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Chinese Weibo/Tieba reactions to MSI semifinals

LeagueofLegends12 - Chinese Weibo/Tieba reactions to MSI semifinals


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– I feel so good

(舒服了, or I feel very good, is getting spammed everywhere especially on WXZ – owner of IG – ‘s Weibo and IG fan-pages, mostly by RNG/Uzi fans. This is because RNG fans received huge backlash and got treated like a joke ever since RNG lost to G2 in worlds. Especially after the trash-talk to TL by Ning (?) and WXZ himself, RNG fans thank TL for getting them the sweet revenge that they have waited for nearly half a year.)

– IG lost because Ning broke up with his gf (in the middle of MSI). SKT lost because Cho Eunjung (a Korean caster who is often shipped with Faker) got married and the groom is not Faker. JuST BlAmE tHe EgIrLs mAN iT’s AlL tHeiR FauLT

(This user is mocking IG fans who are still in denial of TL’s victory, citing Ning’s breakup as the sole reason IG lost)

– nINg pLAYed WitH a rEaLLY bAD fEVEr tl DidN’t WiN faIR

(Another meme in criticism IG fans in denial citing Ning’s fever as the reason they lost)

– I’m actually laughing my ass off now. SKT lost and y’all Chinese fans feel bad for Faker, but when IG lost y’all spamming “I feel so good”. Are you guys Chinese or Korean? Do you have no shame?

– Welcome to the Renaissance. G2’s playstyle is literally art and they have gained a new fan.

– Fucking hilarious how IG and SKT probably assumed they were both going to finals and only did research on each other instead, then both lost to the West. It’s okay guys you can put all that research into the non-existent third-place match 🙂

– When will CN/KR teams learn that they lost to NA/EU because they were inferior in skill, not because they were playing 4fun and lost due to arrogance.

– Watching NA/EU play is such an enjoyment. Their playstyle is not traditional and boring at all. They are not afraid to be creative. This is what esports is about. I hope to see more non-meta picks on the international stage. Now the favourites are out of the tournament, I would love to see Doublelift holding the trophy tomorrow

– Alright, now is the time for the classic question: NA>EU or EU>NA???

– I really could give less fucks when IG lost because of WXZ and his arrogance, but I do feel bad for SKT.

– Chinese and Korea are noob regions (捞比) compared to NA/EU, end of story.

– You guys should all apologize to RNG.

(RNG fans are demanding an apology to RNG because of how badly they got trashed after losing to G2 at Worlds, and now IG lost too.)



– sKt lOsT BeCaUSe TheY DoN’t ThInK A fInaL WIthOut IG iS wOrtH PlAYing

– (Everyone is also reposting G2’s trash takeout meme, most people love the banter while some people are salty, saying they are smug are disrespectful, lul)

– G2 666, TL 666 (666 = smooth, good at the game)


(Sources: LoL tieba and 抗压tieba)

– Titled post with picture of Doublelift: Say hello to your new daddy, IG

– G2’s success proves that ADC is an inferior role to mid. ADC is a no-skill role.

– I fucking knew the series was lost when Ning locked in Lee Sin.

– How do you guys like Baolan’s new ID? With a photoshopped picture of Baolan’s account called “King of ARAM” (daluandouking)

(Apparently the whole IG team was not even practicing the day before playing TL, but all played nothing but ARAM for a full day.)

– IG’s jungle and support were to put the woks on their backs (背锅=literally putting a wok on back=slang for taking the blame), did not play up to expectations and got completely outclassed. Everyone on SKT didn’t play well except Clid, but if I had to pick someone to carry the wok it would be Khan.

– TheShy got 2 kills, red buff as Neeko in a counter matchup and he did not even accrue a CS lead. I would have played better than him on that stage if I had a lead. Absolutely embarrassing.

(Obligatory "everyone on Tieba is Challenger on Chinese super server" comment)

– Impact is literally an unmovable rock in the top lane.

– TheShy did not perform well at all…

– This MSI has no value at all. The worse teams came out on top and it says nothing about the actual skills of teams.

(This post received a lot of backlash, with the majority of Chinese fans replying, “Is it really that hard to admit our teams are worse and our opponents played well?”)

If you want more here's anotha one (obviously, there are spoilers):

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