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Champion Concept: Scoldra, The Brackern Scourge [ Reviving very old post ]

LeagueofLegends11 - Champion Concept: Scoldra, The Brackern Scourge [ Reviving very old post ]

**Brief Lore and Interview:**

The name and lore of the champion was already designed by
blazemalefica - Champion Concept: Scoldra, The Brackern Scourge [ Reviving very old post ]

BlazeMalefica back in 2013, and many of us loved the lore and the title of a "Skarner's brother" idea similar to Nasus to Renekton, and it's very fitting to their lore as "Brackern beasts". One represents a more mature and intelligent behavior (Skarner), while one represents madness and chaos.

Here is the original lore from BlazeMalefica:

" Milennia before the founding of the League of Legends, conflicts were settled through massive and bloody campaigns known as “The Rune Wars”. These wars bore witness to the use of magic at its most destructive capacity. City’s burned to ashes, nations were erased, and even the landscape itself was carved and brutalized so as to be unrecognizable from its original state. Many races perished as a result, and others were driven into hiding. Thus was the fate of the Brackern, an enigmatic race once believed to be nothing more than myth. That is until the first Vanguard, Skarner, awoke from his long slumber, awaiting the day his race could once again reclaim the Odyn Valley, the paradise that all Brackern called home. The Odyn Valley once teemed with crystals known as “Arachia”, powerful sources of wisdom and primal energy that the Brackern used to commune with the spirit of the Earth itself.

It was for this reason that the Odyn Valley was the frequent target of invaders, eager to plunder fresh resources to fuel their arcane War Machines. But the Brackern were a wise and powerful race, and though normally docile, once provoked their savagery repelled even the most advanced techmaturgical machinations that beset them. It was during this conflict that one Brackern in particular rose to prominence. He was known by many names and feared by all who dared enter the Valley. But the name he was commonly referred to as was Scoldra, the Crystal Scourge. Scoldra, like all Brackern before him, felt a deep love for his home. As a young Brackern, Scoldra would often stare admiringly at the Elders who would go off to patrol the borders of the valley. He dreamed of one day joining with them in battle. Unfortunately, Scoldra was born during a time when his race was in decline. Despite warding off frequent assaults from the other races, the pollution from the weaponized mana started to take its toll, and one by one the Arachia the Brackern depended on began to fracture. Each Brackern bonds to a specific Arachia for life, and without it a Brackern will perish swiftly.

The Arachia had once been plentiful and full of vitality. Now most were unfit to be bonded and the few that could often poisoned and withered the Brackern that bonded them out of desperation. Scoldra searched and sifted through countless Arachia, trying to find his own. With an Arachia he could have power, power he could use to save his race, power to destroy the invaders! Scoldra searched and searched, scrambling frantically over the broken and shattered remains of his comrades who had failed in their own quest. The valley was littered with the hollow husks of his bretheren. It was no longer a valley, but a graveyard. Scoldra neared the end, his energy fading from his core. There were no longer any pure Arachia to be found. The Arachia that were around him, once so bright, and filled with a deep blue glow were now blackened and laced with a dark crimson red. Bellowing in fury, Scoldra gathered all of the poisoned Arachia around him that had been corrupted by the volatile magic of his enemies. Using the last of his energy, he fused them together into one giant crystal and drove it into his body.

Scoldra had once heard that Bonding an Arachia was the greatest thing a Brackern could experience. He writhed in agony for days, assaulted by the memories contained within each tainted crystal. He experienced the death of every Brackern in the valley, all their pain, and all their fury. Scoldra did not return for many days, and his kin believed him to have perished. Skarner, realizing that his people could no longer protect their home, decided to lead them into the depths of the Earth to hibernate until they could return to the surface. It was at this moment that the Brackern were attacked by their enemies. Though Skarner and his Vanguards fought valiantly to buy the rest of his race time it was all too apparent that they would be overrun. Just when it seemed that the Brackern would be destroyed a terrible shrill scream echoed throughout the valley.

Scoldra had returned, but he was not the same. His body had been transformed into a vessel of destruction, and chaotic energy radiated from his shell. He charged through the enemy armies, grinding and tearing them between his innumerable legs, incinerating them with their own corrosive sorcery. He cut through them with frightening speed, mutilating scores of soldiers with every step, never pausing or losing momentum, all the while the Crimson Arachia within him thrummed and pulsed to the rhythm of their screams. Even when the armies had been routed, fleeing in terror, Scoldra did not relent. He pursued them, continuing to eviscerate any who had dared tread into the valley until it was filled with the crimson blood of his hated adversaries. When it was over Scoldras crystalline body was completely coated in blood and gore. Scoldra approached his brothers, reveling in the carnage he had wrought. He appealed to them, claiming that with his power they would never have to fear invasion ever again. He proposed that the only way to end the invasions was to go forth and slaughter all the other races that had threatened them until only the Brackern remained, as it should be.

