League of Legends

Chinese Reaction on LGD vs UOL

LeagueofLegends6 - Chinese Reaction on LGD vs UOL

Peanut possessed by Ning

Haha. LPL teams prefer korean servers, got beaten by teams that played in China superserver

Peanut is seriously the imposter, man.

Negative impact Lilia

Riot really need to investigate Peanut

Peanut is even noober than Clearlove

The two koreans are imposters, plus the support.

Peanut, please just go back to LCK

Why is peanut keep showing off lck's icon? Imposter's message

LPL Caster 米勒:Other than xiye and langx, I can't even see their spirit

LPL Caster Remember: Just get destroyed quickly.

Never been so disgusted by a player. Peanut, you are the first!

Keep showing GENG's icon. Go get a job at Samsung's Electronic Factory!

If I am Xiye, I would grab the chair to hit the jungler beside me

Don't flame anyhow, take care of your team, train tickets are hard to get during the National day vacation, buy it earlier

Is peanut overrated? He have only won one jungler in BO5s.

https://imgur.com/a/DJcqlrs Welcome DGL's members joining our factory!

Tbh, I don't ever want to see Peanut's face again

This proves one thing, don't ever try to buy korean imports that are already popular, no point.

Mark is the hidden trash in this team. But the most disgusting thing is he can only ranked number two in this team in terms of trashness.

Lets just see if there are teams still willing to buy old korean imports in future.

I just can't believe that he is not betting

Four games negative impact, unbelievable

You laughed at Peanut's bad plays, Peanut laugh at you paying your mortgage

LGD weibo post match thread :https://weibo.com/5035639623/JmB9im2RI (last updated : 17k comments after 35 minutes)


I finally know, peanut came to lpl for money, and he got a lot of it.


我真的不敢相信 这么菜是真实存在的吗?这个莉利娅真的是以前老虎队的小花生吗?

I can't really believe, how can you be so bad? Is this lilia really ROX Peanut?


Investigate Peanut Investigate Peanut Investigate Peanut Investigate Peanut Investigate Peanut Investigate Peanut Investigate Peanut


Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38226344.html




the fuck, isn't taking drag your job as jungler?


It's like driver forgot how to start engine, changing gear, and chef forgot that need to put salt while cooking. Crazy


Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38228445.html

他下面的比赛好好打大家会消气的 但是老这么来真顶不住

If he plays well in future games, people will just cool down. But really can't stand it if this keep happening.


Anyway, lets just hope he sober up


apologizing does nothing, winning in bo5 is the best apologization

Edit 1: Added two HUPU threads regarding peanut

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