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Cloudtemplar on Damwon vs Sunning + Reflection

LeagueofLegends6 - Cloudtemplar on Damwon vs Sunning + Reflection

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Damwon 3:1 Victory!

As of now because of Damwon's victory in World LCK are now the number 1 region this year. Of course next year we still have to see MSI and Worlds but for now LCK have reclaimed their number 1 region spot.


This was a very emotional moment for me. This took longer than I thought. When LCK first fell I thought they would do better next year but they kept faltering on the international stage. I even thought this day would never come. When I watched LPL to be really honest they were really good. Even at the finals they gave us a hard time. Damwon really won our confidence back.


General Ideas

To start I think Sunning did better than I expected. Both side have something they regret/fell short and there are many points going for them both but in the end I thought Sunning did better than I expected. I predicted a 3:1 but I predicted a much easier 3:1. The won games were all loseable and to be honest I am not sure what would happen if they went to game 5.


Looking at Sunning it reminds me of the old(young?) Damwon. Overall Damwon are a better team but Sunning was really able to play out their style. Just like the name 'Style of Me" Sunning was able to play according to their strength and displayed a monstrous performance. To be honest it was really fun seeing them play. Of course it was fun because we won it probably won't be that funny if we lost(IG flashback).


This is going to be a short overview of the series. Let's not go too deep on the games itself since we have something else to talk about.

Game 1

SofM Shen Jungle

Last time I talked about Shen and how not everyone can play the champion. There are just some player unable to play the champioin. I don't think SofM was good with Shen but instead, he is just really good with jungling. When you see the game you don't really get the feeling that SofM or even Sunning is good with Shen. I don't think Shen is a champion that mesh well with Sunning. But SofM is really good with Jungling so in terms of farming and macro he is really good but I don't he played to Shen's strength.



Damwon picked a pretty traditional comp: Orianna, Ornn, and Graves reminiscent of the group stage and then Ashe/Pantheon. The analyst desk talked about this already but this comp is great even in blind pick(OGN B05 prepared us for this). This comp doesn't really have much weakness and it's a great game 1 comp.


Sunning on the other hand chooses a very stylish(flavourful) comp which they will continue to do so the entire series. The comp is all about combos with Azir, Wukong, Leona going in while Ezreal deal damage in the back. Azir is good on paper(original: 'concept pick') but it was really hard to use him effectively in-game.


Sunning's comp was really scary but to put it simply BeryL played out of his mind this game. He was good overall but specifically his positioning before teamfight/objective was really amazing. Because they have Ornn against Shen/Wukong they really can't break sidelines so they have to group around mid. What Sunning want to do is catch them offguard with Leona/Azir but BeryL was able to stop them and even catch them before they catch Damwon.


You hear this and might think Damwon is unstoppable this game but in reality, it was a really close one. Biin played out of his mind this game. Specifically when Biin who was able to outplay Nuguri and Canyon who came to pick him off. But Biin was able to dodge their skill and survive till Angel and SofM came and clean them up. Wukong wasn't even that ahead. Overall however Damwon did have the advantage but Damwon made some mistakes and we realized that this isn't going to come easy.


Sunny Side Up

What is interesting about Sunning is that they play around top which is rare and no other team do this. But because Biin is so good they were able to put out a great performance. SofM too was good on enabling Biin while making sure bot doesn't collapse.


So Nuguri was really important here. If there was ten ganks then he evaded nine of them. Since top side was Sunning's win condition Nuguri did a really good job absorbing the pressure. Sometimes he doesn't even get help and was just expected to survive on his own.

Sunning Roster on Paper vs Reality

I don't think Azir is a good pick overall and he is only okay in niche comp like this. But Angel isn't their star player and aside from that Syndra game he didn't really surprise anyone.


What is kind of funny is that if you look at Sunning on paper they aren't really a scary team. Because one: they play around top side and who the heck play around topside today? Their mid and bot isn't that strong and they are not even that great at Macro. Don't they sound like a weak team? The problem is that you lose even if you know all that. Sunning has a particular style and they perfected that style to a tee. (It's like that quote that the best swordman isn't afraid of man with hundred move but man who perfected one single move).

Shen pt. 2

So a lot of people was asking why Shen didn't fall behind like many other Shens. Shen is a level 6 champion and like many other level 6 champions he couldn't keep up the tempo in early game. Sunning however played around it and let him grew in the jungle. It was a team effort to keep Shen in the game. Canyon however didn't just slack off. He was able to get many objectives and was really busy. On the other hand Shen was focusing on leveling. This is why Shen didn't fall behind.


Game 2

This is a world record game where we have the first pentakill in Worlds Final. This was a really good game from Sunning who played almost perfectly. They gave Lucian and picked Syndra who is good against Lucian in exchange. Because Damwon picked Lucian Damwon picked an AP Jungler(Eve) which then they picked Rengar to counter. From a pick/ban point of view it was a work of beauty.


