League of Legends

Chinese Reaction Week 2 Day 1

LeagueofLegends10 - Chinese Reaction Week 2 Day 1

SN vs TL


Title : Why pick jayce?

– They just don't see TL as worthy oppenets. If they lose, they are just arrogant, no other reasons. If they win, it's just that the players are too good.

– Arrogant, showing off

– Because we are arrogant, wanna teach MCX how to play jayce


Title: And yet people calling them S8 IG

– People will say it's just a mistake, it's too over to create a new post criticising them

– No prob, IG lose to TL

– wtf, S9 IG? who change the script halfway?

– from s8 theshy to s10 theshy in one day

– rng script inc

SN weibo : Post match thread

– trash, lose to such weak team like TL, fucking trash

– haha, LPL teams are all arrogant, like to show off


PDD on Jayce: The Shy was The Shy once, now he got called by Trash Shy picking jayce, who dares to first pick jayce now


– Fucking pretentious

– Some teams are already dead by draft completes, just got buried after level 1 fights.


Post content: Lpl official caster WaWa insulting audience's mother on weibo after the audience criticising WaWa's cast

– Even Teddy's incident make these casters reflect on themselves huh?


– what do expect from him? Just game-addicted teenager met good times for gaming broadcast

– Nice, LPL casters seems know about people's mum a lot.

G2 vs SN First Match

– LPL Toplaners in the past: "Engage! Why are you so afraid"

LPL Toplaners now : "Please stop engaging. Just play safe."

– did g2 just want to send off TL

G2 vs SN Tiebreaker


Title : Bin's redemption

– this man a bit crazy

– this is the real earthfire, unwinnable teamfight


– Good guy, my attitude on him flips like a book

– sorry, bin

– everybody, stands up!


PDD : If Suning wants to go further in this tournament, Bin must change his impulsive attitude.


Title: Reacting to G2's twitter

– in case g2 need it, selfmade's contract only lasts for year, lets have another pool party

– dwg thinking silently after reading this

– dwg choose to lose to jdg to avoid g2

– 2th seed every year to send off a tournament favourite, we'll let you handle DWG

– True optimistic family

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