may or may not be able to play outside of the core of champions he's been picking at the tournament (Shen?)
  • Pick Rotation 1
    • TES takes B1 Jhin
      • Jhin's a power pick in the current meta and also a denial from Haunfeng. TES is likely taking it as it's flexible within compositions and a solid first pick overall
    • SN responds with R1 R2 Lee Sin + Ezreal
      • Ezreal has a stable lane phase into most Jhin pairings but does mean that the SN bot lane is likely not going to have priority
      • Lee Sin is one of the few remaining jungle picks for SofM still up in the pool – given that he has only played Jarvan outside of Lee Sin at the tournament, it is likely (due to TES not taking B1 Lee Sin), that TES was planning around a Lee pick from SofM
    • TES takes B2 B3 Sett + Orianna
      • Sett provides three-lane flex power for TES in theory. They can put it Support, Jungle, or Top so it keeps the options for their composition open while giving them a frontline for their prominent backline in Ori and Jhin.
      • Sett, Orianna, and Jhin give TES's composition excellent zone control but do make the TES team lack solid engage. Unless they plan on backpedaling team fights and playing siege (allowing SN to engage while kiting backward), the opening trio from TES means that they likely want to find actual hard engage in the second round of pick
    • SN picks R3 Azir
      • Azir soft-counters Orianna due to range superiority
      • Azir gives playmaking potential and engage potential off Shurima Shuffle
      • Azir solidly fits well against TES's low/mid-range comp and punishes the lack of engage out of TES's opening trio
  • Ban Rotation 2
    • SN bans Thresh and Ornn
      • Ornn is a classic SN ban – they had banned it in all 11 games before this playoff game in the first ban rotation. The blind pick power it presents and it's ability to stuff matchups – especially given Bin's propensity for carry champions makes it undesirable to give to TES
    • TES bans Leona and Bard
      • Leona is one of the most contested support picks and gives SN non-risky engage (Insec and Shurima Shuffle both force SN to commit in ways they might not always be comfortable with)
      • Bard, while being a signature SwordArt champion, also neutralizes some of the weaknesses that SN's draft has – primarily their discomfort in taking Baron by allowing them to portal out the back
  • Pick Rotation 2
    • SN takes R4 Rakan
      • Rakan gives SN a form of guaranteed engage with Grand Entrance given that they're unsure of whether or not their Top Laner is going to be an avenue of engaging for them yet
      • Rakan also plays a stable safe weak-side for SN – Ezreal and Rakan can both just peace out if things get dicey

TES rounds out their draft with B4 B5 Pantheon Jayce

  • Pantheon gives TES the engage their comp desperately needs with the opening trio, while giving them lane priority and slightly kill pressure against Ezreal + Rakan (though the bottom lane from SN is very safe in general)
  • Jayce is meant to try to blind counter any specific carry that Bin might try to play (Gangplank, Jax, etc.)
  • SN closes with R5 Wukong
  • Wukong has a favourable lane matchup into Jayce post-6 due to the kill pressure the all-in threat presents
  • Wukong gives SN further engage tools
  • Wukong is a carry – and Bin does not play things that aren't carries (except for Game 2 of this series but we saw how that went)