Looking at this comp you might have thought Damwon inted in pick/ban. They gave Angel Syndra who is almost a Syndra one trick, they gave Rengar who counters Eve, and they gave Sunning Jhin/Leona two of the most contested pick in bot. But in reality, Damwon had the advantage. It was a winnable game for Damwon and there were many reasons why they lost but I think the biggest reason is their failure to adapt.


It seems Damwon struggled against Sunning surprised picks. You have to play a little differently against Rengar and Showmaker especially seems to panic a bit. And Biin Fiora played flawlessly this game. Canyon and Showmaker to be hoenst made a lot of mistakes this game. There were times where Canyon died with summs and Showmaker didn't do well with Lucian. I wonder what would happen if they played with a bit more caution.


To be honest this game might have been a frustrating game for Nuguri. Because to be honest as long as Nuguri was able to hold Biin Damwon should've won. Ornn is really hard to break and they wasn't able to break Ornn but other lane collapsed. Nuguri said in interview that he was angry for playing weakside this game and other games. And to be honest this is a game he deserves to be angry because he was able to hold on his own against Fiora. He did his job but as a tank he can't really do anything when his team collapse. He is really good on Ornn but you can't win against Fiora as Ornn.



This and Damwon giving G2 Lucian makes me think they are not ready with the pick. It is hard to get practice time with Lucian since he is so contested and if you picked Lucian you need an AP jungler which is also contested and hard to match with other champions. Lucian is a good pick I think everyone agrees with that. But sometime there is picks like that where because it is so contested not everyone are able play them(Like Kalista at her prime).


Why Eve Why Not Lillia?

Eve is really good at pressuring enemy team and are great in shutting down Fiora. I don't think the picks are the problem but the in game plays. But you can say that the comp they picked might not been bad but what they gave to enemy team is wrong. Syndra who is Angel best champion, Jhin and Leona the teir 1 bot lane champions. If you look at the game from this perspective then yeah the pick/ban isn't good from Damwon.


Millionaire Binn and Vietnam Rengar

But for people who watched the game Biin was insane this game and SofM showed us the peak of Rengar. The analyst desk talked about this but there is some freedom to Rengar. You can go lethality Rengar or Tank Rengar. Usually, for solo alne Lethality Rengar is perferred but SofM was insane with the ping pongs and stack management. Out of the three mustakteer champions: Camille, Fiora, Jax Fiora has the weakest team fighting but with that items, nothing really matter. No matter who you are if Fiora has that many items she has no equal.


Even I with that many items could've won.


"??????????????????" -Chat


Cloudtemplar is currently Plat 3 with a 42%(33 games) winrate on Fiora.

Game 3

If I have to describe this one game with one word it would be: Nuguri. If I have to do it in two then it would Nuguri and BeryL. I am oversimplifing a bit and of course other players did their part too and BeryL was really good but Nuguri was a whole another level. He was able to evade ganks, win lane, and win team fights. Usually it is almost impossible to evade ganks and win lane he really did everything he can do. BeryL also did really good job with Braum.


However this was also a close game. Biin picked Jax(one of the three sword champion), Angel on his Akali, and SofM on Nidalee. It was a close game and it could've been a frustrating game for Nuguri because he really everything he can. Especially that time when four of his team mates made bad judgment and died. It almost became the like second game where Nuguri lost because of his team mates when he was doing really well.

All Right, Then. Keep Your Secret

So… people have been asking about the Omnistone runes Biin and SofM used. The thing about Omnistone is that it could be unexpected to the enemy and surprise them of course sometime it also surprise you. It is a gamble and it is really fun to play around that randomness but at the end it is really just for fun. I am really unsure about this. If Wunder told us why then we could have known but Wunder said he is keeping as a secret for next year so… Use it with caution to your LP.


Damwon's Biggest Strength

One of the biggest strength Damwon have and also the most important thing in this meta is lane prioirity/dominace. Damwon's bot doesn't falter against HuanFeng/SwordArt and Nuguri is Nuguri so Mid is very important here. But Showmaker is on Syndra so he is able to get lane priority which creates a scenario where all three lane are winning which gives Canyon a lot of space. Because of this it wasn't huge to give Sunnin Nidalee.



When you are Red Side you have to give them one pick so what Red usually does is they give the enemy one good pick and take two afterward. Usually Blue take Lucian and there are still many good picks leftover like Jhin, Leona, Syndra.


Let's make this simpler. If you are red side you are able to take 2 OP pick against their 1 OP pick. AND you have last pick so you can counter one of their pick. This is why everyone picks Red side. So why does people prefer blue side the early stage of Worlds? This is because not everything was solved. At that time Nidalee, Lillia, Graves was super contested and getting just one of them at the start gave you such big advantage in Jungle. But over time people started to figure out how to play around them so the OPness got smaller. BTW this is normal. Players always find counterpick/style against OP picks and find a way to counter the current meta.


