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Chinese reaction to Worlds 2020 Semifinals Day 2

LeagueofLegends11 - Chinese reaction to Worlds 2020 Semifinals Day 2

Most of comments I chose are from Hupu and weibo 😉

Title: TES vs SN 1:3 and TES is unfortunately eliminated in the semi-finals


Karsa tried his best.

I feel so sorry for Karsa…It's like he was dragging four teammates to advance , and he ended up crying.

Karsa is crying. So when does the dade awards ceremony start?

Sofm's jarvan is so crazy…He literally goes in and out of teamfight with his warmog's armor and JUST DON'T DIE.

Regardless of whether Suning can win the championship this year, in such a important game, Sofm dare to take river shen and phase dashed jarvan, it's LPL's luck to have such junglers, sofm vs karsa is really amazing, respect!

Bot got ganked and died at level 2, mid, top and bot using their TPs running around in the map, jungler karsa crying, guess which team it is.

-Replies: Karsa's muscle memory is activated.

-Everyone laughs at RNG, but everyone ends up being RNG.

Title :This kick from Karsa destroyed TES's hope of advancing, let's hope Karsa retires next year (trolling post)


Karsa leesin

*This is a trolling post*

Karsa made a mistake kick, if he kicks jax and makes it land exactly land on yuyanjia's q, it will get them a kill. Think about it.

In the end it's karsa's fault that didn't kick jax to death.

Karsa should just kick bin, his chair and his computer off the freaking stage, then maybe TES can win this BO5.

Apparently this lee sin didn't build correctly. If he gets two rapid firecannon, he will kick jax out of the f**king map.

Right, he'd better kick jackeylove to rookie's house.

I suggest Karsa should pick Elise, than he can have more legs to kick.

It's hard to kick when you have 4 people dragging on your legs.

It's a shame that he couldn't kick SN's ethernet cable off.

It's ridiculous that he didn't kick Bin out of the map cause they were all on the edge of the map, karsa needs to reflect on his own mistakes.

Karsa indeed has some problems, how can he have the most overrated players as his teammate every year? He should reflect on himself.

From the weibo of 兔玩游戏

Title: 【S10 semi-final TES 1-3 SN】Game 4 MVP: Angel Akali,8-1-8,@GD at 4035!


comments :

Karsa is looking for someone's coattail to ride on, but when he looks down, he finds out that his own coattail is full of people.

Close your eyes and who is the first person you think of? (Xiaohu!) But open your eyes and realize who sits next to you ! (Xiao-night!)

(This is a famous cantonese song 人来人往 by Eason Chan)

Knight's performance is even worse than Xiye in this world championship.

Fuck, if SN wins this year, it is gonna be "This is what you got? First seeds KEKW. I stomped G2 to get out of group as first seed, eliminated LPL spring champion to advance in semi, slaughtered LPL summer champion to be in the grand final. If it wins against DWG, SN will become a legend. If esports fanfic dare to write this kind of ridiculous story, the writer would be hard flamed.

Each team that Karsa has been to has some great players. People said that he is always riding on someone's coattail. He has some teammates like the God (referring to Uzi) and the Savior(referring to JKL). But it turns out he is the only god and savior to himself.

JKL should bet his professional career on this flash, not using it to escape KEKW. I suggested the other 4 guys should give Karsa a kowtow.

(In 2018 IG vs KT game 5, JKL flashed forward and successfully got a quadrakill, which helped them win that BO5. So ppl always said that JKL had betted his professional career on that flash)

5-communist-team > 5-ethinic Chinese-team, this is the victory of international communism!


Wait, Swordart is also from Taiwan.

For your words, I guess our country is gonna conquer taiwan next week.

From the weibo of 靠谱电竞

For Karsa, what he got is a Ryze with 2200 damage last year and a Orianna without ult this year.

Karsa "I remember when I first started to be a pro, I was only 17, how come I'm 23 now?" (Crying emoji)

From the weibo of 玩加电竞

Karsa looked like a freaking jg version of Xiye.

Karsa pls don't cry, you are so damn good today.


Bang used to make Faker cry with his Tristana, so who made Karsa cry today?

His mid and bot decided to do this together.

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