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Champion Suggestion: Dyler

LeagueofLegends10 - Champion Suggestion: Dyler

Outfit: Dyler is a gym rat and a passionate Twitch streamer. He rocks a tank top and shorts from H&M. He holds a protein shake in one hand and a 5 lbs dumbbell in the other. He is a melee fighter that utilizes his alpha personality to gain advantage over the enemy team.

His passive, Testosterone, allows Dyler to get Testosterone points when Dyler is away from his team mates. Testosterone gives Dyler bonus movement speed, attack speed, critical strike chance, tenacity, armor and HP, which increases based on the number of enemies nearby. This effect is doubled when near an enemy Zoe.

Dyler's Q is called Creatine Strike. Dyler throws his bottle at his enemies, spilling his drink and blinding enemies in the spill circle radius for 1.5 seconds. Blinded enemies miss their attacks. Any projectiles thrown by enemies get sent in a random direction. If Creatine Strike hits an enemy Zoe, the duration is doubled.

His W is Reformed. When pressed, Dyler teleports into another universe temporarily to join his Twitch fans, gaining a boost of positive energy. In the process, Dyler becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds and heals for 5% of his max HP per second. Dyler cannot attack or move while reformed.

Dyler's E is Breathe Tilted. Dyler gains 1 Testosterone point on each death. This effect is doubled if killed by an enemy Zoe. This effect is capped at 10 deaths. If a team mate disconnects or leaves the game, Dyler gains an additional Testosterone point. If an allied Zoe leaves the game, this effect is doubled.

Dyler's R is THEY'RE TRASH! For 10 seconds, Dyler becomes enraged, gaining 5 Testosterone points temporarily. During this time, Dyler becomes invulnerable to any damage, and in addition, he gains 0.1% chance to one shot his enemies per each Testosterone point. This chance is doubled when attacking an enemy Zoe. After ten seconds, Dyler experiences Testosterone Overdose.

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Testosterone Overdose: Dyler executes himself, denying the enemy gold. If Dyler experiences Testosterone Overdose near an enemy Zoe, he gains 300 gold.

Sound FX:

Kills an enemy: "AY"


ability casts: "YOU'RE TRASH DUDE"


If killed by Zoe: "THIS COMPANY IS TRASH"

back animation: Dyler drinks his creatine supplement while doing a bicep curl.

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