Game 4

There isn't much to talk about this game. Sunning seems a bit fatigued and mental seems… a bit down. Sunning Pick/ban wasn't that good, their secret picks was already shown, and went into this game a bit worried and exited the game the same way. One important thing is that Showmaker is once again on Syndra and through many adc bans they picked Cait gaining lane priority, Pantheon and Leona has the same role but Pantheon was able to move faster than Leona, and once again they seek to play around top but Nuguri was able hold once again.


I think SofM regretted picking Graves this game. I think SofM didn't expect them to lose so much lane priority. Graves is a good pick when you have lane priority and when you don't have lane prioirity you want to pick a ganking jungler. Whether it is Lee sin, Jarvan, or any ganking jungler they would have worked better. As for Kindered wolf was basically in heaven with 3 lane priority giving them free reign. Graves can't gank can't make plays. Other picks would've been better.


As for Gankplank he doesn't have as much as outplay potential than Jax, Fiora, Camille so I think Damwon had an easier time dealing with him then the last three games. Of course Damwon did well in pick/ban but you don't win just off of pick/ban they also did well in-game. This is game that I expected to happen. But aside from game 4 all three games was really close and clutch.

Series MVP

So Canyon received the series MVP which continues the feeling that Junglers are dominating the mvp spot after Ning, Tian. Some fan asked me if I can choose who would I choose for MVP. I think I would've chosen Nuguri because to put it simply Nuguri didn't have a single bad game this series. Canyon was a bit… bad in that Evelynn game but Nuguri did well all four games. Even the game they lost he still did well. I think Nuguri was the most consistent player and Canyon did really good but he didn't do good that Evelynn game.


BeryL did well too, Ghost did good too and Showmaker. Guys to be honest MVP is really just for show, for celebration. This is a team game everyone did their part to win the trophy. Who held the trophy highter doesn't really matter.

Best Players in Each Role in Worlds

I have always believed that whoever win Worlds are the best in their role If you know my history you would know that to be true and this is especially true this year. Think of any player that is better than Damwon's roster. There is none. Damwon roster is the best this Worlds.


However, who is the second/third is a bit more complicated. I think it is much more interesting to pick 2nd/3rd than to pick first since it is just Damwon.


2nd Best Players




Guys Guys Guys. This isn't World top 20 this is my own list. This is my subjective opinion and you can pick whoever you want. This isn't a poll rank. I will explain why I pick Caps later.


Marksman is a bit tricky but my pick contenders are: HuanFeng, Ruler, Rekkles



Guys come on aside from that final series what other games did Huangfeng did bad on? Yes, there was some adc gap between him and Ghost but- people who play marksman will know this. They played top side games what can you do when you are playing weakside marksman? Sunning always play around top side so how can you expect a weak side marksman to super carry? I am getting frustrating saying this so I am going to pick Huanfeng(lol).



Why Caps?

Caps isn't as lane dominant as let's say Knight who is the second contender but he is a great playmaker. He made a lot of plays and are crucial to G2 and even in games they struggled Caps still made the best possible choice to win. I picked him because of his game changing playmaking potential.


I was going to put Sword as a joke but as you guys are rioting down there I am going to stop here.


1. Was there a party?

a. No


b. Yes, but I just stayed for a while


c. Yes, but I didn't know


d. Yes, but I was banned


It's one of those

2. Cake?

I don't knw what taste it is since I didn't get get to eat it. I was going to throw the cake to fellow caster's face but then it had Damwon on it so I didn't want to ruin it.

3. Seed Change?

A lot of people have been asking that since we won Worlds would that give us 4 seed? I am not the one in charge but I don't think winning one Worlds automatically gives us 4 seeds. I think it is more about past achievements so this is only the start.

4. Next year?

So people have been asking what LCK will look like next year with the Franchising change and such. I don't know much but I think the region will be more competitive with the influx of money and slot security.


Come on guys its only been a couple hours since Damwon won please don't ask where I think the players are going…

5. Cloudtemplar's Schedule

I am not sure how they are going to do All-Star if at all but if they do it I will probably be there.


Starting soon I am going on a college tour and will meet many college students interested in League. I have already done this a few times but I am going to do more starting on Monday. If you wanted to meet tell your student council because they are the one giving out invites.


To be hoenst student council are such Chads. Like even when I was in High school I would see my seniors playing basketball or soccer and I think they are so cool. I usually just sit in a corner and talked about video game with my friends. I remember we would talked about last night game and break the game down. We would do our own draft and compare it. I think this is something our fellow gamers could relate like we would gather around during Lunch and talked about draft, pick/ban, and where/what we should play tonight.


