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Chinese LGD vs. PSG Hand Picked Salt Compilation

LeagueofLegends1 - Chinese LGD vs. PSG Hand Picked Salt Compilation

From Hupu (Chinese forum for sports/esports) after the LGD trainwreck. I'm cheering for LPL but as a Redditor, transporting salt is my duty

Game Thread: World's Play-Ins Day 1: Orianna's Shockwave destroys optimism, LGD loses first match against PSG

  • lgd经典被发条爆杀 (Getting blown up by Ori, the LGD classic)
  • 我铁LPL粉,真的看不下去了,垃圾!!!(As an LPL stan, I can't even watch this, fucking trash !!!)
  • 兮夜吃了牛肉面吧 (Xiye ate some beef noodles, didn't he)
    • Context: "Beef noodles" is a meme from Worlds 2014 where EDG Namei blamed his underperformance in groups on getting diarrhea from eating beef noodles in Taiwan
  • 对面有代练 (Other team had boosters (referring to PSG subs))
  • 人人都笑EDG 人人都是EDG (Everyone laughs at EDG, but everyone is EDG)
    • Context: EDG is the first team in LPL to lose to a wildcard, LGD just made second

Devastating loss against PSG – Where did LGD go wrong in their first game?

  • 菜 (being trash)
  • 怂 (playing like betas)
  • 装 (cocky)

(Voice of American Rift Friends) Reddit discusses PSG defeating LGD: We're back to 2015; Xiye is trash

  • 有史以来lpl就edg和LGD输过入围赛,psg还是一个临时组装队,首发都不齐,太丢人了,真是耻辱 (Only EDG and LGD has ever lost in play-ins in the history of LPL, and PSG is temporarily assembled, they don't even have their starters. Too embarrassing, it's actually shameful)
  • 从小到大各种比赛,心里想的都是“输谁都不能输湾湾”,真的…输给UOL都没这么气人 (The thing on my mind watching competitions since I was a kid was always "we can lose to anybody, but we can't lose to the WanWans. Seriously… I'd be less mad if we lost to UOL)
    • Context: "WanWan" is a slang for people from Taiwan
  • 这是我见过最拉的卢仙,对线带点燃没打出优势,团战就一个大,还至少要空一半…… (This is the shittiest Lucian I've ever seen, can't get advantage in lane with ignite, only ulted once in teamfights, and he missed half of it….)

Oh crap oh crap, the thing we worry most about is happening

  • 内战猛干,外战玩运营了,打不出lpl的风格, lpl实力会下降很多。希望京东滔博别这样了 (play like chads domestically, play rotations internationally. If LPL teams can't play the LPL style, then they're a lot weaker)
  • 发条,洛 (Ori, Rakan)
    • Context: PTSD from SKT's famous turnaround play against EDG in 2017 Worlds
  • lgd在干嘛……突然就lck了……吐了 (Wtf are LGD doing… All of a sudden we're LCK now… I puked)

PSG Twitter: Let us help you take out your trash

  • 虽然心里很不爽,但是没什么反驳的理由 (I'm salty, but I have no counterarguments)
  • 平常我会很气,现在我只想刀了lgd全队 (Normally I'd be mad, but right now I just wanna knife the entire LGD roster)
  • lgd的fans可以提前佩戴耳机了🎧 (LGD fans, you can put on your headphones now)

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