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Champion Pickrate vs Winrate – Which champions are really “overpowered” in solo queue on Patch 8.24?

LeagueofLegends11 - Champion Pickrate vs Winrate - Which champions are really "overpowered" in solo queue on Patch 8.24?

Everyone has their own vision of champions that are "overpowered" – Some beat their one trick that they love, others have huge winrates, and still others feel like they are just flat out impossible to deal with.

But what really makes a champion overpowered? Sometimes, Champions who haven't been changed forever will suddenly appear out of nowhere to claim a winrate throne on a certain metagame, despite them having no noticeable problems before.

Nothing changed with their champion, but maybe the metagame favoured them more, maybe items changed, or maybe there was an ability they have (Such as Nasus wither vs mobile champions) that was previously overlooked that needed to be calmed down.

However, this post is looking more towards simpler things to analyze:

Simple Champion Winrate vs PickRate in Patch 8.24:

For this post I will be using aggregate data from 3 different champion sites and averaging them in order to determine a champion's overall strength in the current meta (Winrate) and comparing it to the champion's overall popularity in the current metagame (Pickrate), going with the hypothesis that a high pickrate married with a high winrate determines whether the champion is "overpowered" or not.

They will be broken down by role, averaged via 3 sites (U.gg, Champion.gg, and lolalytics.com) filtered by Platinum+, starting of course from:

Top Lane:


  • Cassiopeia – 53.5% winrate

  • Wukong – 53.4% winrate

  • Quinn – 52.6% winrate

  • Mordekaiser – 52.3% winrate

  • Pantheon – 52.2% winrate


  • Riven – 12% pickrate

  • Jax – 11.6% pickrate

  • Darius – 9% pickrate

  • Irelia – 8.5% pickrate

  • Fiora – 8% pickrate

Merged Data – "Overpowered" via Winrate vs Pickrate:

  • Jax – 51.9% winrate, 11.6% pickrate

  • Riven – 51.7% winrate, 12% pickrate

  • Sion – 51.8% winrate, 6% pickrate

  • Teemo – 52.5% winrate, 5.5% pickrate

  • Pantheon – 52.2% winrate, 5.2% pickrate

Conclusion for top lane:

Jax and Riven are by far both the most picked champions and the most winning champions, indicating a problem with the current state of them both. Sion has seen a huge uptick of play, likely in response to having to survive both Riven and Jax, and his winrate is quite stable. Teemo and Pantheon likely fit in the same category, being able to either escape or straight up duel Jax and Riven in lane allow both of them to transition into the rest of the game.

Top lane is currently an island and towers are currently extremely valuable for split pushers – It is no surprise that extremely lane dominant champions are not only popular top lane picks, but winning ones as well.



  • Udyr – 53.2% winrate

  • Shaco – 53.1% winrate

  • Nunu – 52.8% winrate

  • Jax – 52.3% winrate

  • Rammus – 52% winrate


  • Lee Sin – 26% pickrate

  • Kha'Zix – 13% pickrate

  • Kayn – 9.6% pickrate

  • Camille – 9.3% pickrate

  • Graves – 9.2% pickrate

Merged Data – "Overpowered" via Winrate vs Pickrate:

  • Kha'Zix – 51.6% winrate, 13% pickrate

  • Xin Zhao – 51.2% winrate, 9% pickrate

  • Jax – 52.3% winrate, 6% pickrate

  • Shaco – 52.5% winrate, 5.8% pickrate

  • Rammus – 52% winrate, 4.5% pickrate

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Conclusion for jungle:

Early aggression is key, so Kha'Zix, Shaco and Xin Zhao are king. Rammus is doing well as someone who can stop mobile/hard to kill targets like Shaco, Kha'Zix and Xin, and really, Jax showing up in another role is just icing on the cake for the argument of him being very strong at the moment.

With games being shorter, plates being valuable, and junglers having a big impact, this list isn't really too surprising. All early game impact. As usual, people are picking Lee, but while he might be fun, he's definitely not overpowered.