  • TES has picked a composition based around mid-game team fighting – their bread and butter
    • Pantheon gives them a primary engage tool to combo with Sett
    • Orianna can help the setup with Sett and Pantheon
    • Jayce and Jhin give some long-ranged assurance
    • TES has to snowball mid-game in order to win and really has to shut down the Wukong. With their backline of Jhin + Orianna + Jayce, an accelerated Wukong can basically solo their entire team. In particular, Wukong spikes when TES wants to accelerate (two-item benchmark), so not letting Wukong get an early lead is crucial to TES's gameplan
      • An accelerated Jayce can also help alleviate the range differential TES has to play against
      • Accordingly, Karsa has to play well around Jayce as Jayce still has to push into Wukong in this matchup. This requires fine tracking of SofM to shield 369 from Lee Sin
      • TES should actually look for a later Herald summon than normal with Jayce as while they do want all the plating on Top Tier 1 to put Jayce, it is a consideration that Jayce is actually not super comfortable in a large extended lane against Wukong where Wukong has space to chase him down. They want the tower up for as long as possible so Jayce can get as much of a lead as possible before being forced to split in the long lane – the longer Wukong takes to catch up, the more Jayce can break open the rest of the map.
    • While Wukong gains the edge over Jayce post-6 if played to course, TES has early priority in both Top and Bot lanes for the first 7 minutes and can use this to try to give Karsa EXP advantage
  • SN has a well-rounded long-range late-game scaling team fight composition
    • It punishes TES's draft well as outside of Pantheon, all of TES has to walk into Azir and Ezreal, an incredibly dangerous and painful prospect
    • Wukong annihilates the immobile backline of TES and has multiple avenues for playmaking between Azir, Lee Sin, Wukong and Rakan
    • SN's composition has inevitability – Azir Ezreal are going to become untouchable in the long game

Thoughts on DraftI'll give my extensive thoughts here because some of you have been asking for more of my personal opinions

  • Given TES's ban strategy, they likely should have first picked Lee Sin rather than taking Jhin B1. While Huanfeng is an excellent Jhin player, SN's playstyle has never used bot lane as a centerpiece, and limiting SofM's playmaking ability is a pretty effective strategy in general against SN
  • I would have preferred taking Top Lane in B2 B3 to secure Ornn, or if I want to follow through with TES's P/B all the way down, I'd probably have taken blind Volibear in place of blind Jayce. I'm not gonna get super far into simulated drafts, but I see no point in saving the Top-Lane pick for Rotation 2 when I know I'm likely getting counter picked in that slot either way. I'd rather have a wider pool to pick from and Ornn is very compositionally flexible and has good interplay with Sett if my plan is to give SN Lee Sin and take Sett for Karsa
    • Jayce in particular just seems like a bizarre pick that was hoping to force Bin into an uncomfortable carry matchup – given Jayce's propensity to bully most carries but is answered quite handily by Wukong – resulting in a pick that does not mesh particularly well with TES's team comp while also not giving them an advantageous lane.
  • Overall TES's draft is incoherent for a Blue Side Draft. It has a lot of modes but doesn't do any of them amazingly. It can poke with Jayce+Jhin but doesn't have much disengage to enable them, it can teamfight if forced to kite backward but doesn't actually have many solid engage tools to push the issue, and it can try to split with Jayce in a side lane, but again lacks the proper disengage to solidify the safety of the other 4 core
    • This is exacerbated by the fact that both the top lane and mid lane matchups are not particularly favoured for TES when factoring in Jungle interference.
  • SN's draft is a Red-Side counter-oriented draft. They have advantageous Top/Mid matchups that can really snowball with appropriate jungle pressure but can also opt to just try to out-scale. TES does not have good avenues to force onto SN and with their massive range advantage, if SN gets ahead and into a position to siege, TES doesn't have very many win conditions barring some sort of miracle Ori+Sett combination
    • SN's draft does, however, struggle to take Baron due to Ezreal not being a high DPS ADC on neutrals, the middling frontline, and the compromising position SN has to take in the pit (Azir exposed) to do the objective, unless they wanna funnel into the back
    • If we want to evaluate in a vacuum, a hard tank that gives engage such as Malphite, Sion or leaving Ornn up in Ban 2 to give Bin Ornn likely would have fit the composition better – but Bin doesn't seem to like playing tanks so it's more just an afterthought
  • If we go back to goals, SN ends up winning out on the Draft. While neither of the drafts is stellar, SN's comp passes the finish line while TES 's does not. There aren't clear win conditions for the TES team composition into SN's aside from simply winning out on skirmishes across the map throughout the midgame (made harder by the lack of clear engage), while SN has a factor of inevitability through range difference and scaling on their champions. Unless TES can lane kingdom their opponents (a factor made even more difficult by two unfavourable matchups), they have to play towards picking off their opponents and trying to whittle them down with Jayce+Jhin during objective setups.
    • The only clear avenue towards victory for TES is their stronger bot side with priority so acquiring early Dragons to try to take an early Soul is incredibly important for TES to win the game.
      • This is made difficult, however, by the fact that TES's composition does not actually do well at fighting Dragons once the lane phase ends. Their secure on the first few dragons is given off of priority within the bot lane – not because they actually fight better. Once lane priority stops existing, they have to expose a massive and immobile backline of Jhin, Jayce, and Orianna to Wukong and Orianna when taking Dragon due to the nature of the Dragon pit on Blue side while not having much frontline to absorb Azir and Ezreal's range


