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Breakdown of SN vs TES W1D1 Game 1

LeagueofLegends4 - Breakdown of SN vs TES W1D1 Game 1


  1. I do not do this professionally so keep in mind that my opinion is just that – my opinion. I'm likely going to be making claims about how I think the game should be played and these might not align with your views.
  2. If you guys remember my posts from Worlds – I've edited the format a little bit to be more concise. Hopefully, it's a positive change!

TES Bans:

  1. Olaf
  2. Renekton
  3. Zoe

SN Bans:

  1. Graves
  2. Ornn
  3. Akali

Notes on Ban 1:

Primary bans focused on role power. Olaf/Graves/Ornn/Renekton all generally strong picks in current meta. Zoe/Akali might be scrim specific or player specific. Akali seemed generally strong in the preseason and is likely still a good general pick and is in line with the overall scope of the bans. Zoe seems rather specific.

Pick Rotation 1:

B1: Samira

R1 R2: Kai'Sa Aatrox

B2 B3: Leona Pantheon R3: Nidalee

Notes on Pick 1:

Blue (TES):

Samira priority for B1 seems relatively standard. Samira likely signals dive as the champion needs other champions to create space for her to enter fights. Pantheon and Nidalee both fit that theme. TES's B1->B3 seem heavily tailoured. Worth noting that Pantheon on Patch 11.1 is a triple flex between Top/Jungle/Mid

Red (SN):

Aatrox is a strong general top lane pick in current meta due to Goredrinker and Kai'sa is likely picked up because Huanfeng is comfortable with the matchup into Samira (they pick into the same matchup in game 2 as well) and SN doesn't want to reveal too many cards this early. R3 Nidalee blind means either SN has high trust in the power of the pick in the current meta, high confidence in SofM's ability to play it, or because they want support/mid counterpick on red side. It's also relatively common for Suning to give priority to SofM's jungle pick early on. SN's overall composition is less locked than TES as Nidalee/Kai'Sa/Aatrox are relatively modal – they don't have to dive. R1->R3 mostly about flexibility on the side of SN.

TES Bans:

  1. Kennen

  2. Jayce

SN Bans:

  1. TF

  2. Orianna

SN assumes mid lane or jungle Pantheon and are immensely afraid of some sort of big popoff engage. Kennen fits that general theme. Jayce has solid laning into Aatrox and they usually want a good matchup for Bin based on their playstyle. SN knows that TES has to pick something in either Mid/Jg/Top. In Top, the engage factors are either tanks – which have bad matchup into Aatrox, or Kennen so they opt for the Kennen ban most likely. In mid, the strongest augmented engage option to mesh with a Jungle or Top Pantheon is Galio. The only viable jungler for "engage" is Lillia but does not fit super well with the composition TES has been building and SN seem to be willing to give Karsa Lillia. What I am surprised about though is the lack of a Camille ban as it has a good matchup into Aatrox, Chinese teams love Camille, and it helps TES engage. Hecarim also could have been a possible ban for Suning if they're afraid of engaging through jungle.

TES just bans general picks for mid lane that they don't want to play against as SN's draft is still quite open. This is likely a waste – TES's comp is very specific and wants to do one thing. Their bans in the second phase shouldn't be spent on general picks but would be much better suited to limit champions that stuff their dive/engage. TF is particularly strange because Samira – especially Samira with Cleanse – shouldn't have huge difficulties with him given the multiple different counterplay options to Gold Card. Orianna I can agree with to an extent – as it does offer good area control and can deny their engage with good ball placement.

Pick Rotation 2:

R4: Galio

B4 B5: Syndra Karma

R5: Viktor


TES picks a standard dive composition built around Samira. Syndra is picked up due to lack of good dive options left mid lane (though this slot maybe could have taken Qiyana, not sure how good she is in pro play right now – Knight is also famous for Syndra.). Karma's very off theme – you could argue they pick it for Mantra E but that's pretty narrow reasoning for a pick. It likely is to bully Bin because SN tends to like playing around top. But I feel like Camille should have been the pick here almost always as it does bully Aatrox and also helps engage.