Mid Lane:


  • Cassiopeia – 53% winrate

  • Zilean – 52.9% winrate

  • Ahri – 52.6% winrate

  • Velkoz – 52.3% winrate

  • Kassadin – 52% winrate


  • Yasuo – 12.5% pickrate

  • Zed – 10.6% pickrate

  • Ahri – 8.5% pickrate

  • Leblanc – 8.2% pickrate

  • Cassiopeia – 8.1% pickrate

Merged Data – "Overpowered" via Winrate vs Pickrate:

  • Ahri – 52.6% winrate, 8.5% pickrate

  • Cassiopeia – 53% winrate, 8.1% pickrate

  • Kassadin – 52% winrate, 7.5% pickrate

  • Galio – 52% winrate, 5.7% pickrate

  • Fizz – 51.7% winrate, 5.1% pickrate

Conclusion for mid lane:

Safe champions are key right now. With the exception of Cassiopeia (Who has her own peel), all of these champions are extremely mobile, and only Fizz does not farm relatively safely early. With games revolving around heavily aggressive junglers in Xin Zhao, Shaco and Udyr, safe midlaners are thriving.

Cassiopeia shows up in top as well, but with a pickrate (around 1.5%) that I can't justify putting her on the list. She seems to be extremely strong in general at the moment though. People are picking Yasuo / Zed, but while they are stylish and flashy picks, they might not be overpowered.



  • Karthus – 52.3% winrate

  • Lucian – 52% winrate

  • Ashe – 52% winrate

  • Heimerdinger – 51.6% winrate

  • Twitch – 51.4% winrate


  • Lucian – 30% pickrate

  • Ezreal – 26.2% pickrate

  • Kai'sa – 23.5% pickrate

  • Jhin – 16.8% pickrate

  • Vayne – 12.2% pickrate

Merged Data – "Overpowered" via Winrate vs Pickrate:

  • Lucian – 52% winrate, 30% pickrate

  • Ashe – 52% winrate, 5% pickrate

  • Twitch – 51.4% winrate, 4.8% pickrate

  • Draven – 51% winrate, 8% pickrate

  • Miss Fortune – 51.3% winrate, 6.8% pickrate

Conclusion for Bot/ADC:

Here's where it starts getting really weird. Lucian is the actual king of bottom lane right now, since his pickrate is through the roof and he's winning the vast bulk of his games. Players in the ADC slot are picking based on safety (Lucian, Ezreal, Kaisa, Vayne) but those aren't necessarily the champions that win – Pure damage in Twitch, Draven and Miss Fortune are carrying the games instead.

With all the assassins and early game junglers going around, ADC players are picking safer picks, but it turns out that good old damage is the thing that wins games after all. And picking Lucian, of course.



  • Sona – 52.8% winrate

  • Zyra – 52.6% winrate

  • Brand – 52.3% winrate

  • Zilean – 52% winrate

  • Nami – 51.5% winrate


  • Thresh – 25.6% pickrate

  • Pyke – 13% pickrate

  • Alistar – 10.1% pickrate

  • Nami – 9.3% pickrate

  • Leona – 9.1% pickrate

Merged Data – "Overpowered" via Winrate vs Pickrate:

  • Brand – 52.3% winrate, 9% pickrate

  • Nami – 51.5% winrate, 9.3% pickrate

  • Zyra – 52.4% winrate, 7% pickrate

  • Zilean – 52% winrate, 5% pickrate

  • Sona- 52.8% winrate, 4.3% pickrate

Conclusion for support:

People are picking fun, impactful champions like Thresh, Pyke, and Alistar, trying to make big plays and influence the game – However, it seems the true winners are a mixed bag of mages and enchanters. Brand and Zyra deal impactful and meaningful damage, Sona and Nami help the adc avoid all those pesky junglers and survive lane, and Zilean lets your iron teammates live another day.

While several picks (Notably thresh) are close to the edge of this list, big damage and enchanters rule the charts in the end.

Overall evaluation:

Jax and Cassiopeia appear to be the biggest offenders on the list. Lucian follows up close behind as the King of ADCs currently.

Most picks seem to focus on early game aggression. Junglers in specific have huge impacts, which means all lanes have to choose for either safety, or good gank support/survivability.

ADC still is best off building for full damage rather than picking to survive, where midlaners are best choosing something that can farm safely with a degree of mobility.

Hope everyone enjoyed my data musing and perusing.

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