But Scoldras plan was met with firm resistance from Skarner. Such callous vengeance would not bring life back to the valley and would only threaten to destroy the few Brackern that remained. Scoldra cursed him as a weakling and a coward. Possessed by rage born from the Tainted Crystal within him, Scoldra hurled himself at Skarner. As they fought their Arachia resonated fiercely, pure energy mixing with the chaotic, and both Brackern were enveloped in a violent explosion. The valley sunk beneath their feet and both were buried beneath the caverns of what is now known as Kalamanda. Here Scoldra slumbers until the day he is discovered by whoever is unfortunate enough to awaken the Blood Marauder, the Crystal Scourge.

“He is the embodiment of my people’s rage, their hatred, their loathing. He is the scar of war that was left behind millennia ago. The Brackern forget nothing, and Scoldra forgives no one.”
-Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard

“Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. Your race…for mine”
-Scoldra, The Crystal Scourge"


**Visual Design:**

There are interesting drawings for this champion that I wanted to share.

Example 1: By BlazeMalefica



This is the original photo that was posted back then in 2013 as an idea of the champion and I always liked the theme of this champion.

Example 2: Random Drawing


Example 3: Random Drawing


All these pictures can give a hint to us and imaginations on how cool this champion could be when fully designed visually.


**Gameplay Design:**

Role: Jungle

Class: Vanguard

**Base Stats:**

Health: 627 – 2264

Mana: 335 – 965

Mana Regan: 8 – 16

Attack damage : 73 – 143

Health regen: 10 – 24

Attack speed : 0.645 (+ 0 – 45.24%)

Armor: 35 – 115

Magic resist. 35 – 65

Range: 175

Movement Speed: 350

Scoldra is going to be a champion that is mainly a jungler and focusing on defensive stats while crushing the combat with an abilities that scale off his defenses stats. He will be a Vanguard that focuses on destroying the combats in team-fighting and being a "raid boss".


**Scoldra's Abilities:**

**Passive: ( Brackern Scales ):**

All Crowd Control on Scoldra are converted into slows instead ( Except Suppression ).

Every 1 second of CC counts as 20% Slow ( 0.5 second is 10% and 2 seconds is 40% )

Adititionally, Scoldra absorbs 10% of auto attacks' damage and convert it back to the attackers as magical damage.

(Works against On-hit effects)

(HP Scales Scoldra's size)


**Q: ( Venomous Bite ):**

Scoldra Bites the target, deals 80/120/160/200/240 physical damage + applies a "Venomous effect" mark on the target for the next 8 seconds.

Venomous effect will drop 1% of the target's base health as magic damage. If Scoldra bites the target again during the Venomous effect, then the target will be paralyzed for 1 second.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds at all ranks

Mana Cost: 35


**W: ( Ancient Hides ):**

Passive: Scoldra gains bonus 15% defenses.

Active: Scoldra shields for 14/16/18/20/22% of his maximum health + for 4 seconds.

While Scoldra shielded, his next basic attacks will deal bonus magic damage equal to , cleaves enemies, slows them by 20% for 1 second and restores 2% of his maximum Health per second.

12/11/10/9/8 Seconds Cooldown

Mana Cost: 50


**E: ( Sand Predator ):

Scoldra dives in ground and charges at the enemy champions in a targeted area, becomes unstoppable, gaining 18/20/22/24/26% movement speed for 4 seconds and the upon landing the hit, Scoldra will Fear the first target hit for 1 second, dealing bonus physical damage equal to 60/90/120/150/180 + .

If Scoldra's dive reached 4 seconds before hitting the target, the bonus damage will be converted to True damage.

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 Seconds

Mana Cost: 75 At all ranks


**R: ( Wrath of Shurima ):**

First Cast: Scoldra becomes bigger and taller, then smashes his head on the targeted area, knocks away enemies, burrowing inside the ground, dealing, dealing 150/275/300/ physical damage + , burrows for 5 seconds and becomes untargetable. ( Can be recasted to finish within the duration while burrowed ).

Second Cast: Scoldra erupts from the ground, knocking all enemies up for 1.5 seconds, dealing 150/275/300 physical damage + .

All minions will be in fear while Scoldra is burrowed inside the ground.

Range: 1000

Radius: 500

Mana Cost: 100 At all ranks

Cooldown 110/90/70 Seconds


**Overall Conclusion:**

Let's take a look at the Pros and Cons


1) High burst for squishy targets

2) Unique passive mechanic to stand against on hit champions

3) Area of damage


1) Avoidable and dodgeable

2) Has outplayeable animations

3) Lacks against mages and Juggernauts

In conclusion, Scoldra will have a playstyle that heavily focuses toward initiating in teamfights as the first target to open more space for the allies to follow up, as well as bringing fearsome mechanics to keep him very threatening in combat.

Think of Scoldra's playstyle to be a bit similar to Zac, mixed with Rammus and Reksai.



Example 1: Vanguard Itemizations

Example 2: Tanky Battle Mage


I hope you enjoyed the idea and concept of this champion, and feel free to give me feedbacks.

Best Regards,


Source: Original link

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