SN's comp has a lot of area denial for teams that are running at them – Viktor W, Galio Ulti, Galio W, Aatrox Q’s and does pretty well at kiting backwards. They can also turn once they start winning on the turn of a dime because – as noted previously, the composition is relatively modal. If they start winning a fight they have pretty good chase down due to Aatrox resets, Nidalee chasedown, Kai’Sa R, etc. It’s a pretty solid Red side draft given what TES’s team comp is looking to accomplish. I really like the idea of Galio support into Samira. It has no projectile CC and really really punishes Samira’s preferences to dive.

Overall, TES’s composition has the advantage for probably the first 15-20 minutes of the game with two lanes that have priority top side and a bot lane that likely won’t have too many issues with what I would imagine is a mostly even to TES-favoured dynamic (Galio isn’t going to be that effective at stuffing Samira until there’s more than 1 champion with more than 0-1 items hitting Samira). TES wins by getting ahead and accelerating the top side of their map to help coordinate around their bot side once top/mid have dominance. Their composition helps them achieve this through priority in almost all their lanes giving Karsa free reign over most of the map early on. They want to secure an early lead, crack mid/top with an 8 minute Herald and win through gold lead by around the 30 minute mark.

SN just has to lose gracefully in the first few windows of the game and limit TES’s lead creation. Capturing 1 dragon to possibly slow Dragon stacking or stifling the rate at which TES accelerates the game – both are fine.

SN has a more easily executable team comp with clear direction in terms of how they win – as long as they make it to around the 25 minute mark without bleeding too much of a gold lead, their better scaling options as well as TES's relative lack of damage (only having two threats in Samira and Syndra), as well as the good relative matchup they have INTO Samira should make SN win. That being said, if TES plays the early game well, which their lane matchups enable them to do, SN can also easily get rolled over. I give the overall edge in terms of composition to SN – their condition is more easily executable and they have the benefit of inevitability.

Champions worth considering:

Taliyah, Camille, Hecarim

Taliyah seems like she’s a good general pick in SoloQ and matches the high tempo style of play that seems to be prevalent in China so I’m surprised it didn’t get any priority. Camille was noted. Hecarim would have given TES's comp more engage from the Jungle and would have freed up some flexibility in top lane to conditionally counterpick the Aatrox if TES is willing to play a mid lane Pantheon – though it can make them all AD. One possible team comp I think could have been better was Camille top, Pantheon mid, Taliyah jungle with the same bot lane.


  • 2:37

    In my opinion, a key mistake TES makes from the opening of the game is having Pantheon opt for a reverse full clear against Nidalee. Not only is this advantageous for SN – who like the slow game state more – I also feel that Karsa wasted an opportunity top side. 369 on Karma builds a fast push into top's tower at the 3 minute mark, crashing 1.5 waves and getting Bin on Aatrox to about half. This is also somewhat of a mistake as he should have slow pushed 3 waves to set up a better dive. But either way, at the time of this crash, Pantheon has cleared Red, Blue, and Gromp, giving him level 3. If Pantheon arrives top alongside the third wave, he can force Bin off the top turret, or kill him for first blood, and also secure Nidalee's Krugs or the top side crab adjacent to Nidalee. Either way this severely decelerates Bin – a player that SN historically likes to play around, and also helps to create TES's win condition – creating turret pressure for Karma and likely letting her move out of lane earlier. One answer to this is that because SofM is mirroring, she can potentially prevent the dive, but with the relative healthbars of Aatrox to Karma, I personally think its unlikely they'd be able to win the 2v2. Moreover, even if they don't go for the dive, again, TES still comes out on top because either way they can take Krugs and likely double Scuttle. Further worth noting that Viktor is also not at liberty to teleport top lane as Knight has complete priority at the timing of when the dive would normally happen (probably about 2:45).

    A good example of a dive like this working can be found from Worlds in Rogue vs Damwon. Similar setup with a high damage jungler and support top, but Lulu creates a three-wave crash and they dive for a kill

    Another note – Aatrox actually also does ward to cover the dive at 02:51 but I also can't help but feel as though if Pantheon had crossed to begin the process of the dive, Bin also would have likely either had to flash or would have been comple tely dead. Either way the ensuing sequence has Pantheon check Krugs, find Nidalee, and get double crab over her.

