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Clarification on Supermassive ADC Zeitnot’s homophobia situation (False Accusations with proof)

LeagueofLegends11 - Clarification on Supermassive ADC Zeitnot's homophobia situation (False Accusations with proof)

Since it's worlds time I think it's time that I give some info to the English community here aswell since it's impossible for you to keep up with what happened because of the language barrier.

So quick recap on what happened;https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/f7dz7r/tcls_superstaraka_the_faker_slayer_and_first/

This happened 21st Feb Friday, so it was one day before the matches and Supermassive had a roster change (since Dumbledoge went away) and Zeitnot couldn't explain what happened because he had to adapt to his new support and they had to make sure the support is ready for 2 matches in 1 day. When he went silent for 2 days people went crazy and accused him of stuff that he wasn't even involved in (the homophobia situation to be specific). But when he had his defense up at 23rd Feb, nobody even shared it with the English community so everytime I look at a worlds post that involves Supermassive or TCL, I see people calling Zeitnot homophobic and it's not cool.

Anyways, here's Zeitnot's defense: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr5cqa

English Translation:

After Kemal's comments a few days ago, I have to make a statement on this. I waited for today because I did not find it right to make a statement before our weekend matches. First I want to clarify that on the screenshots Kemal took, I'm not the Zeitnot.Secondly, I should not have raised my voice and talked roughly when Kemal got involved in the post-scrim discussion that I was having with the Coach. However, I would like you to know that I have never used a discourse in any discussion that could be perceived as discriminatory in any sense. I categorically reject the accusations and implications of hate speech. Although it had nothing to do with discrimination, I accepted my team's punishment for acting rude and unprofessional.In particular, I will not address issues that other people have witnessed, because I do not want the discussion to come to the point of what one party said versus what the other said. As a person who has responsibilities in the light of my contract to my teammates, I will not have an accessible explanation to all of you until the date these responsibilities disappear. Finally, I will make a legal reminder: Regardless of the reason and purpose, without the permission of the judge or prosecutor, to enter a computer with private correspondence in digital environment without permission and to submit these records to the public without permission, is a crime according to the Turkish Penal Code. I reserve my rights before the law regarding this subject.Good evening.


Now time for some proofs and explainations.

Kemal = Name of Dumbledoge.

Who is Zeitnot on the screenshots?: The person who is named "x23 Zeitnot" who also has a picture of Revanche (ex-Turkish Pro Player) is actually Kaan Atıcı (Another Ex-Turkish Pro Player Elwind) which can be clearly seen at the second to last screenshot. He is only named x23 Zeitnot because facebook allows you to put nicknames in a group conversation. Zeitnot's name is Berkay Aşıkuzun who has a completelty different profile picture, and a completely different name.


Another proof of this is;

This is a video of a stream Elwind has done explaining himself, he says yes it was me and at the middle of the video he turns off his webcam and starts crying because he says he is not Homophobic and he was only joking. He says they didn't know he was actually Gay and if they knew they would respect that. Also Elwind stated that he apologised to Dumbledoge like 4 years ago and they had nothing in between them .

What Zeitnot means by "In particular, I will not address issues that other people have witnessed"? :

The arguement between dumbledoge and zeitnot that happened over a champion pick ban screen in a scrim, (which is basically in short, enemy team picked xayah rakan blind, and dumbledoge said we can play yuumi with lucian or ezreal but zeitnot insisted that Cait/morgana is better into Xayah rakan or something with Tahm Kench because of how hard both supports counter Rakan.) was seen by all of their teammates and especially their coach. Who was also involved on the discussion on the balcony.

The coach also explained what happened in the balcony https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr5cs4

English Translation: Hello, I am writing about the recent posts in order to clarify the discussion on the balcony. The discussion was based on our disagreement with Berkay on a decision I made.In the conversation, it is my duty to see the problems in the team, to collect the discomfort and problems of the players, to decide on them with our team psychologist and to solve them.When Kemal was included in our discussion on the balcony, Berkay did not step on anyone, he did not act in a way that could be perceived as physical violence or threat. Because Berkay was raising his voice and getting rough, I got angry at him and wanted him to go to his room. First of all, the dialogue between us should not have been reflected on Kemal. I'm very sorry for my mistake here.However, I did not witness any discrimination, homophobic, sexist, racist words or behaviors of Berkay during our time.

I had to make this english thread about this because it's kinda annoying to see someone get accused of things that they didn't do and Zeitnot already stated that this is his last split and will retire after this worlds. He wasn't too social anyways and people going hard on him about this situation really hurt his mental. So please be nice. Thanks for reading/caring about this situation. And if you ever see someone spamming "Zeitnot is Homophobic" in all threads that has him involved, just tell them the truth.

Edit: Also don't go harsh on Zeitnot because of my comments on this situation aswell, just read the coach's (3rd person) and Zeitnot's point of view aswell. I'm just trying to give English info on the topic and it's hard not to comment on when this gets brought up this many times. I'll repeat, my comments have no importance over Zeitnot's situation. It's only their statements that matters.

Edit2: Due to request, I've removed my own opinions and sayings. This thread is about Zeitnot, not me.

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