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Cloudtemplar on NA’s downfall

LeagueofLegends1 - Cloudtemplar on NA's downfall

This is a translation of parts of Cloudtemplar's video(joined by Pony Korean LPL caster) on World group stage result. The translated part are 54:51-1:09:02 titled(in the youtube header) as 'LCS 의몰락 feat. TSM'.


translated from:

First of all I don't think it is correct to call this the downfall of LCS because they had already fallen. It hurts me to say it but LCS was already in the downfall and this is the year they have to prove otherwise.


I feel that instead of doing that they actually went down further. I mean I guess because they went 3:3 you can say they stayed the same. Wait nvm they are actually 6:12 let's not forget to include TSM.


So this is like a soloQ game where your top laner is 0/6 but if you ignore that you guys are actually even so you pretend they don't exist.


Although TSM is the first seed I feel that Team Liquid and Flyquest feels much like a top seed team. It is like a Cerebus where Flyquest is the team that likes to fight, Team Liquid is one the one loved by fans, and TSM who feeds you dinner, lunch, elevenses, brunch, breakfast, and dessert.


1. There is no New Blood

So I have talked to many LCS analysts and asked them about LCS. All of them list having no rookies as an issue.


So this is super weird because it is not like LCS never had rookie or even talented rookies. Like for example, Flyquest used to have a player called Viper and he was praised for his mechanic and carry champion picks. BrokenBlade too was like that but then they all kind of fell off or disappeared. -Pony


So LCS often recruit players from Europe or even Turkey and what is amazing is that right after they come to NA they never showed any performance they were famous for. Really not sure what is going on there. -Pony


And what is sad is that the old players stayed because they are still better than the new players. There isn't some conspiracy reason that they stayed it is simply because they played better than the rookies. That being said it amazing that the players that I scrimed with back in the days are still playing in NA. -Cloudtemplar


Having old blood isn't an issue in itself but rookies should be able to contest the spot and the competition should make the region grow. But that competition doesn't happen and therefore the growth never occurred.


Practice and Atmosphere Difference

So I am not an insider so I don't know everything but from what I gathered from people who are there they said there is a difference of practice time and atmosphere in NA. They don't really put in the hours and doesn't seem have the strife to win. There is however an exception: C9. For years C9 has been the team that are different from other NA teams. I am not sure now though. Anyway, this is an issue that continuously plagued LCS.



So I have been saying this for a while but every time I looked at LCS's game I feel like I am watching old LCS. They never really changed. LCK changed when we realize our playstyle was not working. But LCS seems to not change and just kept doing the same thing and somehow expecting a different result each time.


LCS teams didn't play their own style in Worlds. And it seems that when they play their slow scaling defensive style they looked better. It seems that instead of trying to speed up their playstyle they are trying a completely new playstyle. This happens in Worlds where teams find out weaknesses in their play in scrims and try to correct it. But it seems they slipped and lost trying to fix it. -Pony


But playing your own style is not always a good thing. For example last year a lot of LCK teams got flamed because they tried to play fast. A lot of people were saying that LCK should've stuck to their LCK playstyle. But it was a waking call for a lot of LCK teams which was necessary for today's LCK. LCS is basically following the path LCK took a year ago…


Maybe next year LCS will also have a Damwon? But to be honest it will probably take one or two more years for that happen. Since LCK did a really good job adapting all things considered.


Letting new blood is not something you can force. Like yeah he is old blood but he is winning why would you take him out? At the end of the day you want to win. Having no rookies is a problem but not having rookie that could replace the current players is also a problem.


LCS have a lot of issues but I think Flyquest and Team Liquid really saved NA's face. Flyquest was really impressive being able to defeat TES. That blitzcrank was amazing. Also really glad to see Korean players in those teams do well.


There is actually a lot of Korean player that want to go to NA. A lot of people actually rate NA as their top choice, over LPL because the jobs in LPL are much more competitive. So it is not like no one wants to go to NA it is really a land of opportunity.


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