    What Karsa does instead is a reverse full clear into an opportunistic look at bot lane which fails to convert. The opening sequence gives Nidalee about 15 seconds of tempo on Pantheon due to the much earlier recall

  • 6:13

    This gank fails for a few reasons – TES strongly telegraph it by moving Leona to clear the ward while JackeyLove takes aggressive positioning and the telegraphing is so blatant that SN even pings Pantheon's Krugs, Leona engages with Zenith Blade way before Pantheon is even on the same screen as his bot lane, and SN respond relatively well to their suspicions.


    But TES also should have just attempted a Dragon capture rather than attempting to force the gank bot lane. At the timing of the attempt, Knight on Syndra has already shoved the wave into Viktor, and TES has much better positioning on the dragon than SN do. If TES is trying to force a fight – they can move Pantheon into bot lane to force Galio and Kai'Sa off the wave and escort the wave in – bot lane then moves to dragon with Pantheon. With Syndra priority and flash on Pantheon, red side would likely find it quite difficult to peek into river and in the worst case scenario where the attempt fails, SN is still the one losing out as Viktor has to clear the wave (he does not have good waveclear yet with only Mercs) and then move – which would likely give the Dragon, or lose the wave. In either scenario as long as TES holds formation planning for an exit in 1 of the 2 directions, TES should theoretically always come out ahead. Assuming the scenario where Aatrox teleports, then TES can still just take the teleport and funnel out in one direction – SN inherently has to split their engage as Viktor is coming from mid, Nidalee is likely coming from blue side jungle entrance, and bot lane is coming through bot lane.

    That said, the fallout from the failed attempt by TES also should have resulted in SN capturing the Dragon – Leona lost most of her health and was forced to recall, after Nidalee arrives for the counter Viktor is evenly pushed into mid lane, and Aatrox has fully dropped out of vision so that there's no chance of teleport being cancelled. The engagement at 6 minutes likely should have resulted in 1 of 2 teams capturing Dragon – either TES off of proactivity due to their priority in mid lane – or SN as a reactionary reward for thwarting Karsa's opportunistic attempt at bot lane.

  • 8:30

    This one's pretty egregious on the side of SofM as he has absolutely no business even trying to poke his head at the Herald. Aatrox is completely shoved into turret and Viktor is on recall, meaning that most of the time, going into top side river is going to create a 1v3 scenario. That's exactly what happens.

    I also feel, however, that TES could have capitalized on this pick more. They could have had Pantheon immediately use ultimate to cross map at 8:54 after he's taken Herald to also solo the Dragon – as his blue side jungle only has his gromp and Knight still has priority even after. With Nidalee dead, and an even wave state bot, it's hard to imagine SN being able to contest in such a situation.

  • General notes on game state at 10 minutes

    I feel as though outside of SofM's major blunder around the Herald, SN should mostly like the game state that they're playing in. Karma has repeatedly shoved Aatrox in but has taken no plating, and Aatrox is even on farm, all their lanes are at most 10 CS down, and most importantly, TES does not have a proper area to drop the Rift Herald down on as no plates have been taken, or a single Dragon to play towards an accelerated soul win condition.

  • 11:05

    This Herald summon is really confusing to me. On the surface, TES is summoning Herald to try to secure Dragon – but at the point of the game that they're in, I feel as though using Herald to secure a first turret is simply more efficient. If they were to take the Dragon at about 11:20, they'd still be looking at 31:20 to fight for Soul and without any other acceleration in their other lanes, I'm not so sure that their composition is even likely to be able to win such a fight as that would be reaching the point of the game where Samira will find it extremely difficult to find headway into a Galio, Aatrox, and Viktor. Furthermore, they have clear control of bot side – and the Herald barely dissuades SN at all. TES deifnitely could have attempted the Dragon – or baited the Dragon fight, whichever they wanted, without even summoning the Herald in the first place given the fact that even before the Herald was summoned, Syndra has already cleared all of Viktor's wave, Samira is doing the same for bot lane, and Leona has enough liberty to completely leave to go to the river. Summoning the Herald here always feels wrong as Syndra doesn't even get any of the plating gold – it gets all funneled into Pantheon, who is definitely not a central carry in the composition.