(1:32) Jayce wards the entrance into Top Lane near top tri. This suggests that TES doesn't actually have a clear read on which side SofM is starting – as that ward only lasts long enough to shield from a lvl 2 early gank. Neither team goes for lvl 1 strategies so it does make sense that the reasonable guess is Lee Sin starts Red. In reality, Lee Sin starts Blue against this expectation

(2:01) Jayce takes early lane priority against Wukong as expected

(3:34) Jhin and Pantheon use their lane priority to scout Lee Sin's pathing and secure priority on the bottom side Crab, dropping a ward over into the Gromp area as well as clearing the Scryer's Bloom. Seeing that Wolves, Blue and Gromp is down, TES can guess that Lee Sin either skipped Krugs and did Red->down and took a very early reset, or started Blue and cleared upwards. Given that Lee Sin is not looking for the bottom side crab and Sett has already secured top side, the more likely guess from this position is that he cleared upwards towards Krugs

(3:41) Lee Sin opted for and finishes a full clear and looks for an opportunity Top but doesn't find one. The priority Setthas both Top and Bot lets him Double Scuttle Lee Sin, though he does not opt to full clear so SofM has a tempo lead in terms of his own camps

(4:08) TES tries to look for a gank on the bottom lane but seems to awkwardly call it off after spotting Lee Sin on Gromp (note the ping on the minimap), perhaps not trusting the 3v3. Because of the Gromp spawn and Lee Sin appearing, Lee Sin's position in the jungle is mostly compromised for the next minute.

(4:52) Knowing that Lee Sin is pathing upwards into Red Side jungle and has options in both Mid and Top (as both Jayce and Orianna are playing priority lane, both Knight and 369 reset to avoid any potential deaths to Lee. Wukong takes Jayce's reset as an opportunity to reset as well.


(5:03) Orianna blows Teleport for lane pressure with a purchase of Dark Seal and Tear. This forces Azir to reset and mirror Teleport

(6:06) Expecting Lee Sin to likely have just finished Krugs and reset, Sett pops the Scryer's Bloom and looks for deep vision on Lee Sin's jungle before Lee Sin can make it back to the quadrant. In reality, Lee Sin is a few seconds ahead of the play call, and this allows him to secure Crab while Sett is still setting up vision for it. You will notice that the SN bot lane still hasn't reset yet, and both Pantheon and Jhin are both off fresh bases – with Pantheon beelining for the River. TES is looking for a pick onto Lee Sin here where they can force a fight on uneven base timings, but SofM's clear rate actually crucially prevents this

(6:37) Because SN's bot lane still has to reset, Sett starts the Dragon knowing that there still cannot be a contest out of SN given the very late recall timings from Ezreal and Rakan. Orianna is pulled down to assist with this.

