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Cleaner (ADC) mechanics with the “Player Attack Only Click” hotkey or why Attack Move is flawed (x-post from /r/summonerschool)

LeagueofLegends11 - Cleaner (ADC) mechanics with the "Player Attack Only Click" hotkey or why Attack Move is flawed (x-post from /r/summonerschool)

First off, I'm not talking about the "Target Champion Only" key, instead, I want to show you the "Player Attack Only Click" hotkey that seems to be relatively unknown, but can shine in many tricky situations. "Player Attack Only Click" (PAOC) is a hotkey in the Player Movement section (
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https://i.gyazo.com/89c1b6bfeca498676bc869d49fc71133.png Ctrl+MB1 in my case).

What "Player Attack Only Click" (PAOC) does: It only attacks a target if there is a valid target under your cursor, otherwise nothing happens (which also means that you do not move). So it is basically like Right Clicking, except that you can not move your champion with this hotkey, only basic attacks are allowed.

Some background: The most basic way to attack someone is to use Right Click, but if you are kiting as an ADC with a relatively high attack speed, it could happen that you move "forward" because you clicked onto the ground instead of the enemy. That's why many people use Attack Move (or A-Move) to avoid those mistakes. However, I think that there are certain scenarios where A-Move is flawed and using PAOC might be cleaner.

These are the usual steps of A-Move:

  1. You click your Attack Move key (by default it is the "A" key)
  2. You hover your cursor over your target.
  3. You press MB1 (Left Click).

When you are using "Player Attack Move Click" (also known as Attack Move Smartcast) you are basically following the same steps as the normal Attack Move except that you are skipping step 1 and in step 3 you are using the "Player Attack Move Click" key instead of MB1 (Left Click) .

The problem is that between steps 2 and 3 the target can "disappear" (more details below) and if there is any valid target in your AA range , then you will be attacking them instead (locking onto the closest target to your cursor with "Attack move on cursor" option). If you have a powerful attack (Jhin 4th shot, Caitlyn Headshot, Vayne 3rd W, Viktor Q, …) coming up next, then it would be bad if you attacked the wrong target due to A-move and thus wasting your opportunity to deal massive damage to the correct target.

A very common situation:

You are in a very clutch 2v2 situation playing as Jhin against Xayah/Rakan. Both you and Xayah have very low health. Your 4th shot will kill her but the others will not. Luckily, you have your 4th shot ready! Now you will hover your cursor over Xayah (step 2) and press MB1 or "Attack Move Click" key (step 3). But in the last frame before step 3, Xayah uses her ult thus making her untargetable. Unfortunately, you will click onto the ground and due to "Attack move on cursor" you will attack something else in its proximity (probably Rakan) and thus lose your 4th shot and probably lose the fight due to this mistake.


You could use Right Click instead, in order to avoid hitting the wrong target, but the problem that you could unintentionally go "forward" still remains. However, with PAOC you will not move, if you click onto the ground due to your target having suddenly disappeared. That's why I prefer PAOC over A-move (and Right Clicking) in certain situations:

  • If I have a powerful attack coming up next (as mentioned above)
  • If I have low attack speed (such as Jhin or every ADC in the early game); this is where every AA can decide the skirmish / teamfight
  • If I am fighting against someone within a minion wave or our team is tower diving. What I usually do is to combine PAOC with"Target Champion Only".
  • If I expect someone to disappear (see details below).

When I would not use PAOC (and use A-move instead):

  • Playing as Jinx, Twitch, Kog Maw, … with Runaan's Hurricane and having high Attack Speed. This is when not attacking is worse than attacking the wrong target (due to misclicks).
  • In pure 1v1s (this means no enemy minions around). The enemy could still outplay you by placing a ward and by flashing away or walking into a bush, thus making you A-move the ward (though I've never seen that before).

But how can they "disappear" between step 2 and 3?

  • The target flashes / blinks away
    • Example:
      30ad0cf07daa9314292c8f0755492c97 - Cleaner (ADC) mechanics with the "Player Attack Only Click" hotkey or why Attack Move is flawed (x-post from /r/summonerschool)
      https://i.gyazo.com/30ad0cf07daa9314292c8f0755492c97.jpg I was playing Caitlyn and had my Headshot ready. I did step 1 and 2, but Xayah flashed away shortly before step 3, so I headshotted Rakan instead.
  • You lose vision of your target
    • Target goes into an unwarded bush (happens to me very often when chasing somebody)
    • Target becomes invisible (KhaZix Ult, Vayne Ult-Q, Kaisa empowered E, etc.)
  • Your target becomes untargetable
    • Stasis effect (Zhonyas, Bard Ult, etc.)
    • Abilities like Xayah R, Camille R, Tahm Kench W, Fizz E, …
  • etc.

How I personally use PAOC:

I have PAOC bound to Ctrl+MB1 and also bound "Player Move Click" to Ctrl+MB2 so that I do not need to release the Ctrl key in order to move my champion (
89c1b6bfeca498676bc869d49fc71133 - Cleaner (ADC) mechanics with the "Player Attack Only Click" hotkey or why Attack Move is flawed (x-post from /r/summonerschool)


Final words:

Though I am not using PAOC consistently, I still think that it is a great hotkey that can avoid you some "misclicks". I personally think that if there is someone out there with perfect mouse movement, then they should use PAOC only. I am not one of them, that's why I use both A-move and PAOC.

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