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Chinese reaction to SN VS G2

LeagueofLegends12 - Chinese reaction to SN VS G2



– 淘宝给你多少广告费,我拼多多给双倍📷

Bot Suning and JD lost, this is Taobao's (Alibaba, Aliexpress) victory! (all 3 are 3-commes)

– How much did Taobao paid you? Me, Pinduoduo, will pay you twice as much. (another e-commerence which is both a meme and a memer)

G2的赛后采访真是快乐源泉📷如果LPL的队伍都不幸折戟(非常非常小的可能),那么我希望G2能再一次打败LCK然后夺冠📷 Caps值得一个冠军

– caps连着俩亚军了,老背景板了

– 我都不好意思说你,你是想g2夺冠?你分明就是馋小电影📷

– 我也馋📷

G2's post game interview is such so fun to watch, if all LPL team fail (which is very unlikely), I would like G2 defeat a LCK team and win world. Caps deserves a champion.

– caps has 2 second place in a row, he is skilled at being the background of a victory story

– you sure you want g2 to win with no other intention? I suspect you want the little "movie" afterward

– to be Frank, I want that as well

( Odo's gf said she would release porn if G2 won finals or S04 made worlds and one of these is not possible leaving one option alive)


I blame it on Jia Nailian, otherwise Sunning won't have their base been stoled

(Jia Nailiang is the spokesperson of Suning who gets his wife stole (his wife cheated on him, which was pretty famous in China))

油管24万越南人在看比赛,sofm置于越南,就相当于当年我们的姚明。 整场比赛看的就心惊肉跳 。4只队伍都几乎是新队伍,心态好好调整吧,学一下去年的fpx吧,来个低开高走。现在很难像当年s8ig一样,用实力碾压对手了

there are 240,000 Vietnamese watching the game on youtube, guess sofm is really a big deal over there. almost all 4 of LPL are new teams, hope they adjust well. A low start is ok, learn from last year's FPX. S8 IG's success is hard to copy as they were just so much stronger than the others


今天的比赛已经全部结束了,这里是我的小组赛赌硬币策略,仅供参考,希望能帮到大家1.不要赌A组的任何一场比赛,在A组有整活怪G2和首富所在的SN的情况下,A组每一场比赛的胜负都是不可预测的2.在TES和DWG还没有输的情况下,无脑all in这两个队,但每输一场赌的硬币输-=4(可为负数)3.最好不要赌赔率在1.2以下的队伍,因为这样的收益相当低,但万一选择错误,损失却很大(除非你对他们真的很有信心)4.对于外卡赛区,他们实力可能确实不强,但任何比赛总有意外,所以可以尝试性的选择压1-2个硬币,万一赢了的话血赚5.牢记EU>NA,绝大多数情况下适用最后,在赌硬币的时候放平心态,反正硬币不要钱,所以不要太计较得失,开心就好

After today's game, I summarize a new strategy, hold it can help everyone: (bilibili holds a small gamble with bilibili coin just for fun)

  1. Do not engage in any game in group a, with a big troll like g2 and the richest man in Vietnam, every game in group a is unpredictable
  2. before TES and DWG lose any game, go all in them
  3. do not go for those with win rate under 1.2
  4. for wield care, the might not be strong, but full of exception may put 1 to 2 coin on them, if they lose, you do not lose anything, if they win, that would be a bloody victory
  5. always remember EU>NA, it applys for most circumference

All in all, do not put too much effort on it, bilibili coin is not real money, it's for fun.


Sofm practically poop on G2, even stole their toilet papers to wipe, had other Suning not hinder him, he would've even stole G2's toilet.


3rd see fight 1st seed, full of new people, and a close lost, both are e-commerce team, why such a big gap


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