(6:47) Knowing that the entire map has been pulled for the early Dragon capture, Wukong takes an all-in on Jayce to potentially kill or blow summoners. With Lee Sin reiterating a top angled full clear once again, this can potentially setup a future gank for Lee as if he blows Jayce's Flash here, Jayce must cede territory to Wukong within the lane if he acknowledges the threat of Lee Sin

(7:55) Natural priority in the bot lane and top lane (due to Wukong's ulti being used) allows Pantheon to separate from Jhin and Orianna's unexpected priority in the mid lane allows Sett to look for a Herald capture as SN cannot contest a potential 4v3 on the top side with both Ezreal and Rakan showing bot

(8:14) However, because Jayceis playing for priority in the top lane to enable the Herald capture, because he had just blown his flash, he is a sitting duck to Lee Sin. Lee Sin capitalizes on this, pathing naturally into the gank after full clearing and takes a free first blood on the flashless Jayce. This is effectively traded for the Herald. Initially, Sett motions away from Top, but seeing that Wukong and Lee Sin stay to push for plating…

(8:40) Sett doubles back on top of an instant teleport from Jayce to punish the overstay, killing Wukong in exchange for Sett's Flash and Jayce's Teleport. Meanwhile, due to Pantheon separating from Jhin for so long on the roam to secure Herald and Sett being top as well, SN feels pressed to make a play bot and go for a dive on Jhin. Pantheon, however, makes it back into lane with ultimate and this is punished into a double kill for TES. Part of why this dive fails is likely due to the fact that Ezreal is on a Cull and a Tear so there isn't that much burst coming out of the SN bot lane in reality

(9:30-9:50) Rakan looks for deep vision in Red Side jungle coming off his death timer as between him and Ezreal, 3 major summoners have been blown. Pantheon, however, spots out Rakan and knows what has likely happened and sweeps out all of the deep vision Rakan placed. While Sett is accordingly spotted on Raptors at about 10:16 SN cannot track past that and Rakan uses lane priority to ward over the Dragon pit once again to try to retain some semblance of vision in TES's red side jungle.

Note that Lee Sin has opted to not full clear but rather goes to his Raptors and then Krugs off reset to try to exploit Jayce's Flash timer, which is still down. At this point, TES – due to losing vision in SN's jungle – likely expects Lee Sin to cycle through Blue Side jungle and full clear again if they have been tracking him. Contrary to expectation, Lee Sin actually skips this clear cycle.

(10:36) Lee Sin sets up another lane gank for Wukong while Jayce's Flash is still down and before any expected interference from Sett can come through assuming a normal clear from Sett given the information SN has (spotting Sett finishing raptors at 10:16). This kill converts easily.

(10:56) Azir goes for a cheeky solo kill on Orianna after miming a base (if you watch the minimap at around 10:20, you'll see Angel drops from TES vision, making Knight think he can greed to push the next wave) but fails to convert.

On the bot lane (watch the minimap), noting that Sett hasn't arrived top lane to hold the tower and wave, SN's bot lane starts to retreat due to the threat of a dive but do not distance themselves enough, and Ezreal is caught out. Using the Herald, TES cracks the bottom lane turret for first brick, but this is at the cost of another plate into the pocket of Wukong on the top side of the map.

(11:54) Lee Sin attempts to sneak a Dragon under the noses of SN but SN's fast collapse on top of their absolute control over the territory bot lane forces him off and TES secure the second dragon of the game. The resulting rotation has TES assign Orianna to the bottom lane, Jhin, Pantheon, Sett into a loose core in the Mid lane, and Jayce to the top lane

(13:07) Seeing Orianna in the bottom lane, SN loosely groups and forces down Top Tier 1 and steal Blue Buff with a numbers advantage on the top side of the map

(15:35) SN continues in a loose 4-1 rotation looking to group and catch TES out while TES tries to secure farm on Orianna. They narrowly fail to convert a kill onto Jhin due to mistiming their CC

(16:43) TES group to set up for Dragon 3, pulling all 5 members into the general vicinity

(16:51) Note the red pings on the minimap, especially the plethora of Red "on-the-way pings". SN does not want to directly contest the Dragon but look for a lop-sided numbers advantage skirmish in the bottom lane. To this effect, at 16:57 Azir actually walks through a Control Ward and doesn't clear it, prompting TES to call for a pick on Azir. Meanwhile you can notice Rakan, Wukong, and Lee Sin all collapsing onto the position.