    Another avenue of play could have been to start/bait the dragon fight without summoning the Herald – then saving the Herald for a coordinated 3v1 (Karma + Pantheon + Syndra/Leona) on Aatrox top to let Karma begin leaving lane and stop being a support trapped in a solo lane island. At the very least, given the composition's extreme focus on Samira, you would think that the Herald charge would at least be given to Samira if it is being used just for gold. At the end of the day, TES ends up summoning Herald to fail an engage after Leona misses all of her skills, and not even capture the Dragon until a full two minutes after – when Karsa solos it without any disturbance from SN.

  • 18:51

    There are so many things I want to say about why this engage is really bad.

    Syndra is at bottom lane outer and Viktor is in the middle of mid lane. Advanced mathematics tells me that Viktor probably gets here first. And TES also knows that Viktor is in mid lane because they literally see him clearing the wave at 18:47. They should know that in any fight that happens near the red side banana brush is going to have Viktor join before Syndra. And even if they didn't have vision of Viktor, they should still know that Syndra doesn't have TP and Viktor does – so Viktor still gets there before Syndra.

    The only two champions in the river are Samira and Leona. On the other hand, TES watched Kai'Sa move up from bot lane, and can literally see Galio and Nidalee. The start of this fight is going to always at best be a 2v3 before Pantheon lands.

    Poor coordination. Pantheon ultimate lands not where Leona stunned both Galio and Nidalee but to the side. Pantheon also lands late and in an awkward region in the first place. Karsa definitely should have placed his ultimate into the choke that Leona and Nidalee try to escape from as the landing of the spear slows and it also cuts off escape either way. And the communication should have been good enough to let Karsa to know to ulti much earlier than he actually did – as the damage from Pantheon ultimate matters.

    Extension of poor coordination – Aatrox teleports first even though TES is on the play. Worsens the number disadvantage

    You guys can see how poorly this fight pans out due to the insane amount of bad that went on.

    SN does end up actually giving the Dragon to TES in exchange for mid lane outer turret – though I do feel as though they could have just taken both and the dragon is an unnecessary concession.

  • Losing this fight – while not seemingly too major, is honestly a death knell to TES. At 20 minutes in the game TES has basically no lead and can mostly only win through Dragon Soul at 30 minutes unless Suning really messes up. TES should have massive difficulty properly engaging 5v5 into SN's composition due to the area control and dive denial Suning has with their champions. Their team also does not have the option to split or approach other avenues of victory so they have to hope for critical mistakes and picks.

  • A few good examples of the difficulties TES's compositions faces in engaging can be found:




    These problems are further exacerbated by the fact that TES is also just not coordinating engages well and because their team comp – which in my opinion should always be leading, has to approach from a deficit.


The onus to win the game is definitely on TES's from the outset given the nature of their draft. Because TES fails to accelerate well and fumble their opportunities early game, they don't create any leverage over SN to effectively force fights with – resulting in them slowly, and relatively bloodlessly – losing the game.

Personal Thoughts:

I really liked SN's draft – it seemed as though they had a pretty thorough gameplan for Samira B1 pick. At the same time, I don't think the game was necessarily lost at draft in the slightest. I think TES failed to meet several of the conditions necessary for their composition to win despite being given opportunities to. These were a combination of individual mechanical failures, such as Zhuo completely whiffing his Leona combo at the river fight at 11 minutes, as well as, in my honest opinion, just bad macro, and rotation. I also did watch the second game of this series – and while I'm not going to go in depth to break it down, I feel as though 369 is vastly underperforming (he had probably one of the most useless teamfights I've ever seen a toplaner have in the second game) and couldn't actually create any meaningful lead over Bin's Aatrox despite being given what should have been a pretty easy lane matchup – at 14 minutes, he had not taken a single plate off of Aatrox's tower. Not a good combination with Zhuo's starting jitters as a mostly unproven rookie from WE Academy. Knight still played pretty out of his mind in spite of the games though, and both Knight and JackeyLove were definitely the two brighter spots of TES.

SN played well – they didn't take unnecessary risks outside of SofM's blunder at the Herald and properly executed the goal of their composition once they took control of the game flow. They responded and punished TES's over-aggressions well, and outside of some potential missed opportunities, I don't see any major flaws with their execution.

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