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CLG Weldon on Twitter: “Let’s set up the conference system already. Just move Academy to NYC and rename it NAEast. Let’s Have East vs West”

LeagueofLegends13 - CLG Weldon on Twitter: "Let's set up the conference system already. Just move Academy to NYC and rename it NAEast. Let's Have East vs West"


Full Disclosure: I'm biased as I live in NYC and have been impatiently waiting for esports to blow up here beyond a few events and PC bangs.

I think there are quite a few positives to this scenario:

  1. Academy teams have already proven to be on the same level as many bottom tier LCS teams. Even though the bottom 5 teams may be extraordinarily bad by normal LCS standards, this should in theory help new talent rise up as there are more opportunities available.
  2. Assuming this also means that you would have separate servers for the east and west coast, this would improve the gameplay experience for most players as ping would drop significantly. While you are splitting a fairly small region up, the overall positives for the individual experience would likely outweigh the downsides.
  3. Actively engaging with more than just LA county outside of two events a year would do wonders for the fanbase. It gives people in most of PA, NJ, CT, MA, MD, and DC the chance to be in NYC within 5 hours for a weekend of LCS.
  4. Spring split could have more meaning than just an MSI qualifier. In addition to inter-conference play (assuming the ideal schedule would have super weeks including 2 games against conference opponents and 1 game against out of conference teams), spring playoffs could be the top 4 of the east vs the top 4 of the west with bragging rights on the line. Summer playoffs would just be the top 8 teams regardless of conference with records rolling over from spring. That way, spring has more meaning to it, while summer is still focused on worlds.

I would be naive to not address the drawback:

  1. 10 more teams added to the LCS would further split the fanbase. In addition to this, you're asking 10 more teams to try and become profitable when very few teams in the LCS already are (if any). They would likely be assuming large amounts of debt in hopes that the revenue share would hit fairly soon. It would take time but this is possible assuming the new format works as intended (where studio revenue goes up, number of fans increases, playerbase increases due to better game quality). T
  2. Another studio would be needed with a central office for east coast operations. All of this in NYC would not be cheap, but I do believe it would be worth the long-term capital investment. I know the LCS will just become profitable next year, but sometimes risks are worth taking. If this scenario succeeds, the glass ceiling of maximum profitability is much higher than the current LCS structure.

What do you think? Is this a good long-term vision for the LCS or is this just a pipe dream?

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