(17:07) A skirmish breaks out with Azir playing a clear bait onto TES, but due to the speed of TES's collapse, SN simply does not reach the area in time to contest and end up losing Lee Sin for Flash on Orianna. TES secure the Dragon as a result

(18:47) The game continues into another lull as TES move sinto 1-3-1 formation to catch farm on Orianna and Jayce. This gives SN initiative. Watch SwordArt on the minimap as he maneuvers down through the Red Side jungle and lights it up with vision before setting up a pick on the completely isolated Jayce. TES and SN trade outer tier 1 turrets in top and bot lanes respectively

(20:02) TES wants to look for another pick on a SN player in rotation as they pull all their champions into SN's blue side jungle (note the pings towards the river on the minimap). They very nearly miss out on a catch on Wukong, but secure large amounts of vision in the Blue Side jungle to screen for SN. It is important to note though, this vision comes down before the Dragon spawns, and is cleared out also before the Dragon spawns

(21:39) TES returns to 1-3-1 and continues to farm waves on their solo lanes without making much proactive movement on enemy objectives. Meanwhile, SN has solidly reclaimed territory within their blue side jungle and sets up for the ensuing fight over Dragon with SwordArt once again laying down a massive trial of wards in TES's red side jungle.

(22:28) SN attempt to set up a trap for TES by running Wukong and Rakan (their two engage tools) through fog of war in bot lane and pincer TES as TES moves down through their jungle clearing vision. While this does not result in kills, the play does heavily chunk Sett down before the Dragon spawns and forces TES away from their red side jungle and bot lane. Of key importance – Wukong and Rakan do not blow their ultimate

(22:49) Using the health advantage they got on Sett and the territory they have claimed in TES's red side jungle, SN start the Dragon. However, because Wukong and Rakan are in flank position in TES's jungle, they do not have proper formation and cannot prevent TES from simply walking into them, resulting in a 50/50 which SofM on Lee Sin wins.

(23:11) If you guys want a breakdown on a teamfight, just freeze the frame here and you can probably understand why TES is instantly doomed in this fight. In order to attempt to steal the Dragon, Sett was forced to flash in and has prominently separated from his backline, while Jhin is completely exposed to Wukong and Rakan, and Orianna is almost as far forward as Sett and almost a full screen away from Jhin.

In the fight itself, Sett manages to close back to his backline but mistakenly ults Wukong's clone positioning it into Jayce. The clone then knocks up both Jayce and Sett, while Wukong makes quick work of Jhin and Orianna is isolated by Orianna and Rakan. With both major damage threats almost instantly burst out, the fight becomes unwinnable

(23:43) SN uses the momentum from winning the previous fight to secure Baron

(25:09) SN uses the Baron to siege and destroy Mid Tier 1, but at this point SwordArt hasn't had enough time to properly set vision into TES's jungle yet. This allows Sett to find a cheeky pick onto Ezreal stalling the game slightly. SwordArt lays down vision in TES's red side directly after this, but it is mostly cleared out immediately again. Bin still continues to play the side lane to maintain SN's pressure now that they have gained control over the tempo of the game

(26:05) SwordArt lays down vision in Blue Side Jungle in preparation of a siege over Top Lane tier 2, but stays to look for a pick on Sett once he is spotted on a fresh control ward in the river. This does not convert and all of SwordArt's vision is once again cleared out, forcing him to base for wards again. Wukong takes this opportunity to also reset as the Baron power play closes

(27:26) Sett hexflashes into the unwarded mid lane brush to try to set up a pick again on Ezreal or Rakan but fails to land his E on Ezreal, thus failing to convert.

(27:39) Azir recalls from top lane after setting the wave to push in and immediately teleports (27:44) to set up territory around Dragon with his team. Meanwhile, Wukong and Sett have secured the bot lane entrances into Dragon as well.

