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Chinese Reactions after TES vs FNC

LeagueofLegends12 - Chinese Reactions after TES vs FNC


Thank you, Yang's Dumplings <3 https://weibo.com/2817184634/JpF5SsSfB>


Guardian of country, dumplings


Eating this type of food will actually lower ur reaction speed


What? They actually know how to use chopsticks?


The biggest difference between Uzi and JKL is JKL actually have teammates to cover up for him


They would lose if the top/jg didnt step out, there are many problems and they need to adjust fast


fast forward to sour king's tweet: knight's one of the worst midlaner in the tournament




This is world top 1 adc

Reply: Real protagonist, always someone to carry him

Reply: Are you serious?

Reply: ?


不是最强的,但绝对是最勇的。嗨了送打出了职业生涯s赛最佳bo5的表现,就差一把 可惜了 这次s赛我对他完全改观了


FNC lost, but hylissang didnt lose

Reply: Not the best, but definitely the bravest

Reply: He had his best bo5 performance in his career, it's a pity that he didnt make it, he changed my opinion about him

Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/lol

Thread title: EU new bible! LEC Sjokz's speech on FNC 2:0 lead





Straight annouced next game will be the end of the series, got excited too early, ended up having a slap in the face

Despite the final result, actually a good speech


Bonus 1:Karsa when asked why he picked leesin on press conference: Because there's fpx skin, fpx won against fnatic last year. By picking lee sin skin, I'm inviting Tian to possessed me.

Bonus 2: Doinb's Stream reviewing FNC vs TES https://bbs.hupu.com/38653285.html

Doinb: I don't like FNC's midlaner, he taunted me

**next sec**

Doinb: Thank you for the gift, Nemesis!

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