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Bwipo twitlonger on Thorins rant

LeagueofLegends8 - Bwipo twitlonger on Thorins rant


I'm going to write down the statements that lead me to believe generalization of the Korean community was happening. An explanation will come after compiling the statements that I believe are relevant to me stating that there was generalization of the Korean community.

Thorin goes on about his point to come to the conclusion that "In Korea, they don't fuck with gay people, they don't fuck with them". Which I interpret as "Koreans don't want any business with gay people".

Thorin argues that in Korea people have an unspoken discrimination to find ways to seperate or push gay people out of their workplaces.

Thorin mentions that the number one religion in Korea is Christian. "They're like the old-school Christians. They're not going on "your" values", referring to American values. Thorin puts emphasis on the fact that The Bible is "pretty strict about that shit" referring to homosexuality.

Thorin explains that there has been a large amount of vitriol towards LS, which leads him to believe that there's more to it than worried fans that are discussing LS his capabilities.

This vitriol spilled over into Discord, where people "don't have their public faces on".

Thorin explains that the reasons for this vitriol are because LS is a "foreigner and gay".

Thorin claims that openly condemning homophobia would turn Korean fans against the organisation and enrage said Korean fans because Korean fans would react with "What's wrong with that, like, in Korea we can just be like that".

Thorin claims Western fans would never tolerate not condemning homophobia so T1 is in the middle of a difficult situation.

Finally, there is the point where Thorin comes to say that he's only talking about the most mental fans and that there are loads of fans in the middle that just have their own opinion on the game.

Thorin explains he lived there two years, and how he doesn't claim to be an expert on Korean culture. He read a bunch of books about people that wrote about the Korean mind, Korean culture.

At this point I've gathered enough from the video to explain why I believe the content of this podcast generalized Korean culture.

For me, it comes down to the fact that Thorin can't have been talking about "the most mental fans" given the nature of his arguments. Unless Thorin has information that to my knowledge isn't public, about who was spreading this vitriol and hatred.

I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb to say Thorin does NOT have this information.


How is it possible that Thorin knows these specific mental fans "don't fuck with gay people"? Isn't it possible these so called mental fans have gay friends and or family? How can Thorin establish their religious choices? Where is it stated that they are "old-school Christians"? How do these arguments come into play if we are talking specifically about this subset of fans?

The fact that I let Thorin go on about this rant without interrupting him and demanding reasoning as to why these arguments are relevant to the discussion at hand is why I admit responsibility. I sat there and listened, even nodded. That's unacceptable to me, and I am sorry. I am uneducated on the matters in Korean culture, which is why I didn't speak out. I only managed to reach an understanding of the situation after closely listening to the podcast again myself. I am sorry for my incompetence in this regard.

The reason why I should have spoken out is because these arguments are irrelevant when referring to the "mental fans" because Thorin to my knowledge cannot prove that these fans "don't fuck with gay people" OR are old-school Christian. Thorin just assumes so in his speculation, which is based on generalization. And whilst assuming he rants about Korean culture.

All this seems like valid grounds to call out "generalization of Korean culture when voiced by other people" as stated in my apology.

I was mostly referring to Thorin in my statement. This is why this statement is aimed towards Thorin, as he has decided to burn bridges with me under the notion that I am appeasing to "the liars who am to do the careers of me and my friends harm unjustly". I am not appeasing to anyone other than my own sense of fairness. I was told that the generalization of the Korean fans and culture is what bothered reasonable fans in my original message to my fans, in the first message I drafted to them. I felt like an apology was fair, especially given that I had made the same error originally.

Thorin also accused me of being a liar in a PM. I am not a liar. I repeat, I am not appeasing to anyone or anything other than my own sense of fairness.

Finally, I will end my statement by stating that I believe IWillDominate did not generalize Korean culture. I apologize to him for not making that clearer. My focus was on the content of the podcast, and I failed to specify who overstepped in my opinion.

I appreciate Bwipo and his contributions to the community. He went out of his way to call out both T1 and Thorin when he could have just as well stayed quiet.

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