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Chinese reactions to Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Day 1 (Hupu only)

LeagueofLegends7 - Chinese reactions to Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Day 1 (Hupu only)

Sources: https://bbs.hupu.com/38605863.html (News: DWG 3:0 DRX)


It looks like that drx players are wearing Liandry's Torment on their faces: There is definitely a mental boom, and they look desperate for going home. (1136 upvotes)


Have drx finished their instant noodles? (drx posted a timeline on weibo with pictures of bringing a ton of instant noodles to Shanghai, saying that the players may not find food they like in Shanghai.) (1074 upvotes)



Feels that DRX did not even force DWG to 50% of their ceiling, not to mention about revealing their hidden weapons. It is confusing that CvMax always let Doran and Deft have counterpicks and carrys, while assign Chovy the only engaging role. (836 upvotes)

Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38606968.html (Deft crying at the post-match interview)


Deft must be really feeling it in himself. This will be the end of his journey in Worlds. (2794 upvotes)


Is Deft 26 already? Unlike Jungle or Support where age matters less, ADCs rely so much on reaction and hand movement. He should either consider a new position like Ambition, or just go to NA instead (1132 upvotes)


Well, to be honest, Deft was the weak link in the game. But his teammates like Doran was not much better. (1550 upvotes)


Sigh, professional sports are always so cruel (612 upvotes)


Sigh, although it was himself who wasted his chance today, it is still very touching (1044 upvotes)

Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38605517.html (Discussing the similarity of today's DRX draft to TES draft in group stage)


bsyy (TES coach, memed for being untalented with drafting in LPL) never thought that someone will copy his draft one day. (924 upvotes)

太迷了 全是tes那套没开团阵容

What a weird team comp. Not a single champion good at engage or have crowd control. Exactly what TES did in the group stage versus DRX in the 2nd round. (491 upvotes)



Go get a room, bsyy and cvmax. They will become soul mates, and consider each other genious of picks and bans. (359 upvotes)

bsyy你看到了 你的阵容一碰dwg就稀碎

Bsyy, this is for you! Remember, do not use this team comp against DWG! (239 upvotes)

Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38606101.html (Western commenters call this series boring on Twitter)


It is a bad draw. Not only for LPL and LCK teams because they need to fight civil wars. The audience is the real victim, because it is cross-region series that really gets you excited. (2881 upvotes)

dwg强吗?确实争冠第一梯队 但是并不妨碍这轮bo5难看

Is DWG good? Of course, the top tier of champion contenders. However, that does not mean this is not a bad series for audience. (1413 upvotes)


I don't even know whom to support between drx and dwg, and the series is not entertaining from a pure mechanism perspective either. Wish SN and JDG could give us a different experience tomorrow. (573 upvotes)

Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38605098.html (G2 on Twitter: LCK so boring)

G2 总决赛前来点作用吧G2

Dear G2, this is your chance to make a difference! (1646 upvotes)


I never believed the meme that LCK games could help you fall asleep, until I dropped my phone today. (989 upvotes)

确实无聊 什么都可以让 不让又打不过

Yeah it is really boring. You just give up everything because you cannot win the fight. (420 upvotes)

Source: https://bbs.hupu.com/38607722.html (LCK on Twitter: People saying LCK is boring… Children are not interested in Shakespeare but that does not mean it is not art)


Children are not interested in my painting as well, and that does not justify it as art. (2461 upvotes)


"Only Silver and Bronze who cannot apprciate LCK. /s" (1156 upvotes)


I finally get it why LCK lose to LEC two times in a row. Because LEC knows Shakespeare better! (854 upvotes)

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