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Brief history of DWG

LeagueofLegends8 - Brief history of DWG

S10 world champion DWG

DWG, originally a quasi Internet bar team, its founder sold all his property (about $105000) and founded an "E-sports College". In fact, it is an Internet bar team. Later, it got some good grades. And they found a little-known Korean company called Damwon (a small enterprise making game equipment) to enter LCK.

In the S9 spring season, DWG is still a nobody. Even the LCK commentators will call the wrong player’s ID. However, DWG successfully entered the playoffs with their personal abilities. But they lost to the experienced team KZ, the score is 0:3. And they got fourth place. In the S9 summer season, DWG got second place, just below GRF, the God of this season. But in the playoffs, DWG lost again, a 0:3 to SKT. And they just got third place. With the points of the world championship, DWG guarded the door of the bubble match. After five rounds of battle, DWG defeated the high morale KZ. And finally, they entered the world championship as the third seed of LCK. DWG was strong in the S9 world championship qualifying matches. In the group stage, they lost to TL first and then succeeded in revenge. Even beat the S8 world champion IG in double matches, and DWG promoted with the first place in the group. They played against G2 in the quarter-finals, and because their personal abilities were weaker than G2, they lost to the S9 world runner-up G2. Before the match, LCK fans had great expectations for Nuguri. However, he had a really bad performance and got the S9 Dade prize.

In the S10 spring season, because DWG didn’t feel suitable for the new game version, both Canyon and Showmaker degenerated seriously. DWG can only rely on Nuguri’s personal ability. During the mid of this season, they lost many matches and it’s really hard for them to go to the playoffs. Fortunately, in the second half of the season, DWG had a recovery and they go to the playoffs with fifth place. In the playoffs, with the great performance of Nuguri and Showmaker, they won KT first. Then, they faced DRX again in the BO5. They lost 2 scores first, then Nuguri carried his team and DWG chased 2 scores. Finally, they lost the last match. But they still took part in the MSC (Mid-Season Cup) with fourth place in this playoffs.

The MSC exposed their problems of poor operation skills and unstable mentality. When they played against FPX, with the economic advantage, but FPX destroyed their base. When they played against TES, they had already got an advantage, however, Knight’s LeBlanc still caused them great trouble. Although DWG defeated their old opponent T1, they still out with a 1-2 score.

Back to the S10 summer season, DWG had a great exploded. Nuguri, Canyon, and Showmaker had really good performances, they carried the team. And Ghost always selected some tool AD champions (some of his data are at the last place in LCK). In this way, DWG won first place in LCK. And DWG’s win rate in the S10 summer season was just lower than SKT in S5. At the final, DWG 3:0 DRX, and they won the first champion of their team history. And they attend the S10 world championship with the first seed of LCK. At this time, DWG had shown its strong temperament, which was widely acknowledged as one of the top teams most likely to win the S10 world champion.


At the group stage of the S10 world championship, DWG was promoted with a 5-1 score and first place in its group. In the quarter-finals, they faced their old opponent DRX again. And they won this game with a 3:0 score. But at this time, the public opinion still didn’t approve DWG. In the semi-finals, DWG 3:1 G2 and took revenge successfully. Finally, in the final match against SN, DWG 3:1 SN, and won the champion of the S10 world championship. Canyon got the FMVP. This is the sixth world champion of LCK, and also the third FMVP for Jungle player.

Looking back at the history of DWG, you will find that DWG is as inspiring as any team. Starting from an Internet bar team, they entered LCK, entered playoffs, entered the S9 world championship, and won the champion at the S10 world championship. S9’s DWG was defeated many times by GRF, KZ, SKT, and was beaten violently by G2 at the world championship. At S10 spring season’s playoffs, they were defeated by DRX again and beaten by FPX and TES at the Mid-Season Cup. However, in the S10’s summer season, DWG changed from crow to Phoenix, they won the LCK champion by revenge on DRX. And they won the world champion with a total score of 14-3, which was really a strong result. Along the way, this Internet bar team defeated teams like T1, JDG, G2, and SN. They are all teams with strong sponsorship.

After LPL’s matches, many LPL’s fans said the League of Legends’ professional competition was already a place of the great capital. The four LPL teams to attend the S10 world championship were all with good sponsorship. But in the end, the Internet bar team DWG won the championship.

Not only in S10, look back in the history of LOL. Except for the opening period S1 and S2. All the previous champions had the support of great capital. SKT had SK Telecom, SSG had SAMSUNG, IG had Wanda Group, FPX had FunPlus. But DWG didn’t have strong capital. Maybe nobody ever heard Damwon, a Korean company.

I don't mean to belittle any professional players, and I don't think the five players of DWG are nobler than other players. However, with the growth of DWG, we have seen the miracle of the Internet bar team defeating the big capital team.

Obviously, it could be foreseen that the glory of DWG wouldn't last long with the change of the game version. Canyon was strong at a Jungle core version, Ghost was hard to be killed, Beryl relied on his gank. As the change of game version, maybe their strength would soon become useless. But anyway, the history of the League of Legends had always kept this strong team in mind.

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