(28:00) Thinking the territory is secure, Rakan looks for potential flank positioning alongside Wukong. Of critical importance is Orianna deciding to recall and teleport, mirroring Azir's play from Top. TES collapses on the position of Rakan and Wukong, compromising the scarcely defended area and very narrowly fails to kill Rakan. Had Orianna stayed, this pick likely would have converted.

(28:21) Watch Wukong go all the way around the back and around the blue buff to look for a less direct angle onto the TES team here. This becomes really important

(28:31) Another 50/50 over Dragon which Lee Sin wins which results in a teamfight. The near pick on bot lane results in TES occupying only bot lane as territory while SN has the upper portion of the map to retreat through and fight around.

Multiple things to break down about the fight:

  1. Jayce is almost instantly bursted out by Wukong on the side of the fight near the Blue Buff ridge due to Wukong's positioning. Jayce is effectively removed from the fight as it starts while Wukong still has a 2nd ult charge ready.
  2. On the flip side, Orianna's shockwave hits both Lee Sin and Rakan, critically injuring both
  3. (28:36) Smelling blood, JackeyLove flashes for Rakan to last hit him, but because he is Jhin, and because of Wukong's positioning over the ridge, this is instantly punished by Wukong flashing the ridge
  4. (28:38) Freeze the frame as Wukong flashes over and you can understand how SN turns this teamfight. With no Sett ultimate and Wukong in the middle of the entirety of TES's backline, which is also exposed to Ezreal from the side, TES is instantly collapsed on. Sett further exacerbates the situation by flashing to finish off Lee Sin and Azir, expecting some degree of follow up from his backline to clean up the fight. Because the followup never comes, Azir lives and takes the opportunity to sweep the rest of TES back in and clean up the fight.

From here, SN pushes and ends the game.

Thoughts on Gameplay

  • This game was absurdly close – a true game of inches. If players had been slightly faster or slower on certain key plays (Karsa's attempt to pick Ezreal and Rakan mid, Knight's decision to base when they caught SwordArt, etc.) the result would easily have been a TES win
  • TES got too complacent in the mid-game and didn't try to open up their lead more. They were completely content to simply play for Dragon fights and farm for their carries, but this ended up blowing up in their face pretty badly
    • This is particularly strange when I don't particularly evaluate TES as having a better late game either way
  • TES didn't properly protect Jayce from Lee Sin
    • Though this is slightly remedied by the fact that TES plays through bot lane extremely well this game, it once again begs the question – why pick Jayce if you're playing weak side Jayce
    • Moreover, even if you're playing weak side Jayce, the vision control to allow him to not die simply was not there past the first ward they place.
  • TES did, however, execute very well on their win condition of Dragon Soul through priority bot lane.
  • SN on the other hand struggled with this game because they didn't properly use the vision SwordArt kept placing. Most of the time, SwordArt would light up a region of the map only for it to instantly be cleared, or SwordArt would ward an area after a compromising play already happens – effectively wasting the vision. This is part of why SN's Baron Power Play was so particularly lackluster
  • SN did a good job playing towards their win condition and accelerating the Wukong, who alongside a few clutch smites from Lee, basically singlehandedly won both critical teamfights for SN
    • Bin is really a team fight monster. The Decoy usage in the fight that got SN Baron was pretty picture perfect and his ability to isolate carries alongside SofM plays pretty well to the narrative that SN can just skillcheck their opponents
  • SN showed genuine ingenuity and grit in some of their fight setups for clawing back the massive bot lane deficit. Some of their attempts, such as using Azir as bait in the bot lane play, were very cool to watch, even if they didn't pan out.
    • In particular, Bin's decision to go long around the Blue buff bend won SN the entire game
  • Key decision-making errors from JackeyLove and Karsa cost TES the last team fight, which from the setup, looked pretty winnable for TES to me if they had played it more slowly or communicated Wukong's position better
    • At the same time, SN played team fights quite well when you consider that in the last team fight, SN was actually the team forced to walk forward at TES due to how the territory within the fight worked out

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