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Chinese reaction after TL vs IG semifinals

LeagueofLegends5 - Chinese reaction after TL vs IG semifinals


(This is the comment you can see everywhere on Chinese internet. It is because of IG owner Wang Si Cong said this after RNG's lose)

2) I know that it will be a loop , but I never expect it to be so early.

(Loop referring a cycle that every Top Team that won LPL will have the largest fanbase. If the team faces an important defeat , part of the fanbase will turn into haters plusing other team's fans , the team will soon flamed by everyone. This have been the case of LGD,EDG ,WE ,especially RNG after the lose to G2 last year.)

3) Which one is more embarassing?RNG or IG?

4) LPL teams will never stop being arrogant.

5) 9 win streak semifinalist !!!

6) Ning having a 45 celcius fever. (a meme of Ning having fever in Lpl matches)

7) We are no more 1st region now.

8) OK now's the question. Which you will support for this tournament now?

>>G2(Europe Optimistic Team (A LGD meme) and their cheese picks



9) Give these IG players to clearlove. He would already create a dynasty.

>>Yea lol .Clearlove know who’s the daddy.

10) IG lost. I can’t hold my feeling anymore….HAHAHA

11) Listen to my analysis: IG lost on purpose. The US-China trade war is on edge and there’s never a LPL team lose to NA noobs on elimination stage. To ease out the tension between two sides, my little IG have to lose. The players seems sad but they are happy inside. Lets share out the joy , spam COMFORTABLE.

12) It’s so hard to keep winning . SKT is really good.

13) Faker is definitely respectable. His desire to win.. Unlike others

15) Wang Si Cong engage in the fight himself so that all the hate goes to him and the players are left alone . Genius.

16) RNG fans have resurrected.

17) Is there still anyone thinks Ning better than Karsa? He’s only budget-MLXG.

18) Is this the most embarrassing MSI?

>>Yea,WE ‘s is the second .

19) World champion support is giving online tutorial to another world champ support.

20) iG ate beef noodle.. No wonder.

21)"We could even with a dog "


>>Too arrogant. Always badmouthing.

>>iG always have lane advantage so that they can support Ning in the jungle . He looks like carry just because he likes to killsteal. When they don't have lane advantage , he is basically useless.

22) Is there anyone other than RNG fans feeling comfortable?

>> You actually think that everyone spamming comfortable is RNG fans?

>>few days ago, the nationality of fan of five koreans are stripped off by fan of three koreans. Comfortable?You bet.

23) Today TL finally make NA proud after so many years of embarassment.

>> I'm 10 years TL fan now.

>>After so many years, Doublelift finally won once…

24) Don't ever say TheShy is the No.1 top in the world again

>> "World No.1? Only depends on teammate." this is not only for adc. ( referring to Uzi)

25) Impact is good. Model korean players that discipline himself.

>>Not only today plays good, he is never bad every year during international. Tbh, after fighting so many 'world No.1 top', there's havent anyone that beat him.

26) iG , you better prepared for all the flame from domestic fans. Their ending won't be better than RNG.

>>You bet, losing to skt is ok, but losing to TL….

>>It's like RNG last year. losing to kt is ok but losing to g2….

27) What's the reason behing iG's defeat? Attitude problem or they are just bad?

>>Nothing to say about. Just bad.

>> Being smashed by 3:1 is pure skill difference. Not confidence or arrogance.

28) There's no team that can win forever.

>>if there's anything that can last forever , that's the flame after you lose.

>>except SKT.

29) G2 almost laughed out loud… True winner.

>>I'm waiting for G2 meets Tl in final after beating SKT.

>>I feel like G2 is also underestimating Tl.

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