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Champion Roadmap April 2021 (from Chinese League Website)

LeagueofLegends3 - Champion Roadmap April 2021 (from Chinese League Website)

Champion Roadmap

Guess they posted it early. (Article is down, translation below.)

TLDR: Dr.Mundo is nearly done, preview images of 2 best skins; Yordle got delayed, her design is now a traditional mage instead; Sentinel of Light will come first, and it's a midlane ADC; early concepts of Udyr; New teaser of the botlane ADC which looks like Zaun related.

Edit: For the teaser they used the term "the toughest race of Runeterra" along with the ADC, from the wording I don't know if it's an extra description of the ADC or it's for another champion which will be support.

Whole article translation:

Hello everyone:

It has been so long since we opened the storyline of the return of The Ruined King in our roadmap last time. Even though we still don't have too much information to share, we still would like to bring you the updates of the information we told you in our last roadmap.

In January, we told you that three champions after Viego will be connected with his return. Gwen is one of them, though her future is still a mystery. She plays an important role in this complicated story, but what exactly it is…we still don't know yet.

Let's put Viego, Gwen and the ever-approaching doom aside and talk about Dr.Mundo's VGU first. Then we would talk about the 2 new champions coming next, including an update to the mysterious mage's release time. Finally it's the Udyr VGU that you voted in the beginning of this year.

Entering Mundo's World

It has been a while since last Dr.Mundo's dev blog, we can finally say that The Zaunite Madman will see you guys again. Thanks for your patience (he has too many skins).


First, let's share some voiceovers of Dr.Mundo. Mundo's new voice line sounds a little bit smarter than current Mundo——that's inevitable, because current Mundo doesn't sound like a doctor at all, and certainly can't reflect his (questionable) reasoning of his treatment. But we also mentioned that we would like to keep his dark and comedic (…and silly) style, and voiceover is a big part of that.

Another content we want to share is the final version of Rageborn Dr.Mundo splash art. In our last dev blog we showed the concept art of this skin, now we have finished.

Lastly, his legendary skin Corporate Mundo is in the final polishing stage. We will make sure this skin meets the standard and expectation of legendary skins. Our team is working hard on it, and this fun cheering animation made by Drew "Sandwichtown" Morgan is an example of that.

Alright, the crazy branch line is done, let's get back to those dark and Irascible champions that's about to come in Ruined King's legendary story.

From Street Gangster to Sentinel of Light

In the last roadmap we briefly mentioned a charming new champion that's about to join the game this summer, a full on Sentinel of Light. Now there are more information we can share, so we would like to elaborate further.

This champion's identity is a midlane maskman. Although Lucian, Corki and Tristana show up in mid too, but they don't feel like a champion specifically designed for this role, they lack of some common identities of midlane champion, like roaming or solo lane focused kit. We think midlane maskman is an unique role in our champion lineup, and it can attract some players who enjoy midlane assassins or fighters.

Senna and Lucian are in a bad situation here, maybe a new Sentinel can bring them hope.


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