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Cho’gath rework concept

LeagueofLegends2 - Cho'gath rework concept

My favorite Void Godzilla has been slated for a rework, albeit he's pretty low priority. He's pretty much hand-down my favorite champion in LoL so I want to share what I want to see.

I originally posted this concept on r/chogathmains and received overal positive reception (as positive as it get in a three-quarter dead subreddit anyway), so here I am. I want to get this on the board too but I am a Garena player.

First off, I believe Cho'gath should be cemented as a Juggernaut. He's already halfway there already as is, and everything about the champion just scream Juggernaut. There's a lot of ideas on the subreddit that want to make him somekind of bruiser with dashes and shit, but no! Godzilla isn't gonna dash and blink around like some pansy ass ninja, Godzilla will run you down and stomp you flat.

Now, how should this juggernaut be played is another question. Cho has two equally valid playstyles: AP and Tank. These are two different beasts that fill different roles and playstyles, and I would hate it if the rework remove either of it. This is a unique part of Cho'gath and need to be preserved

Lastly, Cho'gath domain should, like the majority of void champs, be in the late game. This has always been his thing after he start stacking ult infinitely, making one of the few tanks who is actually tanky come late.

So, the general concept then is a late-game juggernaut who can flex into either a CC tank or a burst mage. Let take it from here.

Passive: Inchoate Beast – Cho'gath AoE scales with his Feast stacks. He has two different forms that he can take, each with different appearance and passives. His abilities also change depends on his forms -Void Mountain: Cho'gath takes this form if he build more Resistance than AP. In this form, Cho'gath gain Tenacity and penetration resistance based on his Feast stacks, up to a cap.

-Void Typhoon: Cho'gath takes this form if he build more AP than resistance. In this form Cho'gath gain MR penetration and spellvamp based on Feast stacks.

Notes: In Void Mountain form, Cho'gath become a centaur-like montrosity covered in spiky chitin plates, almost like an Ultralisk or Carnifex. He is a Juggernaut-Warden hybrid. He does not have a lot of ways to catch you except maybe just run at you real fast, but once in range he got the constant cc to keep you there for a while.


In Void Typhoon, Cho'gath become much sleeker, ditching the heavy plates and extra limbs. Imagine a Xenomorph Queen. In this form, Cho does not have the CC and mobility denial of Mountain, but he can bring pain from afar or 100-0 a squishy with one full rotation or heavily dent a tougher bite.

Q: Rupture Cho'gath charge up for up to 1 second before stomping the ground, causing a radial explosion that deal magic damage. The longer he charge, the further out it goes. -Void Mountain: The explosion knocks up enemies hit and leave an area of unstable earth that inflicts Grounded all enemies inside.. -Void Typhoon: The explosion slows enemies hit. After charging for 0.5 second, it gains extra range and become a line skillshot.

W: Inhale – Cho'gath draws in the air, inflicting magic damage in a cone. -Void Mountain: Cho'gath devours the very magic in the air, silencing enemies hit. -Void Typhoon: Cho'gath sucks harder, pulling all movement-impaired champions toward him. If they colide with Cho'gath, they take extra damage and become Prey.

E – Titanic Claws: Cho'gath slams the ground with his next three basic attack, slowing and inflicting %max HP magic damage, scaling with Feast stacks. -Void Mountain: Cho'gath third strike stuns the target and destablize the affected area, inflicting Grounded on all enemies inside. -Void Typhoon: Titanic Claws inflict extra flat magic damage, scaling with Feast stacks.

R – Feast: Cho'gath bites down on a single target, dealing flat true damage scaling with HP and AP. If this skill kill the target, Cho'gath gain a Feast stack, pernamently increases his max HP. Cho'gath can gain a maximum of 6 stacks from minions and monsters, and an infinite amount from champions and epic monsters. -Void Mountain: Cho'gath gain increased movement speed toward champions within Feast's kill range. -Void Typhoon: Feast deals extra true damage equal to Inhale's damage on Prey.

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