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Chinese reaction to Teddy’s interview

LeagueofLegends13 - Chinese reaction to Teddy's interview

You can read the interview from here https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/lz26xu/t1_teddy_it_would_be_a_lie_to_say_there_is_no/

Reaction gathered from top comments on https://bbs.hupu.com/41536625.html



英雄联盟的神是那个监督deany,他之前采访自己说自己是lol的神 咱们也不敢说🐶





>How dare you question the plan from the God of League of Legend?

>>Wait this is Faker's idea?

>>>He meant Daney. Dude called himself the God of League of Legend during an interview. Can't argue with that :kappa:

>>>>He's got some problem. Dude's ego is all over his face in the T1 season opening video as if he solo carried DWG. Zefa is better than him.

>>>>He's full of empty words. Calling him self a God after one Worlds champion but can't even nail down a stable roster in the entire spring split. Yeah, "preparing for summer season and Worlds" my ass.

>>>>>I saw his interview. Our D-God thinks it's all thank to him that DWG won Worlds. PepeSad


>>>>>>You know what's spicy? DK is still on the top without him.



>TBH, considering Faker's age it's quite impractical to expect him to win Worlds now.

>>TBH, consider his skill and reputation, not even having chance to do scrim is just blatantly bullying.


I feel like the players are starting to break down.


So Teddy's opinion about the rotating roster has changed as well compared to the last interview. He is straight up calling it out how uncomfortable the current situation is. (I bet Faker is holding his own share of rage as well)


I hope Faker can bite the bullet and leave. Let them play their rotation game without Faker.

19年夏常规赛再怎么输也没换过 最后还是一串四夏冠 只能说这个教练是真不行 连信任选手都做不到

SKT kept their starting lineup even during the slumber in 2019 summer season, and they proceed to won their starting from the bottom of the gauntlet. This coach is a joke. He can't even trust his players.

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