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Chinese Reaction on LPL tweet Post G2 vs GenG “Everything Going according to the Plan”

LeagueofLegends1 - Chinese Reaction on LPL tweet Post G2 vs GenG "Everything Going according to the Plan"

We got few days of wait before Semi's so i thought why not spend some time capturing some reactions for content starved fans like me. Sorry if my editing is a bit bad, this is my first post on the subreddit, ill try to improve and post more in future if you guys like content of this type regardless.

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If this is really the script.Lets stop saying G2 is LPL's 5th Seed.They are officially LPL 0 Seed.


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Caps the 2nd best mid laner in the world..he is sooo good!!


Nah, he is the worlds best midlaner.Lets fight over who is second best.His contributions to LPL are too many to put any other midlaner in discussion for the first spot ( this is what is implied here)



G2 are LPL's foreign gods of war


Guys honestly i am a little worried that G2 will eventually break past our LPL teams, I am panicking thinking if TES or SN can beat G2?

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只要lck不进决赛 g2夺冠也没那么难受🐶

As long as its not LCK winning, i would not be uncomfortable with G2 winning it all




I dont think there is a team in this world that contributes more to LPL winning championships than G2


I am getting teary eyed…Out of all the LPL teams which team can really bring LPL its 3rd world championship?None of them ..only G2 can


Common G2 , destroy LCK ( referring to the upcoming match with DWG)


I am fine with EU winning , i just dont want to see LCK win.


Guys its really hard to play G2 in the finals, its going to be really fking hard to play them 😅

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That's what i thought last year too ( another reply to this reply was " And thats what i thought the year before that" LOL)


Tbh i would be okay with G2 winning worlds.Lot of ppl in my circle dont want to see LCK win and have a hold G2 in high regards.


I hereby declare that G2 is LPL's best friend,until the end of time

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And i declare whatever you said to be true!

Thanks for Reading ill add more later if ppl want them

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