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Champion concept: Farron, the Siegebreaker

LeagueofLegends13 - Champion concept: Farron, the Siegebreaker

Captain Farron is a character from Legends of Runeterra that I think would make a really cool champion in League of Legends, so I came up with a kit concept for him.

He's the big dude with the ball-and-chains.

His backstory is kinda similar to Samira's. Farron originated in Zaun, where he was an outcast. He eventually joined the ranks of Noxus and became one of its fiercest warriors.

In the game, Farron would be a ranged juggernaut. His dual ball-and-chains give him more range than, say, Darius or Sett, but his movement would be extremely limited because of how heavy he is. His attack range would be 375, slightly more than Urgot.

Now, onto the kit:

Passive: Crushing Steel

Farron's ranged auto-attacks deal a percentage of the damage in a small area around his attack target. He swings his ball-and-chain down with such force that the impact also damages enemies around his target. Enemies hit by a ranged auto-attack or the AoE damage are slowed by 15% for 1 second.

In addition, any bonus attack speed Farron gains from any source is turned into bonus AD for his ranged auto-attacks only. His weapons are so heavy that he cannot swing them very fast at range. Auto-attacks at melee range do take bonus attack speed into account, and do not benefit from this bonus AD.

Q: Meteor Strike

Farron channels while spinning one of his ball-and-chains above his head. Farron can move while channeling. When the channel ends, Farron launches the ball-and-chain forward. The longer it's channeled, the further it goes. It damages and knocks aside any non-champion units it hits (like Draven's E) and stops on the first champion hit. The first champion hit takes damage and is knocked back. The knockback distance also depends on the channel time.


During the laning phase, this ability can be used for waveclear and harrassing the enemy laner. In teamfights, it can be used to disengage a potential threat, or it can be used from a flanking position to force an enemy carry out of position.

W: Crushing Clash / Chain Yank

Farron throws both ball-and-chains to the side and swings them in an arc so that they clash against each other. Enemies that are hit by the clashing balls are damaged and stunned.

Farron can then recast this ability immediately after the clash to yank both balls towards him, dragging any enemies that are standing between him and the balls towards him (not all the way).

E: Fortify

Farron assumes a defensive stance, preventing him from auto-attacking for its duration. While in the defensive stance, he is granted damage reduction from all sources. When the duration ends, Farron lashes out around him, dealing damage to all enemies based on how much damage Farron has taken during his defensive stance. He also regains some health for each champion damaged by this ability.

R: Noxian Whirlwind

Farron spins around while swinging his ball-and-chains for a few seconds, damaging all enemies in the area. The range of the area slowly increases over time, and Farron gains movement speed over time. When the time is up or when the ability is recast, Farron finishes with an extra powerful swing in a 120-degree arc that drags all enemy champions hit by the ball part of the swing to the end point of the swing. Champions hit by the chain part are also dragged along a bit, but not to the end point.

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