I enjoyed it. It was my childhood and to be honest it was fun. I remember before video game we would make our story and people role play(it's kind of like DnD). Like we would have one DM and one artist and we will play out our story. One would be mage one would be barabainians and then DM would be like "Ah a monster appeared what would you do?" and we will be "attack", "run", "poke his butt hole". The story would go on for weeks and every time we had break we would gather around and play. It was really fun. Some people are laughing but I know some here could relates to it.


6. Stage, Opening

So to give my honest opinion I was quite dissapointed at first but then I was like "it's okay" at the end. The Galio wasn't too bad and I think at the end it got better. I don't think it's not that bad. It picked up at the end.

7. Oberservor

To be really honest the Obseror was really meh. It was kind of frustrating because I am seeing so many things but they are not showing them. I am good at casting from watching minimap and it is something I am proud of but… At one point we just stopped talking about things because we know that the oberservor won't show them. It is not like they can hear us so we can't really do anything about it…


But it's okay cause Damwon won. These things happens time to time let's just move on. When we host it we will do better.

8. Crowd

A lot of people was complaining about the crowd and how it was a library. Let's be the better man here and let it slide. And to be honest LPL crowd didn't have obligation to cheer for us. Just like how LCK fan doesn't have to cheer for them they don't also have to cheer for us. These things sometime happens in Sport like people would go completely silent after a homerun from other team.


And someone pointed this out but at least they didn't boo'ed us. When I was playing against TPA the whole crowd was cheering for TPA. Like when they killed a ward they would chant "TPA, TPA, TPA"(because of screen sneak peak/cheating incident everyone hated Azu Frost at that time). As long as they don't cheer against or boo us I am okay with it. You guys are asking too much.

10. Hope for LCS?

I think they either have to grow their player domestically or they have to be more open to spending money. I said this before but I think having more S tier player in a region elvate the region as a whole. So they might want to get more S tier player to NA. They don't want to come? Slap them with so much money they are having a second thought, second house, and second wife.


To be honest though they are already spending way too much money. What they have to do is spend money on the right player and cut those who does not deserve it. They have to paint the region as a region that pay you a lot if you perform and not just give money for free. Right now they are just spending money they have to spend money more realistically and smartly.


I am not saying they should get more Korean but just imports in general.

11. Championship Skin

I wanted to see Nuguri pick Ornn but tank champion in general doesn't get much love. And Nuguri Kennen have always came out when they needed him the most so I think it is okay for him to pick Kennen.


Canyon said it is either Graves or Nidalee and I think those two are fine. Probably going to sell a lot once it come out. Oh he said he picked graves? That's pretty cool.


As for mid he said he is picking TF which is fine. Akali would have been good too since he got famous for the pick but I don't think he picked her this World. I am not sure about Syndra since she already have a skin. Picking TF is actually kind of huge since he was one of the oldest champion and was in and out of the meta quite often. He is quite popular too.


Hmm I wonder who Ghost is going to pick. Oh he is picking Jhin? Hmm I don't think Jhin fit quite well… Draven? I don't think that sell well so I am not sure… Ashe? Ashe is good too Ashe is also a beta champion like TF. She is also many people's first champion because of tutorial… Wait they changed it? It's no longer Ashe? I guess time changes but wow I can't beleive they changed it… I feel old now.


BeryL should just pick Pantheon. It is going to sell well too. What? He is picking Leona? Oh man Pantheon skin would have been nice because you flex him in any role so he is more versatille. I guess I have to respect his personal opinion. Hopefully the skin would look good.


I know it is easy to just say LCK won and celebrate but this didn't come in one day. This came with many hardworks and please don't think only Damwon contributed. A lot teams worked hard for this moment and they made each other strong doing so. So many of them were like "I don't want to fight cause we might lose" then the coaches will be like "fight cause that's the only way we can get better." The teams decided to change and this is the result of it.


The Future of Cloudtemplar channel

So I have been doing this kind of stuff for a while and this one marks the final episode of the year. I've done this with Pony, with guest speaker, and even just myself and I am thankful for the fans and the attention I have gotten. From a youtuber perspective it is really hard for a hours long video to get any view. In Youtube short video are the one that get attention and viewership. Even I don't want to watch hour long video so I really appreciate you guys watching.


I have said this before but I have many things to learn and improve on. I don't have talent, I don't have skill, and all I can really do is try my best. There is a lot of time where I just want to stop everything and I wonder do I really need to do this much? Do I really need to live a life where I get cussed everyday? I have confidence that I can do this but it is hard somtimes. Most people don't know how hard I work and to be honest that's just life. You work hard nobody notices and you make one mistakes everyone notices. I guess that's just something we have to overcome. Anyway thank you guys for the support see you guys next time.

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