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Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)

LeagueofLegends7 - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)

This is probably not the first time, nor the last time this type of post would be created, but I feel that this has to be addressed. Riot has neglected Garena for way too long, and with the rumors of the contract between Riot and Garena coming to an end, I feel that this is a good time to address it.

This post is a consolidation of various sources and other posts, along with some personal opinions as a player on the SG/MY server of Garena.

For those unaware, Garena is a server provider that Riot licensed League of Legends to for it to host in the South-East Asian regions, in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Hiding Content:

Garena has always had hidden content. We never got to see last year's end of year statistics; we never have patch notes linked in the client; we never have a lot of the features that Riot's Client have. We have the basics, but not the luxuries.

Also, they have also made it impossible for users to reroll Skin Shards into Prestige/Mystic skins. On the one occasion where their system was bugged, a user got it but Garena quickly took it away from him and gave him Skin Shards.

Reddit Post Regarding Issue

Xj8Y9wd - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)Imgur of Garena "Support" Replying


Garena advocates gambling among it's users. 24/7, we have this thing called 'Lucky Crates', which are borderline scams. They usually contain 1-2 rare items, or a set of rare items, for a low RP cost but also have the chance to contain useless items such as 10 Orange Essence and 10 Blue Essence.

Recently, they have also launched a "Poro Pillionare", where you can spin a lucky wheel in order to win skins, 'shards', and BE/OE. The 'shards' can be used to buy skins, even exclusive ones such as PAX TWISTED FATE:

The Wheel Of Luck

ag2bxky2slv21 - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)
Their Shop

Blatant Money Grabs:

Garena has released K/DA Prestige Evelynn to their store as part of a gambling game. If you can guess 1 out of 9, you win the skin, and you can pay a small amount of RP to remove a guess, meaning for 1840 RP you get:

K/DA Prestige Evelynn

6 Masterwork Chests + Key

5 Hextech Chests + Key

3 Emotes

5 K/DA Orbs

K/DA Bag

The fact that just the 11 chests alone are worth 1840 means that the value of this is dropped drastically, and this is the same for most of the things in Garena servers: Utterly Worthless.

zlletqmmrlv21 - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)
Screenshot of the cash-grab in the Garena Client

e-Sports Betting:

Citing this recent Reddit post, Garena has been using the e-Sports scene of LoL in order to make money for themselves. This has been occurring since many seasons ago, but this is the first time there is conclusive evidence of this – unhealthy for the e-Sports scene in general.

Here are links to the video in question:

><center><iframe width= - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)


Streamable Backup

Image 1 |
uMlyi5x - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)
Image 2


league of legends garena client infected with a cryptocurrency miner - Bringing awareness to the issue that is Garena (PLEASE READ)this article on Bitcoin List, Garena has been using their launcher (for those unaware, Garena has their own platform in which you must use to launch LoL on) to install a cryptominer onto the systems of those playing LoL, and as a result the GPU and CPU rate of the computers have gone down drastically, while players attribute the issue to unoptimisation. Thankfully, it seems to have gone, although from personal experience I still feel there is something draining my GPU at all times when the launcher uses about 30% of it. EVEN THE ACTUAL GAME ONLY TAKES UP 40%

Random Server Merges:

Recently, the Indonesian server of Garena merged with the Singapore/Malaysian server. Aside from the fact that it mixes up people that speak very different languages in the same server, according to
this post made by Garena themselves (it is in Indonesian so I'll translate), the Indonesian users will lose their:

Match-Making Rating and Rank

Username and Clubs

Friends list and Honor level

– All champion Mastery Points

– All current Hextech crafting shards

This is an obvious change; imagine yourself as an NA player, suddenly stripped of your username and rank, along with that M7 Yasuo you spent so long to earn, only to be forced to transfer to a server which does not speak English, and has worse ping. Yeah, that would really suck.


Quoting from this post:

In Vietnam you can have a nice meal with 2$ (i am not even kidding) and our average salary income in Vietnam is about 250$-350$ or even lower. So the skin prices before the "big change" was very cheap and accessible for everyone with an average income. Notice that we have different RP ratio in Vietnam server: - 149 RP for a 750 RP skin (cost 1.75$) - 199 RP for a 975 RP skin (cost 2.5$) - 299 RP for a 1350 RP skin (cost 3.75$) - 399 RP for a 1820 RP skin (cost 5$) - 799 RP for an Ultimate skin (cost 10$) 

The average income for an American household is 4.5k a month according to CNBC, so by that calculation, it would cost roughly:

27 USD for a 750 RP skin

38 USD for a 975 RP skin

56 USD for a 1350 RP skin

75 USD for a 1820 RP skin

150 USD for an Ultimate skin

If that sounds ridiculous to you, then yes, it is. Garena is a shit cash-grabbing company.

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