League of Legends

Chinese reactions to Worlds Day 6 WITHOUT BIAS

LeagueofLegends2 - Chinese reactions to Worlds Day 6 WITHOUT BIAS

I have never made a post like this before but I see some individuals on this sub reddit like to post Chinese reactions that are overwhelmingly negative which do not give a fair nor full representation of Chinese fans so here is my take.

DAY 6 OVERVIEW: https://bbs.hupu.com/38464597.html

其实你们拿第二名无所谓的 主要是输给psg 搞心态了

Actually getting 2nd seed does not matter, it's mainly that you lost to PSG that makes us sad.


So I understand losing to PSG is on purpose? The last two matches you played were of completely different levels


Reply : 企业级理解

Reply: 东哥有一手的,我家这边苏宁店铺旁边全是京东广告。。

Let's just say be careful Suning, JingDong actually just wants fight you, brother Dong has sentenced you to death, not only at the gaming level. (Suning and JD are competing E-commerce company in China, they are joking this is a fight between companies)

Reply: Entrepreneur level understanding

Reply: Brother Dong really got something up their sleeves, the Suning shops next to my house all got JD advertisement next to them …

LVMAO APOLOGY: https://bbs.hupu.com/38465010.html https://weibo.com/2492568844/JoqPWiiFF

LvMao: 我是队长 冲我 对不起 ​​​​

LvMao: I'm the team captain, flame me, sorry!

Kanavi replies : 冲lvmao

LvMao replies : 你外卖没了

Kanavi replies "Let's flame LvMao!" and LvMao replies "Your food delivery is gone"

别这样 别对不起 还没结束

Don't say this, don't say you are sorry, the tournament isn't over yet!

对不起个锤子 给那些喷子脸了?一群狗叫罢了

Sorry for what? Those flamers got face to flame? Just a bunch of dogs howling.



Don't flame, JD lost on purpose, to help LGD redeem themselves. Remember when LGD only had two options for redemption? Either they win the championship or the two wildcards are in finals. Now the wildcards are gone, the only way to save them is for LGD to win the whole thing but that is too hard as well. So we throw and get out second seed and hope LGD does the same, then LGD can send DWG home in quarterfinals and successfully redeem themselves. JDG's IQ is atmosphere level high.

G2: Can't wait to beat Damwon in Quarters: https://bbs.hupu.com/38465688.html


G2 assasinates one LCK quarterfinalist every year.


Reply: 就5号?!我愿封他们为荣誉1号种子!!!

If G2 can get DWG and eliminate them, afterwards they are LPL 5th seed!

Reply: Only 5th seed?! I say they are Honorary first seed!!!

JDG 1-0 DWG reactions: https://bbs.hupu.com/38464231.html

这局本来应该是小组头名之争的 搞成这样 没劲了

Reply: 确实嬴了过后感觉内心毫无波动

This should've been the tiebreaker deciding game for groups but now it's boring

Reply: Indeed after winning I felt nothing


Whoever rolls the matchups for quarterfinals please bless us, as long as there is no civil war everything is fine


Remember (the caster) is casting the match as if we won the championship…


DWG is not invincible!!! Congrats to JDG for winning against them head on!

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